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  1. This is an interesting read, everyone has their own theories and reasons! I'm about itinerary at this stage of my life. I book early because on older ships I like Plaza Deck, Royal class I want Emerald Deck and the mid-ship cabins go quick, plus don't want to be over the theater. I rarely get in an elevator or use the buffet area so being by the public area decks works for me. Stairs are my friend!
  2. I'm booked for Fall 2020, Baltic + Transatlantic and Spring 2021, Dubai to Southampton, both are 26 days. I book early as I'm fussy about cabin location. I've changed cabins on both already, increased my OBC and have prepaid gratuities for both. I was out of $100 deposit, but TA was running a special, was able to get $100 for 2021. Otherwise I would have waited to book until my cruise next week. Because I book so far out, I will not book unless the deposit is $100.
  3. The tea lights are small, light, take up no space. Sailing solo, many times inside, I like them so I don't bump into the corner of the desk! :-) They give off just a tiny glow. All these suggestions are interesting, sailing alone I don't really have space issues. I'm a no frills person so no make up or beauty products, even when I have cruised with someone, there's never been an issue.
  4. I'm picky about where I want to be on the ship so I tell my TA no upgrades. When I checked in on a Royal transatlantic, I had a cabin change. I went from inside to a deluxe obstructed balcony down the hall from my original cabin. It was nice, my TA was very surprised (me, too)! Because I don't go to the buffet area, I prefer to be by the public decks, as I rarely get in an elevator. I don't want to be changed to an upper deck cabin or to the rear of the ship.
  5. Whoa! Some topics really bring out the "best" in people. Who are we to know another persons mindset, why they think something or to say what we think is right? Being judge and jury because someone likes or doesn't like an inside cabin, or inside cabins is being cheap, how do you know? Maybe it is a financial issue, wants to do the cruise and this is what they can afford. I sail single, pay double, being older sail for itinerary, many times in an inside cabin. Spending $5,000 for a 30 day cruise, versus 10 grand or more is doable. My choice, my business, no one else. These overly critical remarks about people choosing inside cabins or not wanting to sail in one, I don't get.
  6. Interesting read, all these comments! I'm on the Sky next year for a Grand Adventure, Baltic +Transatlantic. I was skeptical when I took the Regal, TA plus Baltic, but I loved it. I've been on the Royal several times for longer cruises. I like this class of ship, but I'm on the Sapphire soon, booked the Grand for 2021, Dubai to Southampton. I don't need to "try" ships. I'm about the itinerary when I cruise now, these details are interesting but nothing is a deal breaker.
  7. April 2021 Dubai to Southampton 26 days, Suez Canal plus Med ports on the Grand Princess, itinerary looked interesting to me. I booked as only a few cabins left on Plaza deck, which is my favorite on "older" ships. I wasn't sure about the Grand but she has been updated, has Alfredo's so works for me!
  8. Yep, awesome idea for an inside cabin. Sailing single, I do insides. The web cam is my window! I leave the TV on web cam all night. I'm an early riser so when the TV screen gets lighter, time to think about getting up!
  9. I do both, purchase a water package plus bring a water bottle to fill from the tap. The package for water for my Oct. Norway cruise is still there, also my Baltic + TA for 2020. I just checked my 2021 cruise leaving from Dubai, water package available.
  10. Thanks for your review, awesome photos, great job! I'll be on the Sapphire in Oct. for the Northern Lights cruise. I'm really looking forward to it, I've been to Oslo but not up the coast. Your pictures make me even more enthused if that is possible!
  11. Like some have said, I'm always posting, layers, and more layers. I live in NE Wisc. and I never travel with my winter wear, and I'm not buying a puffer jacket, as I already have too much winter clothes.
  12. Enjoy your cruise, I sailed from BA to LA on the Emerald March 2018. It was an awesome cruise. Do your homework, choose what is best for you, no set yea or nay with B2B or a Grand Adventure. I recently cancelled 2 cruises because a combined voyage wasn't available when I booked. When they announced a combined cruise, the price, OBC was a better deal. I was able to book a sideways inside cabin, better location than what I had on the B2B''s. Sailing as a single, I really have to pay attention. This is where Cruise Critic came in because reading the posts about my Baltic cruise I found out a Grand Adventure was available.
  13. Looking forward to my Aug. 2020 Grand Adventure on the Sky! Baltic and transatlantic, should be awesome. I've done both cruises but want to see what the Sky is all about as I love the Regal and Royal.
  14. There is no need to be rude here because you disagree about tipping. I realize other countries look at it in a different manner but the OP was asking about Rubles. Some have to get snippy about tipping, which was not the original question. Lighten up, personally I get tired of people from various places complaining about the tipping when I'm traveling.
  15. I use liquid for my laundry, put in one of those 3 oz. travel bottles. I have issues with scents so Arm & Hammer Free for me, no extras (sheets, softener, whatever). I use the dryers but my clothes are basic cotton, washed many times already, I never take anything new on a cruise. My dressy clothes I wash when I get home. I go simple, silky slacks, sparkly tops for formal. My smart casual tops are gauze, silky, lightweight, I've had good luck sending them out, plus throw a few in the wash, too. I'm retired, don't have a strong attachment to anything I put in a suitcase! People do tend to stress over laundry, I don't anymore. It is just me, I know. I take long cruises usually, send some things out, for a 30 day cruise I will do one load myself. I pack for 15 days before I have to do wash.
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