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  1. So I had a June 2020 cruise canceled and opted for some FCC and to get the $600 OBC. The original book by date to get the OBC use to be 12/31/20. I see the newer cancelation get until 5/31/21 to decide on a new cruise and still get the OBC. Is that the new date for everyone or would I still be under the 12/31/20 deadline?
  2. June 6th cruise Canceled by Carnival 4/17 Opted for half of the fare as FCC,with the rest including excursions to be refunded Almost everything paid by gift card, but $279 on Visa Received gift cards today for the excursions, taxes, and cruise fare paid by GC Still waiting for $279 credit on Visa
  3. So my June 6 cruise was canceled. I used the link on Carnival's page to request FCC and the OBC of $600 for my booking. I just received a letter from Carnival saying the following: We are sorry that your reservation has cancelled. If your cancellation occurred during penalty period the amount will be listed below: And then it shows they applied a 50% penalty! No mention of FCC, or anything related to the new terms for cruises they canceled. I would expect this if I canceled. Should I try to call, wait for better communications, or what?
  4. Here is the entertainment schedule from our July Pride cruise. You will see the Playlist production shows are repeated each evening.
  5. No there isn't a requirement to be paid in full before you can check in. The check-in process opens up right after midnight eastern in case you were trying to get the earliest time.
  6. How is anybody supposed to answer your question???
  7. You really don't need to actually log the other device out first. When you try to connect to the internet with the folio that has the internet access, it will tell you if another device is logged in. If it is and you still want to proceed it will allow you to connect and disconnect the other device. Of course if your wife is actively using it at the time she might get mad, but usually I would just Hub chat with the person I was sharing the plan with to make sure it was OK to use.
  8. The hub app did not allow for YTD check-in on our cruise in July. Still need to go and wait in line.
  9. Yes, a good idea, but would need a rental car for the luggage.
  10. Another thing to remember is that for all of Sunday evening you should have regular cell service and you can stream the game most likely if you needed to. Not ideal, but at least you would still see it if the ship wasn't showing it.
  11. Just came off the Pride and no there is no food, but people were using the hub app to get pizzas delivered there. Shame they couldn't use the delivery method to offer the food that is available in the RFP on other ships.
  12. What's interesting the cruise ship tracking site ***** is showing the ship status as "not under command". The term “vessel not under command” means a vessel which through some exceptional circumstance is unable to maneuvre as required by these Rules and is therefore unable to keep out of the way of another vessel. Could be wrong, but that status in interesting.
  13. However, the company’s outlook for the third quarter was below expectations, and for the full year, Carnival lowered its guidance. It now expects to earn $4.25 to $4.35 a share for the year, down from $4.35 to $4.55 previously and below the $4.54 analysts are predicting. The company also warned the government’s sudden ban on Cuba dockings is hurting near-term revenue yields.
  14. Also, if you have a travel oriented credit card it may have sufficient coverage for your needs. I have a Chase Sapphire reserve and it has enough travel benefits so that getting separate travel insurance is not necessary.
  15. The Google play store says the Hub app requires Android 6.0. If your phone is not capable of upgrading to 6.0 then you might be out of luck.
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