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  1. It seems that the advisory is for Port of Spain and not Tobago. I think Royal should look at taking us to Martinique or Aruba or something instead of Trinidad.
  2. Does anyone know the likelihood of our ship docking in St. Vincent in December? There are no shore excursions listed on RCI website for St. Vincent and no tour operators have answered my emails.
  3. Has anyone used CPs tours on Tobago? Is there a tour company you would recommend for Trinidad?
  4. Thank you. We went ahead and booked with Captain Mango for the same.
  5. Is there a tour company that could take us by boat from Castries to the volcano so that 3 of our group can do the mud baths while 2 of us hike Tet Paul and we all meet up at Sugar beach for snorkeling before returning to our ship? We will be arriving Christmas day on the Grandeur of the Seas.
  6. Has anyone used Sea Sun Adventures for the snorkel tour? We would like to combine it with an island tour with JNJ.
  7. I want to sign up for Levi's tour, but when I go to the web address, it says the site is not currently available. Did he shut down his site because of the pandemic? Does anyone know if he plans to return to the tours when the ships come back? We are on a Christmas cruise.
  8. We just received onboard credit today but only for 1/4 of the total difference. The price dropped $300 each and they credited us $175. Can't really complain since we sail in 9 days.
  9. RCL allows you to bring water and soda in your checked bags. I'm disappointed I can't bring my Coke Zero on board but I certainly don't want to spend any time in the naughty room!
  10. We were hoping to cash in on the 30% off sale but as it has already been said, the prices were inflated and the bottom line was higher than the regular price 2 weeks ago. We are planning to go on the Pride of America sailing Feb. 1. I'm thinking of waiting it out until they drop the price. Is this a popular time to go to Hawaii? Are we in danger of them selling out before mid January?
  11. We just went to Harbor Lights and paid $15 pp for the boat ride and equipment. We didn't have to spend anything else and their beach was just gorgeous! Harbor Lights will rent you the lounge and umbrella if you want, but you don't need to. After the beach we went to Hunte's garden and the cave. Cave was ordinary but Hunte's garden was extraordinary: the most beautiful garden I've ever seen!
  12. We did this tour on 5-15 and it was great! I highly recommend Real Paradise. They are expanding their location in time to include a restaurant and restrooms, but the guides are great and the experience was safe and fun. They took us along the coast and we stopped for a break on a private beach.
  13. Thanks for the advice! That was the most beautiful beach we visited and the snorkel trip was very easy. We could have done it from the shore but then we wouldn't have been able to enter the water via the slide off the top of the boat!
  14. Has anyone done a jet ski tour with Real Paradise? They are close to St. John and it sounds like a blast. Just looking for feedback.
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