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  1. Well said about tipping, and many can learn from your example as well !! It goes along way, as does actually having a friendly conversation with the staff member. Our experience in the Haven has been the same as your own, you get what you give, and it only requires a few dollars and some friendly genuine conversation.
  2. We had the same issue in finding a hotel for one night pre cruise with many hotels requiring a minimum two night stay. We are three couples travelling together and first time actually staying in San Juan for an overnight vs a port of call. Our travel agent after searching many locations for us found the Costa Bahia Hotel Paseo Caribe Reviews seem to be hit or miss but location is good and we are only there for one night, and the prices were reasonable. Maybe worth investigating.
  3. Sasand01 you will enjoy the EPIC, my family have sailed on it three times now over the years and are slated for a fourth cruise this year on the EPIC again. It's design is different than other ships but certainly not off putting. The crew are excellent, venues and entertainment great and lots of variety, and you are in the Caribbean for a week. Someone else commented about negative reviews and I think nailed it...... "Over 4000 passengers a week, times 52 weeks equals over 200,000 passengers a year that sail on the EPIC" and when you compare those numbers vs the numbers of poor reviews, it puts it in a better perspective. The vast silent majority are happy to cruise on it and if not, after their first cruise they will chose another ship, but there are many repeat passengers on the ship who enjoy what it has to offer. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. Just to add to this, we are a party of seven flying from Toronto Canada to San Juan in February, 6 of us were able to book when the NCL Air Promo was on and paid $256 Canadian each for our return flight, the 7th member travelling with us booked after the Air Promo was over and is paying $1500 Canadian return to be on the same flight. We received our confirmations for airfare approximately 55 days out from NCL and with our flight reservation number we all were able to access the Air Canada website and confirm and upgrade our seats without issue, and just pay for the difference. We are all quite pleased with what NCL arranged, they are direct flights and leaving and returning at decent hours. We all would not hesitate to book with this promotion again.
  5. Now that's funny !!! I often wondered if people actually read what they wrote before they hit send and send it out for the world to see? And if they actually do read it and then still send it out.... WOW. Now legitimate complaints are fair game, but writing because it was too sunny, or the water was too wet, someone needs to a grip on reality and what real problems are. I have learned one thing though "THEY WALK AMONG US !!!"
  6. A drink perfect for every occasion !!!! Caesar Cocktail Bloody Caesar made with 2 shots of vodka, a pinch of horseradish, a little spicy with 5 dashes of tabasco, made muddy with about 10 dashes of Worcestershire, all over ice, and filled to the top of a celery salt and spice rimmed glass with Clamato juice. Type Cocktail Primary alcohol by volume Vodka Served on the rocks Standard garnish stalk of celery and wedge of lime Standard drinkware Highball glass Commonly used ingredients 6 oz. Clamato Juice 1–1½ oz. vodka 2 dashes hot sauce 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce Celery salt Freshly ground pepper Lime wedge 1 crisp celery stalk Preparation Rim glass with celery salt, and a lime wedge.
  7. Thank you for that menu, certainly lots to choose from and still stay inside the package
  8. So an interesting situation with our group of 7 flying from Toronto to San Juan in February. We had previously checked with NCL on flights and were told nothing had been confirmed The other day several members our group ( 3 separate cabins but all linked together for bookings) received emails from the airline carrier indicating a flight itinerary change, it provided a reservation number and when this number was checked on the airlines reservation system the correct passenger names and amount paid for the flight were displayed but seat assignments were not A follow up call by our travel agent to NCL seeking confirmation of this information was met with “they had no information on the flights and the reservations would be distributed 45 days prior to departure “ We all found it interesting that the airline knew our flights ( and they were direct flights as well which we are very pleased with), we knew the reservation number with the airline and even the amount NCL paid for them yet NCL does not have that or will not release that information. I am just wondering if anyone else has had that experience? We are certainly quite happy with these flights and the price we paid for them with NCL versus what we would have had to pay on our own, we are saving a substantial amount but curious to see if anyone else has had a similar experience with their bookings?
  9. I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on how the ship compares to your last trip upon your return. We are on the Epic in February and in the Haven. It it has been five years since we last travelled in the EPIC Haven and previous to that spent two other holidays in the Epic Haven and our family enjoyed ourselves immensely on each trip Hoping that you have a great vacation
  10. Just bumping this thread up to see if there has been anyone who as taken this route with the NCL Free Air Promo recently or has received their flight itenerary for a pending trip?
  11. Excellent choice and the looks on their faces when they learn onboard what is happening with the upgrade is worth every penny. The kids will feel like rock stars getting escorted onto the ship and the service you will receive in the Haven is second to none. Our boys remember fondly the extra special treatment they received from the Haven staff to make their trips very memorable. You made the right call !!
  12. Brings back fond memories , looking forward to more additions , staying in the Epic Haven at the end of February 2020 and can’t wait to revisit the restaurant
  13. Yes and with the current exchange rate it makes it that much more appealing 😀 Glad to hear that you have been able to visit your northern cousins, it is a great country to see coast to coast
  14. Thank you Turtles06, I read that thread earlier and from my read on it and a few other threads it seems for every 5 sad tales of woe there are just as many positive experiences For us the price to fly with NCL’s promo was nowhere what we could have booked ourselves and we looked at many different alternatives We are hoping for clear skies and hopefully a smooth direct flight but also prepared to see a few airports along the way if that occurs
  15. Thank you Tapi, yes we actually changed our flight from Montreal to Toronto as it provided more options and direct flights into San Juan for us Its nice to see Canadian airlines making it easier for we Canadians to visit your island
  16. Thank you for the comments and research, we have also looked at the various connections at play in this and we know it can be anywhere from a direct flight to seeing the eastern seaboard with a number of connections Eventually we will arrive...., and it will much warmer in San Juan than Toronto. I was hoping to hear from someone who has done this flight in the past with NCL, we know it may not be the same flight/connections this February, depending on costs and available flights but wanted to see what they have done for clients in the past Thank you for the time you took to review that for me and your suggestions , much appreciated
  17. We are three couples flying in a day earlier for our Epic Cruise from San Juan at the end of February. Leaving Toronto on the Saturday for our Sunday cruise departure Has anyone taken this route before and if so how were the connections? We see that there are a few direct flights however several also with connections and are wondering if anyone can share past experiences on their connections and flights?
  18. I agree, we have flown into both airports several times in the past, typically a day earlier than our cruise out of Miami and prefer FLL both for convenience, cost, better hotel options and more things to do in FLL We have found the FLL Water taxi to be one of the best valued and interesting venues there and getting to the port of Miami is a breeze with many different transportation options we have found on cruise critic
  19. An excellent and very accurate review of what the Haven experience has to offer. We have enjoyed the Haven now on three different ships, on six different cruises and with and without young adults with us and have loved every minute of it. The service that we received from the staff in the Haven was second to none and how our two sons were treated by the different butlers looking after us on the various cruises was above and beyond. All Haven members made it a truly memorable experience. If the Haven experience is within your budget it is worth every penny
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