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  1. I should clarify my post, when I said Royal, I meant RCI, the cruise line. We had to wait until after 1 p.m. and everywhere I looked, could not find a place to sit. I've never inconvenienced a room steward by putting my bag in a corner of the closet.
  2. I've always done it, never had an issue, when cabin isn't ready (usually they are). I find the waiting until all cabins are done (Royal, for instance) to be a somewhat annoying way to start a cruise.
  3. Couldn't edit my post. Looked at deck plans and pics, Plaza Deck cabins, pretty much as I remember. Insides have night stands on each side of the bed and cabins don't seem any smaller. Info is from cruisedeckplans.com. The cabin # mentioned isn't an inside cabin on Emerald, it is an outside, for whatever reason has one nightstand. My point being I've stayed in the last group of cabins before the piazza (Sapphire and Emerald), not had a problem. I don't want to steer someone wrong, I love Plaza deck.
  4. Thrak, I think you mean under Fiesta on Plaza Deck. I was on the Emerald 30 days, So. Amer. cruise and it was fine. I'm talking last group of cabins along side the art gallery, not behind or more forward. Plaza will be noisy further forward, no doubt, been there and I don't think it is too bad. However, I am a very early riser, all the preparation for port doesn't bother me.
  5. I was on Plaza (Sapphire cruise Nov. 2019), did not hear anything from the casino. I regularly stay on Plaza deck, usually under the casino, near the Art Gallery. Royal class I'm on Emerald deck, other ships pretty much Plaza.
  6. I didn't realize Discovery will be delayed. List is missing the Royal, a newer ship and article isn't clear at all on which ships. At this point, just a guess and what happens might be a total surprise.
  7. Your list doesn't have the Discovery (new) or the Royal on it. Will it be 75% across all lines or will age of ship, popularity play into decisions?
  8. I've never minded my inside cabins, been in one for 25 days, too! However, this pandemic has me thinking I wouldn't want to be confined to an inside cabin. My choice to be inside for a long cruise is one thing, but being told to stay in my cabin, another story!
  9. I live in NE Wisconsin, don't care about cold and gloomy, premium money doesn't matter if I get the balcony cabin I want! 🙂 I booked my TA cruise months ago and to book it now would be thousands more. I'm happy and everyone has their thoughts, priorities for cabins, always interesting reading!
  10. Congrats on a balcony cabin, sailing single, totally relate to insides. I'm at the age where I'm spending more for an outside or a balcony. Thirty some cruises, maybe 10 with a balcony or window. I do like Royal class for obstr. view balconies, good deal compared to inside. I have starboard 9/22 Enchanted TA, don't care about POSH, care about having the couch for 26 days! 🙂
  11. Wow! Creative bunch of people here! Steeler, love yours, but I must say, "Go Pack Go"! 😄 I'm still thinking about my lack of a smart phone, don't cruise until April so I have time but would like to have something creative for my coastal cruises!
  12. As others have said, weather is unpredictable. I've got TA cruises scheduled, really like them, sea days are great. I've crossed both directions with the ss Norway, those were my best transatlantic cruises. I like flying overseas and cruising back best but my Regal cruise to Copenhagen wasn't bad. I think I've done six (maybe 5). I've crossed both directions, northern route, southern route, some good weather, others not so much. No guarantees the southern cruise will be smoother, I've had rough seas both routes.
  13. I'm following along on this thread, in the same "boat" as Davidsnana. My cruise(s) are in April 2022, have an older flip phone from Trac. I use my laptop quite well but haven't felt a need to get a different phone. I'm in my 70's, retired, rarely use my cell phone. Single, no kids, small family, 2 sisters, no need to be on the phone, yes, I do use Facebook. I will check into the Iphone SE.
  14. Wisconsin doesn't charge for Real ID if it is done at the time of renewal. I've always had a passport but decided to get it when I renewed. Figured why not? Showed my passport, my old license, took an eye test, boom, done. I was in the DMV, 5 minutes, tops.
  15. I'm looking forward to my April cruise with Plus Package. I do a specialty coffee (or 2) in the a.m., wine with my lunch in the IC and wine at dinner. I usually go by the glass in the dining room instead of a bottle. I like to change, Merlot, Malbec, Chardonnay, and I do white wines, too sometimes. I also like to have an apple mint ice tea (or other tea) with cookies in the afternoon, and I have more people ask what I'm drinking! Plus sounds like a great plan for me. Instead of exchanging my mini bar for coffee package, I'll ask for water for the cabin, this is a win win situ
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