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  1. absolutely. I always have enough to get me thru to my next cruise
  2. check the Patter for the first day
  3. You will not get current info since no one has sailed for about 18 months. That said, we were one of the last sailors, in March of 2020. We returned to Fort Lauderdale on March 6. Princess offered EZ check for our cruise. It was $25 per person plus the fees charged by you airline. You put your bags outside you cabin the last night. You then pick them up at baggage claim in your home airport Check the customers service desk to be sure of this.
  4. Coquimbo is a port n Chile. We stopped there on a Princess 49 day cruise around South America.
  5. thrilled with the news. we board november 6, 2021
  6. We come back in November on the Crown. Hoping our 945 makes the cut.
  7. I have never seen anything from Princess indicating how full a ship is. People have posted estimates on here, but I have no faith in those gueses.
  8. You may have difficulty getting details like this until people start cruising and come back with their actual experience
  9. Could Princess require passengers to submit proof of vaccination to LA at least 12 days before sailing?
  10. We will also be boarding on November 6. However I will not be confident until we are sailing away from Fort Lauderdale
  11. princess has not announced schedules for the Royal or most other ships
  12. I don't think that minor points like these will not be answered until people start cruising and reporting back.
  13. The Princess Patter for day 1 will list the formal nights
  14. We have 17 cruises / 151 days booked. These cruises comprise 4 trips
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