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  1. paul929207

    Mistake to book Royal?

    We have been on the Royal several times, but not to Alaska. (Her first visit to Alaska will sail March 23, 2019. She is a big ship, but in Alaska there will probably be several ships in each port, so a few more on the Royal will not be a big deal.
  2. paul929207

    Family Cruise on mediterrenean

    I agree on the TA too. Keep in mind that Med cruises are usually port intensive. They have few sea days. So picking port you like is more important than picking a ship.
  3. paul929207

    To cruise or not to cruise,that is the question

    I would check with doctor and go if not told to stay home.
  4. paul929207

    Enchanted "Preview" cruise 06/18/2020

    We will be in London a couple of days before the July 1, 2020 sailing. So I will keep an eye out for any ceremony. Maybe we can get invites.
  5. paul929207

    No More All Inclusive Drink Passages?

    We got the PBP as part of our bookings last summer for next year and 2020.
  6. paul929207

    Traditional Dining

    You can go to any restaurant except those used for Anytime Dining. If you are assigned a table with others, it is polite to tell your tablemates or staff you will not be at dinner.
  7. paul929207

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    I book 1 to 2 years in advance and get a balcony cabin. Under the terms of the Sip & Sail, my TA adds the PBP to our reservation. We did it for 1 cruise last year and 3 this year. We have also done it for 4 cruises next year and 4 in 2020. In every case, S&S was added at no additional cost. Note that you must have a balcony or higher cabin to get the S&S
  8. paul929207

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    I have several cruises booked to 2020. I expect that next summer (2019), Princess will offer the Sip & Sail package. In the past (living in the US), I have been able to at the S&S at no extra cost to these bookings that are in a balcony or higher.
  9. paul929207

    Do you buy wine package on board?

    We got the silver package $31. That is up for $29. That sounds good, but it appeared that they had raised most bottles $2 or $3.
  10. paul929207

    Shareholder OBC in casino or gratuities?

    OBC can be used for anything that is charged to your account. This includes the gratuities that are automatically charged each day. On the other hand you cannot get cash at the front desk to use for tipping staff either instead of or in addition to the autotips. I don't know about the casino.
  11. paul929207

    New Cruiser Seeking Advice

    Jim has given you great advice. Go to the RCI section. There you will find many people familiar with the cruise line and your cruise.
  12. paul929207

    wine pkg pricing

    Like Astro, we have never had a problem with the wine package. It has always been available on our cruise and every bottle we requested was available
  13. paul929207

    Enchanted "Preview" cruise 06/18/2020

    Dixielady, See you on board
  14. paul929207

    assigned gratuity confusion

    We have never even considered dropping the auto tips. Service has always been excellent. The staff earns every penny
  15. paul929207

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    In Horizon Court, we had the large bowl of large shrimp on the Royal Princess last month.