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  1. Im looking into 3rd party trip insurance purchased directly from Allianz to determine if it would pay out if I book a 3/2021 cruise now with FCC and NCL goes out of business. The big question is if it is covered since they payment was made before the policy went into effect, you are buying the trip in question with FCC. What has me concerned in the policy below is "policy purchased within 14 days of the trips first payment" since my next trip will be made with FCC from my canceled last trip. So the credit card charges were well before the policy was purchased. Their Pol
  2. They are cashflow strapped, they probably need the 90 days to organize more credit. They already took out a loan this week. Cruise companies work like ponzi schemes. The money you pay in this month for your cruise in 60 days pays for operational costs right now. Without all that cash flow coming in from people at 60 days final payment they are hurting for cash to operate.
  3. From the link at the beginning of this thread to the press release. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/03/13/2000512/0/en/Norwegian-Cruise-Line-Holdings-Ltd-Announces-Voluntary-Suspension-of-Voyages.html
  4. So with NCL saying they have 90 days to post back to card do you think that it is a possible to execute a charge back with amex? 90 days is a long time, what happens if they declare bankruptcy before they credit cards back?
  5. I'm hearing that Pride of America in Hawaii and Star from south america to Orland departures this weekend are canceled. Not sure if this is the start of a mass shutdown, or being forced on specific cruises by local ports.
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