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  1. paul929207

    Bad weather

    It is not helpful to make very broad predictions on the effect of the weather.
  2. paul929207

    Which itinerary would you choose?

    The first one.
  3. There is an extremely active Roll Call for this cruise. Post this there.
  4. paul929207

    Upsell Offer Opinion Sought

    I would also take it.
  5. paul929207

    After 3 years without cruising... I'm back!

    Welcome back.
  6. In most ports, including Barcelona, you just keep flashing your in transit card and asking which way to the ship. No need to get in any line.
  7. paul929207

    Booking future cruises while on board

    The FCD must be paid with a credit card. It can't be charged to your On Board Account
  8. paul929207

    Mini bar set up

    I have never heard of being able to pay extra to trade up anything on the minibar.
  9. paul929207

    Wine package question

    It is only available on the 10 day or longer cruises.
  10. paul929207

    Do the libraries still have the puzzle sheets?

    Yes on the Royal in September/October
  11. paul929207

    Huge amount of $$$

    You could decide how much you want to spend and then start eliminating things until you get down to that number. Just about everything on your list can either be done without or done cheaper.
  12. Port charges and fees were refunded when we canceled a Princess cruise about 4 weeks before sailing.
  13. paul929207

    First time cruiser

    Good Morning and Welcome to Cruise Critic. Since most of your questions are more related to NCL, you should post this in the section for that cruise line.
  14. paul929207

    On Board Credit

    Each cruise line has their own rules
  15. paul929207

    First Day, what to sign up for

    I will be the contrarian. We do not sign up for any of these things and have a wonderful cruise without them.