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  1. susancruzs

    Emerald Princess vs. Island Princess

    I was on the Emerald for 30 days in March, absolutely love the ship. The International Cafe is a huge deal to me as I rarely go to the buffet area. Pretty much have something at the IC for breakfast and lunch. Sailing as a single, pretty much in an inside cabin, all those added cabins on Island don't do a thing for me. I do sail for itinerary but being retired, Princess switching their ships around, I don't think I would try the Island.
  2. susancruzs

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    After checking my Royal cruise for next week, I decided to check my late 2019 cruises, Norway (Sapphire) is 5:30 and a TA (Emerald) is now 5 p.m. and both have wait lists. My 2020 So. Pacific on the Ruby is 5 p.m.!
  3. susancruzs

    Free gratuities question

    I leave on the Royal 10/26, sent an email to my TA yesterday because the gratuities went from paid to not paid! She said, a glitch in their system, sent me something from hers, showing they were paid. Now I just checked this a.m., and shows paid 3 times. They definitely had issues.
  4. susancruzs

    Are jackets really required for men?

    I'm one of those in silky slacks, fancy top, black flats. I'm dressier than what I wear on a smart casual night but certainly not formal. I take long cruises, use a 26" suitcase and want to keep it simple. I'm not following it to the letter but overall what people wear not a huge concern to me. Reading CruisinMinnie's post, a few years back I got a heel of my shoe caught in a long skirt hem, nearly took a dive down the stairs. Fortunately 2 men were on the stairs ahead of me, saved my fall, since then slacks and flats. Years ago, (80's) I went the full route, shoes, purses, long dresses, traveled with 2 suitcases, been there done that, no more.
  5. susancruzs

    Excellent Hotel in Quebec City

    Another one I like is the Hotel du Vieux in the upper town. I'm staying there next week before my Royal cruise and have stayed there previously. They have a great common area with a fireplace, couches, games, like a living room, but on a bigger scale. I love their picnic basket continental breakfast they hang on a hook by your door.
  6. susancruzs

    Change in Traditional Dining Times?

    I checked mine for the Royal next week, it had said 6 p.m. dining confirmed but now it shows as 5:30 p.m., which is fine. On my Emerald So. Amer. cruise in March, it was 5:30 and one couple kept coming late, various times and the head waiter asked them if they would prefer ATD. They finally did any time but told me they prefer 6 p.m. and were trying to make a point. It was inconsiderate to the wait staff, the rest of us at the table.
  7. susancruzs

    Regal Mistake

    Interesting comments and everyone has their personal interests, tastes, preferences, what works for one, doesn't for another. I love both ships, going on the Royal again for 14 days next week. I went on the Regal 2016 for 25 days wasn't sure if I would like a big ship but it was fine, a transatlantic plus Baltic cruise. Last year I was on the Royal from Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale. Sailing alone I wasn't sure if I would find people to talk to, maybe do a tour with but worked out fine. I was at a large table for my Regal cruise and several times I did things off the ship with table mates. I like to read, do crossword puzzles, needlework, and I can find a place that is quiet if I want, no problem. I don't mind the activity in the piazza area, traveling alone I like signs of life, enjoy the music from classes they have. I'm not young, 70s but the music is fun, lively and anytime I've been on board it isn't hour after hour. There are times the piazza has no activities. The buffet area isn't important to me, not on any ship. I was on the Emerald for 30 days in March, went to the buffet a few times for fruit. I eat my breakfast and lunch at the IC. I do traditional dining so I'm certainly not going to the buffet for dinner. I do love Alfredo's though, missed it on Emerald. I've been cruising since 1982 and do love a promenade deck, but it isn't a deal breaker, I can live without it. I found the couches and chairs on Deck 7 on the Regal and Royal, empty a great deal of the time. I'm pretty much on a cruise to see places I haven't been. I don't cruise to the Caribbean so the places on my list to see, I'm not choosing ship first. I will admit I'm glad I was on the Emerald for So. America because I did make use of the promenade every day. I would not do that itinerary on the Royal class ships. Reading Pam's post, I'm adding another reason I love to cruise is the availability of veal and lamb dishes. Growing up veal and lamb were common in our house but I know many people who have never had either.
  8. susancruzs

    # days to your next Princess cruise

    Nine more until Royal Princess, 14 days, Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale, leave the 24th for 2 nights in Quebec!
  9. susancruzs

    Acadia after Island Explorer Stops Running

    Checking their website, they operate through Columbus Day which is Oct. 8th.
  10. susancruzs

    Confused about the new Coffee Cards

    Eaglecw, great idea and I intend to gift a card or two on my upcoming 14 day cruise. I have a few, some totally new and after this cruise, won't cruise again until Oct. 2019. As long as I can get my a.m. cappuccino I'm good!
  11. susancruzs

    Boarding pass question

    I never worry about boarding, longer cruises with many preferred or priority, sometimes regular lines are better. Some 30+ cruises, what is the rush? My NE cruise, ship overnights in Quebec, probably won't board until after 1 or 2 p.m., not like they'll leave me behind! :)
  12. susancruzs

    Will Princess Ever Do Single Rooms

    I would say they probably won't but never say never. Years ago on the Island and Pacific Princess there were single cabins but they were higher than the other per person rate. It wasn't 200% but 150%. I remember I cruised on the NCL Southward (similar to those 2) and their single cabins had no surcharge.
  13. susancruzs

    Coral Princess vs Royal Princess

    This is one major complaint about the Royal, no wrap around promenade, and forward viewing areas, nope!
  14. susancruzs

    Guaranteed vs Picking Your Cabin

    I sail solo, get a better price through my TA than Princess, want a certain area of the ship. On some ships I want Plaza Deck (those cabins go fast), Royal class I want Emerald Deck. My cruises for late 2019 and 2020, slim picking already in those areas. I'm glad I booked early, would not be happy with GTY cabin. I do not like aft cabins, rarely use the buffet, no point being up high as I spend most of my time on 5, 6 and 7. I rarely use elevators, location is important. I like coming back from ports, use the stairs, avoid the crowds.
  15. susancruzs

    Priceing for cruises

    I have people ask me frequently, as I sail as a single, take long cruises, people are naturally curious, I guess. I answer sometimes depending on the situation, overall vibe of the conversation. Some people seem genuinely shocked at what I pay although it is no secret, singles pay double. I can understand why some people don't answer, they may be part of a travel agency perk, airline employee perk, and it is nobody's business but that persons. There is no need to be rude answering or not, or overly inquisitive if you are the one asking. Thrak has it right, good advice. I don't ask, I don't want to know because of what I'm paying, and I also know about deep discounts for travel industry employees.