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  1. paul929207

    2 Elite wifi questions

    You would get 150 minutes for each elite and platinum passenger.
  2. paul929207

    Bringing pool towels to the beach

    No problem. Just bring them back
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines announced today that effective December 1, 2018 if someone is caught smoking in their cabin or on the balcony the smoker and everyone in their cabin will be disembarked at the next port. No refund for anyone.
  4. While I carry both the Passport and the DL, I almost never bother showing the DL. Passport is fine.
  5. paul929207

    Elite amenities

    The minibar is a perk on every cruises once you become elite. Unless you are in a full suite, it is one setup per cabin for elites.
  6. paul929207

    Back to back same ship different rooms

    Make sure your old and new steward (if changing stewards) are aware you are moving. You will need the new room cleaned so you can move from the old room to the new. Since your turnaround is in the US, you will need to go thru immigration. A day or two before the end of the first leg, you will receive instructions. Just follow them and you will be fine.
  7. paul929207

    Culinary Cruise

    Have not seen anything
  8. paul929207

    Share Holder OBC Credit

    Usually within 48 hours
  9. paul929207

    Booze in room!

    Princess allows you to purchase alcohol from them for use in your cabin. I don't know if Baily's is available.
  10. paul929207

    Missing dinner time with traditional dining

    It has been our experience that on nights with late departure, the MDRs are all open as ATD.
  11. paul929207

    Civitavecchia Cruise Port to train station

    It is less than a half mile walk from the port entrance to the train station
  12. paul929207

    Shore Trips?

    Haven't used them, but plenty of private tours with great results. Have you joined the Roll Call for your cruise? There you will often find others planning private tours
  13. We will be with you in February on the Royal around South America. I also have two coffee cards I plan to use up.
  14. paul929207

    Royal Princess late departure

    Likely delays with the death a few days ago.
  15. paul929207

    Meals on PRINCESS ..(ROYAL)

    Glad you enjoyed the food. We are looking forward to it starting February 2, 2019