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  1. Don’t forget to check the cruise lines web sites they update how it will effect their cruises. Cruise lines are going to make decisions that will avoid the bad areas.
  2. Chances of finding a model are pretty small. If searching sites like E-Bay be sure you also search under her original name "Olympia". And also Caribe 1, as well as Regal Empress.
  3. Been on the Paradise twice. It was a little bit of a party boat but we managed to have fun. There were kids also. We would do it again. Usually in Sept. - April there are not usually as many kids and you an find some decent prices. Which is when we usually cruise. Wonder if Summer with more Family's are actually less a party crowd? Of course then you have lots of kids.
  4. Just happen to have on my phone ... I believe this the late. 1990s at a stop in key west
  5. Loved the little Commodore Club lounge .....those sunken booths on the sides ....
  6. Okra! I'd eat a raw snail before I'd eat Okra.... Uh so slimey
  7. I don't really put much thought into these things... But the only time in my life I thought I saw a ghost / Spirit.... Whatever.... Was on that ship. We had one of those rooms.. I don't remember what the deck was called... But it was an odd deck with just a few cabins. Access to the deck was a staircase offi of the dining room entry. In the middle of the night my partner got up to use the bathroom and I saw what looked like a crew member kneeling in the room... I was trying to get the words out to tell my partner when it faded away. So strange.... I felt no fear of what happened... Just curious ? AND I swear I'm not the type of person to expect such things !
  8. We did a great cruise on her when she was the Regal Empress sailing out of Port Manatee. It was a Mardi Gras cruise to New Orleans. That was a great trip, fun passengers, as always great crew! We had two nights in New Orleans, including Fat Tuesday!
  9. The Funnel. ? Shows how much I notice... Now I have to go back and check my picture .
  10. We left data roaming turned on ... On one of our phones before I caught it and our ATT Bill was quite high without ever using the phone ....so beware
  11. Hey there.....yes, we loved the old girl. So many good memories. My very first cruise in 1989 was on her with Commodore Cruise lines as the Caribe I Its how I became hooked on cruising......was so impressed with the old ship...the wood..who could ever forget that library or he dining room.....just a real original Ocean Liner. Old deck plans and articles show There were more beautiful public rooms that were later converted to guest cabins. The crew was wonderful and the food was very good. Entertainment was great. In fact they had Herman's Hermits as part of the entertainment. Had cabin U92, there were 3 of us. On of my greatest treasures is a publication i bought off of ebay...called "The Journal of Commerce" (Olympia Number) it measure 11x17 and is dedicated to the ship. Full Original Deck plans....and color cross section art....Photos, there are ads from companies that provided much of the work and instruments on board. And you must be familiar with the website http://www.maritimematters.com with all it's info and photos
  12. May I ask what this package cost? Most individual pics cost something like $15 to $20 / plus each
  13. Just checked the disposable underwear are 30 pair for $19.99 on Amazon,
  14. LoL, here's one, when I was reading a Rick Steve's book for our Land vacation to Italy, he made the underwear suggestion. Also their is a paper based underwear you can get that is ment to be disposable. We bought some they were not so bad, but not thrilled with buying something with intent on dumping it
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