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  1. I think we are in uncharted territory. Until Princess announces specifics, we can only guess and hope.
  2. You can only get off for a ship's tour on the European cruises that have restarted. Doesn't mean the US will be the same.
  3. We ere on the Pacific Princess 2 years ago and had no problem getting off in St Petersburg for our private tours with Alla Tours.
  4. One time we met a situation where pre-planned groups were the only way off the ship. We were not docked, so controlling passengers was simplified. This occurred when we visited Komodo Island. This is an Indonesian island inhabited by about 1800 people and about 2200 of the dragons. Princess offered tours, but they could only accommodate 400 passengers. In addition there was one pre-planned private tour (Thank you Janelle). There were about 20 of us. The remaining 260 passengers could not get off and were not happy about it. For those not familiar with the Ko
  5. I dont think they weill have to kick too many people off for violating the protocols to get everyone to comply or make other plans
  6. Airlines seem to be succeeding. If a passenger removes their mask after take off, they are put on a list of those who cannot fly with that airline. On the news the other night they said that Delta has 460 on their list. Another airline (United?) said people who have a medical problem with wearing a mask should find another mode of transportation.
  7. I think you are missing some of this thread. You only get to take a private excursion one time. When you return to the ship at the end of it, you will be disembarked. No refunds for remainder of the cruise. Get home at your expense.
  8. Anyone have any idea how many people have a health problem that is seriously affected by wearing a mask? How many have a health problem seriously affected by exposure to codiv-19? My wife has a compromised immune system, so we are very careful about where we go.
  9. We will be with you celebrating our 35th anniversary
  10. Schedule was released on Tuesday. Opened for bookings for Elites on Tuesday and all others on Wednesday
  11. Nope. We have cancelled our late January to late February cruise. Too much politics involved in the process in the US. We need to see several months of healthy ships before we get on
  12. We did 4 legs early this year and just had one medallion.
  13. I believe it has be about 10 or 15 years since a serious attempt was made to modify PVSA. The proposal was to strengthen the law, not back off on the requirements.
  14. I believe it has be about 10 or 15 years since a serious attempt was made to modify PVSA. The proposal was to strengthen the law, not back off on the requirements.
  15. when pre-purchasing excursions you can only use OBC that is already credited to your account.
  16. We were on the Crown early this year. She was having generator problems. Could not go at full speed. We missed several ports. Got lots of OBC. I would hope that the problem has been repaired during this mess. I don't know how the slower ship would due with the long sail from LA to Alaska.
  17. Bubbapuck,more to relax and cruise Hopefuly we will be with you. Our 35th anniversary is 2 days after your anniversary.This will be our 4th time to Alaska, so we are going than the ports. We will be on for three cruises July 3 thru August 14.
  18. We often gt extra OBC deom our TA. Usually it is about $50 to $100 per person per leg. (We often book b2b)
  19. Crown would be great for us
  20. We are booked on three legs - from July 3 thru August 14.
  21. On Princess, all the perks we are eligible for are based on days.
  22. Unlike the rest of the world, the US has no plan for bringing Codiv-19 under control. Until that changes, no country will allow visitors from the US
  23. We will cruise again. Can't wait to walk up the gangway again. We have a b2b Panama Canal cruise in January and February and a b2b2b LA to Alaska in July and August
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