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  1. Maybe I'm a curmudgeon ( 😣 ) but is the food at the specialty restaurants so much better than the main restaurants (that you've already paid for) that it's worth paying an additional $33/meal to eat there?
  2. bobndee


    Single malt Scotch. I won't buy a bottle just to try it so the drinks package is a great opportunity to try different ones to see if I may like them.
  3. In my case, as I have grown older I have also grown taller than my hair. So I need to wear a hat any time I might be exposed to sunshine. (I sunburned my scalp once while snorkeling, but that's another story.) Around home it's usually a ball cap or wide brimmed sun hat. In tropical areas I wear a Tilley hat. Yes, I will wear my hat in public areas while going to and from my room but NEVER in a restaurant. The hat comes off and sits on the table or on an empty chair.
  4. I also recommend renting a car. We stayed in Hilo 20-odd years ago and drove to the Volcanoes Park. It made a nice day trip. It's interesting to drive from a rain forest to a desert in the space of a few miles. And I agree, the drive down Chain of Craters road is fantastic. The views are beautiful. We also stopped at an orchid farm along the way.
  5. We use an app called "visit a city". It gives suggested walking tours for the kinds of things you tell it you're interested in. You can use it for pre-cruise planning. Then when you're there it will guide you on your walking tour.
  6. We're booked on the Seaside in October 2020. Perhaps it will be open by then.
  7. Another one to check is squaremouth.com. I've used both them and insuremytrip.
  8. I was going to make this same post, but Straughn got there before me, so all I can say is "Right on!".
  9. Just look at Lost Wages, I mean Las Vegas. They didn't build those extravagant resort/casinos by letting people actually WIN! A few people will win and those wins are highly publicized in order to entice more suckers players to come to the casino. The more people gamble, the more money the casino makes.
  10. I understand completely about "schlep a bunch of crap"! We're in the process of clearing out many years' worth of stuff in preparation for moving to a smaller house in less than 2 months. It's a long and tedious process.
  11. The most common complaint I've heard about Nassau is that there is nothing to do other than visit the "duty free" shops. That's assuming you don't want to buy a day pass to Atlantis Paradise Island or some other resort, or find a beach to hang out on.
  12. It happened to us once. We were the only ones at our table while another couple at the next table were "ghosted" too. So we joined forces that night and for the rest of the cruise. Had a wonderful time with them. The rest of the people never showed up at any time.
  13. I got my status match in 2 days. My wife's match (submitted 4 months later) took 2 weeks. We were both matched to Gold from our Sandals Diamond level.
  14. I agree, don't book it. That way the demand will be lower and prices may go down. 😁
  15. Our experience is that bar service in the buffet is hit and miss. Some days you have to beat the servers off with a stick. Other days there are none to be found, no matter how hard you try.
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