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  1. Thanks!! That’s good news about the balconies! I don’t like the older style ships with smoke coming out of the casinos, and several cruise lines with old ships have it set up that way. 🤞🏻 About better ventilation on new ships. Even on harmony the non smoking “side” of the casino was not bad! Probably that newer venting system at work?!
  2. Ok, last post , lol! Randy... great review! I think you make valid points about older vs newer block buster ships. It would not be fair to compare lines older ships vs new per ships. Like 🍏 vs 🍊 Sounds like you are favorable towards the Carnival experience but would appreciate a newer ship with more amenities! Hopefully, Mardis Gras will be that! Things I'm excited about: you know me, I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the main dining room, so I like the idea of GOOD PIZZA! (Available all the time!) and other yummy free food places. Deck parties...love to dance! How was the mix of music? Modern? oldies? Country? Comedy...really that sounds like fun, I can get into a comedy show every night! What worries me: can I exist without my Diamond status? 🤣🤣 [of course I can, we cruise all kinds of ships where I don’t have status, that’s just a joke! ] Besides you have my diamond pin now, so I won’t get special treatment anyway! will we have enough to do onboard sea days? Will it be smokey? What’s the balcony smoking policy? Where is the casino? So, let’s see what our terrific TA can do for us and what the happy Carnival peeps have to say about the “big” Fun Ships! I’m down for some FUN!
  3. This is awesome news! As Randy will tell you his group likes to dance (we gotta a couple of Zumba instructors and a bunch of enthusiasts in the group) I love dance parties and hubby always enjoys a good piano bar! The one on our last RCL “smaller ship” Cruise the piano bar was too close to the casino and the cigarette smoke wafted out into the piano bar, honestly I felt bad for the singer, could not have been great for his voice. On Harmony the piano man is in the Schooner bar off the promenade which is a much better location. Does anyone know where the casino will be on Mardis Gras, I really don’t like second hand cigarette smoke? (No flaming , you do you, and I’ll pick a ship where I’ll be comfortable!)
  4. This exactly! I’m also hopeful Mardis Gras will have more to “do” as we tire quickly of the “go to a lounge and drink” scene. I agree with you about Jewel, we loved our S Caribbean port intensives on Jewel, but Hubby says no more of that kind of ship because there’s not enough to do at night. I mean we just got off a ship with only 50 passengers, nothing but a pair of small hot tubs and a bar, but had an amazing time because we were off the ship having excursions twice a day and only wanted to watch a lecture and go to sleep afterwards 🤣 But in the Caribbean, where we’ve been many times and with such short port of calls, I want something on the ship to do at night and on sea days other than the typical pool all day, dinner for two hours, and hanging in a lounge all night that the smaller mass market ships offer. I’m hopeful that Mardis Gras delivers! It’s all on Randy if not 🤣🤣
  5. Well hello there Carnival party people! I’m a loyal to Royal (and a bunch of other smaller cruise lines that go to places other than the Caribbean) but I’m anxious to read this review from my friend Randy because he’s trying to convince us to try out a Carnival cruise with his group soon. I’m going to dig in, Randy, and see what I think! I’m sure I’ll have lots of comments 🤣🤣
  6. Ptf2009 Im a big user of rash guards! Family history and just generally being fair! Here I am modeling one of my favorites on Islet Pinel during our Capt Bob excursion in Saint Martin.
  7. Randy and I were just saying that it didn’t take as much time as we thought, so we did more than we thought we would get to. With the voom surf and stream it was quick to move a couple of photos and even short video to Cruise Critic. I used the time waiting for shows to start and sitting on the balcony to post a few notes. It didn’t interfere with our trip or interacting with our loved ones. I’d always consider that before doing a “live” review! This trip it had to be live or it wouldn’t have happened. We are selling our home of 20 years and downsizing to travel more. I would have no time to do a post cruise review. We will look for you post cruise review! Bon voyage!
  8. Have a great trip Mike!! Wish it we were going with you!
  9. I felt so bad for them. Barely met them since the cruise was 1/2 over before they arrived 😞 lesson learned: I just booked flights for an UnCruise in Baja in Jan. Knowing weather delays could be a real thing, we booked a Tuesday flight to the west coast, a Wed flight to MX (insured) for a Sat departure!
  10. CarynRose have a wonderful cruise!! Hubby brings his Laptop and we go to the airport, plug in and he gets almost all his photos edited and processed before he gets home if we have a late flight.
  11. There is no set time to be out of the cabin but stewards will start knocking on doors around 8 AM in my experience. You are expected to wait in a departure lounge or dining rooms because you won’t hear when your group is called. It’s not broadcast in cabins, only in the departure lounges or dining rooms. If you self disembark, Oftentimes they are far ahead of this schedule and high luggage tags are called much earlier. Your cabin stewards have a big job and need passengers out to do it. We’ve often left the cabin by 8 or 830 the relaxed in the MDR over breakfast till 9 or 930 then left the ship. You can’t stay on the ship past the last luggage tag number time anyway.
  12. A new grand baby! I’d hang around for that too! Ours seem busy building careers, so we will travel now and babysit later! 🤣
  13. Happy! How are you? Lol, we are down sizing houses and upsizing cruise ships! 🤣 I loved the entertainment tho! The shows were all blockbusters and I’ve found some on the smaller ships to be pretty lame. And the dining was far better than smaller ships. The WJ dinners were better than other cruise ships, and the Solarium Bistro dinner was chock full of real seafood! Kids, there are a lot, but areas built for them funnel them out of traditionally adult areas, on coco cay they were all at the water slides, same on board, at mini bites, sports deck, slides and flow rider. I think ideally I’d choose a big one on a slow kid vacation time for a better value. (I don’t need to cruise when the kids and their families have to vacation. One advantage to being just two is so many big family groups, we just got seated immediately! I say diff ships for diff stuff, only 70 people on an expedition cruise (going to Baja in Jan) but 6 K if you want shows with a cast the size of the whole crew of the other ship! 🤣 im glad you enjoyed the review, and are enjoying cruising! What’s next for you? The only Royal on our calendar is back to back Freedom from San Juan in Winter of 2021.
  14. Bobs was great! I have been to Saint Martin ,any times, both on ship port of call, and as week long stays. I’ve been to many places he visited, but never by boat completely circling the island. The boat was amazing, comfy seating and despite being “fast” it never “slammed” into the water, it always felt like a comfortable ride! Great tour, and thanks for organizing Randy!
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