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  1. cruiserbarb

    My Idea to RCI....and it's Free!

    They are perfect for gowns since they are made of some type of felt so that straps don't slide.
  2. Just returned from 9 day Explorer trip with 3 adults in our cabin. To save room, I brought along my own "huggable hangers" for my clothes. Gosh, did it save a lot of closet space! My suggestion is that RCI do away with all those bulky wooden hangers and make a deal with a manufacturer of these hangers. I would bet a great deal could be made in exchange for a small advertisement somewhere like "cabin hangers supplied by......." Just my thought...
  3. cruiserbarb

    Adventure Ocean

    Thanks for the quick reply. That fully explains it since the kids did go after 10pm several times last year. Oh, well, the price for parents having a good time, I guess. I think I'll slip her a few bucks to defray costs.
  4. cruiserbarb

    Adventure Ocean

    Leaving Thursday on Explorer (Yippee!). My neice made the comment over the weekend that she wasn't going to have the kids in Adventure Ocean this year because "it got a little pricy last year". I always thought that it was free. Am I wrong? Maybe they charge only after midnight. Can someone clear this up for me. Thx.
  5. cruiserbarb

    $50 "thank you" certificate!

    Is there anything on the coupon that says "new booking only". I ask because we plan on booking a cruise in the next few days. Our last cruise was in August so I won't get my coupon (if I do) for a few months.
  6. cruiserbarb

    How do I redeem my points?

    Check your statement to see if your Wine & Dine said RCCL or Celebrity. I recently purchased shore excursions and didn't receive double credit for that reason. I've read on these boards that they haven't quite perfected cross referencing with with Celebrity yet, but if you call, they will give it to you. I never bothered, maybe that's what they are counting on.
  7. My group of 12 are trying to plan a cruise for the summer of 2008. Since a couple in our group are teachers we are committed to the summer. We like the Carribean, but are getting tired of the same ports (St. Thomas, St. Martin, Cozumel, Grand Cayman). Ideally, we would like to drive to our departure point, Baltimore, Norfolk or Bayonne and would like a 7 to 12 day cruise or maybe two 5 days b2b. I'm having a hard time finding something to fit with at least one new port. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Did this tour at about this time last week! It was great. There are about 7-8 lines and one short one is actually vertical and the last one is the longest. There was an older woman on our tour who the guides were a little concerned about, but she did great. Well worth the $92.
  9. cruiserbarb

    Mexico Sailings

    My niece and her children from the west coast joined us for our recent Mariner cruise. We have now turned her on to cruising BIG TIME! Unfortunately, on her way home she had a terrible experience with TSA in Houston and wants our next cruise to be out of LA. I currently see that the only ship out of LA is the Vision of the Seas and the Mariner is rumored to move, but I don't know when. Can someone give me some info on the Vision class ships compared to the Voyager class. I really like the bigger ship and I'll miss the Promanade so I need a lot of convincing.
  10. cruiserbarb

    Adventure Ocean

    TO: LADY GAMECOCK: You mentioned a sitting service for $10/hr payable in cash. Where do you go to arrange that?
  11. cruiserbarb

    Kids Program

    We've had many cruises with RCI, but always "all adult" so I've never paid much attention to the children's program. This August our neice and her 2 girls will be with us, ages 4 and 7 on the Mariner of the Seas. I know the kids will be very interested as they are very outgoing children who like to participate in activities. Could someone provide some quick details that I can fill her in on. I'm looking for info on the ages of each group, hours of operation, types of things they do, the paging system in the event a parent is needed, tipping, etc. I tried to find something specific to print out on the RCI website, but was unsuccessful. Second question, my neice is bringing the kids this trip, but not hubby. I know when she travels to Mexico or Canada without him, she needs permission papers. Does she need them on a cruise too?