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    elite 14 day cruise

    We have always found the mini bar is replaced based on the shortest leg that can be bought. How we booked was not a factor
  2. paul929207

    Anytime Dining on Princess????

    You can't make reservations for ATD until the morning of the day you are reserving for
  3. paul929207

    Muster question

    We aim to arrive about 15 minutes early and always get a seat
  4. paul929207

    Main Dinning Room on Regal

    Yes, there are three
  5. paul929207

    Bridge players aboard a cruise ship

    Princess no longer offers a bridge director except on world cruises. They still have the duplicate equipment if a passenger is interested in organizing a game
  6. paul929207

    28 day cruise to Hawaii & Tahiti

    While not everyone likes sea days. We love them. We have done the 28 day South Pacific cruise 3 times. We will do it again.
  7. paul929207

    Prime rib on the first night

    In had it on the royal princess on February 2
  8. paul929207

    Upgrade - Do you lose perks of original deal?

    If you are initiating the upgrade, you will get any perks that go with the current offer. You will lose any with the original odder
  9. paul929207


    Get the Rick Steves' book med Cruise Ports. It is great for DIY
  10. paul929207

    Two quick Princess Questions

    Check in starts about 11am
  11. paul929207

    CHANGE name of passenger 2

    I believe that one of the original passengers must stay on the booking.
  12. paul929207

    Meet & great or CC reception

    I have also never seen mention of the m&g in a princess patter
  13. paul929207

    Alcohol brought onboard from port?

    Princess allows each adult to bring on one 750 ml bottle of wine with no corkage fee. All other bottles are subject to a $15 corkage fee. No other alcohol can be brought on.
  14. paul929207

    Reading material

    I have about 700 books on my kindle
  15. paul929207

    Miffed about Power strips and towels

    On princess, never a problem with either a power strip or towel
  16. paul929207

    Meet & great or CC reception

    I think someone is confused. Never heard of a CC reception
  17. paul929207


    You will do better posting this on the RCI section
  18. paul929207

    Why Doesn't Princess Modern"icized" Their (Old) Ships?

    Ditto what Thrak said
  19. paul929207

    Princess "refundable credit"----don't believe it!

    Several times we have had obc left over. We have always gotten a check
  20. paul929207

    Port Everglades vs Fort Lauderdale?

    We followed the new HAL ship out of port Everglades last week
  21. paul929207

    MedallionNet Voyage Package

    We are on the royal now. Paid 99.99 for 49 days. That was the book at least 3 days in advance price. On board was 124.99 I think. Elite/platinum minutes lost. It is my understanding that the 99.99 price is for any 14 day or long cruise. Also one device per package
  22. paul929207

    Royal Princess Buffet

    Fried shrimp
  23. We did not get any elite/platinum discount.
  24. paul929207


    You should indicate which country issued your passport
  25. We are on the royal 49 day South America cruise. Internet is 99.99 for unlimited for entire cruise. One device.