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  1. I love my Sketcher sandals, they have a sole like a gym shoe but the canvas has cut outs, which is great. They have more support than some leather sandals. As others have said, name brand isn't important, it is about support and a thick sole.
  2. I bank at a small regional bank and have had no issues getting Euros or Pound ahead of time. They carry Euros, have to order Pounds for me. My debit card through them has worked everywhere. I only get the Pound or Euros even on a Baltic cruise, I never try to have every country as I find those two currencies are fine.
  3. One more vote for these cabins, love them. The Royal does have the large TV. As with all cabins, you will find pros and cons. I sail alone so the con issues aren't a concern. The desk area and closet areas are bigger than a regular inside and to me, a better option for two people.
  4. I have never used Princess internet by going to Princess At Sea. Setting up 1st time has never taken more than a few minutes, and I'm never close to the States on my cruises. Unless there is something brand new I was on the Emerald for 30 days (So. America) last year, also Royal for 15 days (Canada), no problems at all. I follow the Packers, constantly check all the sports sites no matter what time of year I'm cruising, never have an issue. I also answer questions at another site, fill in for one of the mods at times, I've done this from the ship when they are short handed and need me.
  5. Good outlook, Rabbit. I've never had an issue asking if I can set my carry on in the cabin, out of the way, no one has ever said no. I don't look at it as a big deal, if you have to wait, relax, have lunch, a drink, I'm on a cruise what is not to like???
  6. I've been off and on Princess all day, booking a Baltic plus Transatlantic for 2020 on the new Sky, haven't had any issues. However, my travel agent has had problems today. I haven't seen anything new, been on the website at least 8 times, looks the same as always to me. I had the drop down menus come up.
  7. I've been doing my homework, read about some of the rooms. Traveling alone, cost reasons taking inside cabins on cruises, I travel with little tea lights, place them around the room so I'm not bumping into corners of dressers whatever. I take a mini flashlight with me, turn it on if I get up at night. I'm prepared, won't explain all the strange rooms I've stayed!
  8. Thanks, I'm a certified bar fly as they say! My friend and I (her husband not so much) tend to order appetizers, drinks eat at the bar! I will definitely check out the Red Lion!
  9. John, thank you for all your posts, help and tips, much appreciated. Through these posts I've learned about National Express, which I'll use again to get to Southampton. I'm going to try one or two of these restaurants in Oct. as I'll be in Southampton for 3 nights. Not my 1st visit, staying on High St. instead of Premier. I enjoy older buildings, architecture get tired of new and shiny, o.k. for 1 night. Staying at the Mercure Dolphin, which is exciting to me. I do this in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, other places, rarely stay at chain hotels. Thanks again!
  10. Plan for layers, avoid over packing for warm, or cold. I did a TA plus Baltic April into May, St. Petersburg had above normal temps. People were prepared for cold, layers are best. Weather can go either way, as previous posters suggest. Oslo was damp, rainy, windy, I pack a poncho, umbrellas were not much help. I like this website has a weather section, you can put in your cities, I use it all the time. https://www.timeanddate.com/
  11. I'm fussy about location, love being on Plaza Deck close to the IC. On the Royal class, I like Emerald Deck. I don't want to be on a higher deck as I'm usually on the lower decks. I rarely ever go to the buffet, not my thing. Sailing single, I take inside cabins, certain location, definitely no changes. I did get an upgrade on a Royal transatlantic when I got to the pier, Emerald deck balcony cabin, instead of inside, same area. It was great, my TA was surprised, me, too!
  12. I've used National Express Bus, worked out fine. I was staying over a night or two in Southampton, then take a cab from the bus station. There are cabs going by the station frequently. I will be using them again in Oct. for a cruise I'm doing. Some people have recommended Smith's car service, I haven't used them.
  13. I booked the Fall Sky Transatlantic 2020. With 3 cruises booked (Norway, NZ, Figi) no more FCD available. I was glad the Fall 2020 cruises were listed! Woohoo!
  14. 1986 on the 1st Royal Princess, awesome Big Band cruise with Les Brown & band. My first cruise was in 1982 with NCL on the Southward.
  15. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind. I don't need Princess to change their ships, I like them just as they are. Refurbishing upholstery, carpets, cabins, etc., is fine but no gimmicks, glitz and glamour for me. Everyone is different, I was on the Emerald for 30 days last year, and my table mates thought the Emerald was run down, didn't look good, I thought it was fine. Read some reviews of the cruise, some read like she was ready to be retired, seriously? I cruise Princess because I like the way their ships are, if I didn't there are many, many choices out there.
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