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  1. paul929207

    Caribbean cruise ship temperature

    My wife always has a sweater or shawl when on the ship
  2. paul929207

    Excursions in St Petersburg

    Have you tried one of the private tour companies? Companies like Alla or SPB?
  3. paul929207

    Drinks Package

    A few threads down from this one is a spreadsheet for calculating the benefit or drawback to the PBP.
  4. paul929207

    On Board Credit/pay for excursions

    Only OBC that shows on the Personalizer can be used to pay for excursions prior to the cruise. Some OBC, such as the Loyalty OBC, does not appear until you are on the ship.
  5. paul929207

    EZ changes after final payment

    I would assume it would be the way you paid. So for most of us, the credit card that was used.
  6. paul929207

    Still trying to figure out new boards

    Blue Star means you have read and commented on the thread. If it is bright, it means there are one or more other comments since your last comment. Blue Ball means you have not commented on this thread. If you click on the star or the ball it will takes you to the first comment that is new since you last looked at the thread.
  7. paul929207

    UK to South Africa

    You seem to be rejecting all of the available alternatives. Sounds like you need to make other plans or learn to live with what is available
  8. paul929207


    Just flip a coin. No way to tell in advance.
  9. paul929207

    UK to South Africa

    Unfortunately, Princess no longer sails the London to Cape Town or any similar route.
  10. paul929207

    Alaska Shore Excursion booking

    We have taken private tours all over the world. Most are for a group or 6 to 15 people. Most were planned thru the Cruise Critic Roll Call. Smaller groups allow us to get in and out of places before the big buses from the cruise line arrive. We have never even come close to missing the ship.
  11. paul929207

    Pre Paid Internet packages

    Princess is in the process of upgrading their internet connections and coming out with new plans. So the offerings vary by ship. The old plans are by the minute. I think the largest package is about 600 minutes for $200 or so. I haven't been on a ship with the new plans, so not sure of the cost of them.
  12. Welcome to Cruise Critic. Some suggestions - Join the Roll Call for your cruise. This is a part of Cruise Critic and will put you in touch with others sailing with you. People on the Roll Call often plan private excursions and are looking for others to join them and split the cost. That way they are much cheaper than the cruise line tours. Check out the packages offered for things like soda, alcohol, wine, coffee, etc. Only you can decide which one(s) would be to your benefit. Practice saying "No". The cruise line and the vendors in town will offer lots of ways to overspend.
  13. paul929207

    Need an advice

    You will be fine. We have crossed the Atlantic 5 times without any problems. The ships are built to be able to handle the crossing without trouble. In addition, weather forecasting is much better now than in days gone by. The Captain will change the course if there is bad weather on the intended path.
  14. paul929207

    Loss of Internet Rollover Benefit on B2B Cruises?

    September/October on the Royal our minutes rolled over.
  15. paul929207

    Rebates on Cruises from Travel Agents

    We get a discount and some OBC from our TA for every cruise.