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  1. Yes, they don't fly. But they DO drop down on you on their spider filaments when you least expect it!
  2. When I was designing electronic equipment we had some sayings: "Artificial Intelligence can always be overcome by natural stupidity." "Whenever you make something foolproof, along comes a better grade of fool."
  3. We've both had both of our vaccine shots, finishing in mid-February, so we're supposedly good to go. We've booked our next cruise - March 2022. Nothing before then. But we are going to an all-inclusive resort in May of this year. The trip had originally been booked for May of last year but they shut down so we re-scheduled for this year.
  4. Several years ago I was on a cruise where I saw a woman who brought her two small dogs on board with her. Each day the dogs wore a different costume. She carted them around the ship in a small stroller. If someone were in the way of where she wanted to go, she would use the stroller to push them out of her way.
  5. There are some posts where I just don't get the point. Remember: Eschew obfuscation!
  6. Our longest to date was 14 days - Ft. Lauderdale to Southhampton. We're booked on the Diamond Princess for 17 days in 2022 - Chile to San Diego.
  7. I shared this with my son in medical research. He has these additions: Oncologists thought the whole idea was rather malignant, while the surgeons wanted everyone to cut it out. (yes, I know surgeons are already on the list)
  8. Many years ago you had to ask for condoms from the pharmacist, you couldn't pick them off the shelf. I suggested that a good marketing ploy for condoms would be to advertise that they come in sizes S, M, L and XL. The manufacturer would only need to make the XL size as all men would say "I need size XL!"
  9. Yes, the memes were funny for about the first 10 times. After that it just became overkill and repetitious. That's my opinion.
  10. I'm new to Princess - my first cruise with them is booked for March 2022. I've been curious about Medallion Class since I first heard about it. So I watched some videos on the Princess site about it. One thing that I picked up is that you can use it in the shops for purchases and in the casino for wagering. That kinda scares me. If someone were to lose their medallion then the finder could go on a shopping and/or gambling spree and their spending would go directly to the owner's account.
  11. My wife says she misses the cruise ship's nightly turndown service. I don't know why she needs a service to do turndowns, she is very good at her regular "Not tonight, dear."
  12. My wife says she misses the cruise ship's nightly turndown service. I don't know why she needs a service to do turndowns, she is very good at her regular "Not tonight, dear."
  13. And one I posted a while back: Clusterphobia (n), fear of being in a crowd and contracting COVID-19.
  14. Back in ancient Egypt is was customary that if the Pharaoh passed gas, all of the courtiers would do the same. It was called . . . wait for it . . . toot-in-common (groan!)
  15. It's the same as the raised bars on the F and J keys on the computer keyboard. They're to help touch typists keep on the right key. (Never used them myself, I'm a hunt-and-peck typist who watches every keystroke.)
  16. I had a situation very similar to this on an Amtrak train out of NYC. A woman was talking loudly and continually on her cell phone. It was a real "stream of consciousness" spiel - everything that happened was talked about, loudly. Everyone in the car could hear her. After over an hour of this, enough people complained that the conductor talked to her and asked her to knock it off. So she told her phone partner all about how she was being told to be quiet.
  17. Sounds like a plan. We too have greatly expanded our drink repertoire. We used to drink bourbon exclusively. Now we have multiple gins (different gins for different drinks) multiple rums (including 15 year old for sipping), multiple scotches, vodka, brandy, various liqueurs and, of course, multiple bourbons since, at heart, we're still bourbon snobs.
  18. Many years ago, when our kids were still young, we took them to Disney World from our home in NC. While we were sitting in Liberty Square a girl came up to our daughter and said "Hi!". It was a classmate from her school in Connecticut where we used to live before moving to NC.
  19. I was at Sandals in Jamaica. At dinner one night all the tables for two were in use so we asked the couple behind us if they would care to share a table for four. They agreed. Turns out they were from Wake Forest, NC, just like we were. Saw them around town after returning home, too.
  20. I haven't had that sort of trouble but here's my problem. With the premium package my wife and I get to try all sorts of liquors and liqueurs for which we wouldn't normally pay the price. Like single malt scotch and pricey digestifs. So now I have to buy single malts for me and B&B and/or Benedictine for my wife. 😄
  21. We were booked in YC for our first MSC cruise in October 2020 cruise but cancelled it in June, before final payment, because I didn't feel that the cruise would ever happen. Even if it did sail, we didn't think it would be a good idea to cruise so soon. Having read this thread, along with others like it, I doubt whether we will consider MSC in the future. Customer service can be a big plus or an even bigger minus.
  22. Two men, one older and one young, were nailing siding onto a house. The older man watched the young man take a nail from his pouch, look at it, shake his head and throw the nail away. He pulled out another nail, looked at it, nodded and pounded it in. He did that several times, throwing away several nails. The older man finally asked "Why did you throw those nails away?" The young man replied "They were defective. The heads were on the wrong end!" The older man replied "Doh! You idiot! Those nails are for the OTHER side of the house!"
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