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  1. Thank you so much for the info !!!!
  2. This might be a silly question but does anyone know what the menu is for a 5 day cruise ? going on the Valor Oct 12th and I was just wondering which night to make a reservation at the steakhouse and skip the MDR, usually there is one night that I'm not wild about the choice of food on the menu.
  3. going on the Valor in 36 days... have been on her 4 times already.. but not since they had the Sea Food Shack. did you try that out ? just wondering how it was.
  4. I do the same thing with the gift cards from Kroger... 4 X the gas points, I usually go a few days into the cruise to add the gift card to my S&S account... I usually only have a very small amount actually going to my credit card that's attached to my account....
  5. we always check when we get on the ship to see where we are sitting, we also like a table for 2 so if it's not a 2 person table we have the Matrid d change it if possible.. after 18 cruises we have never been turned down for the change.
  6. Don't overpack... I learned that after the 1st cruise....
  7. I attach a credit card to my S&S account, and then when on board I apply a Carnival gift card I had purchased and when the amount on the gift card is used up then my credit card will kick in.... that way my gift card amount is pretty much my budget..
  8. I think you have to wait till on board,,, I put mine in my pocket and when I see the desk empty I go and have add it to my account.
  9. We did that in San Juan a couple of times.. no problem.
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