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  1. i “get it,” we all do, we all don’t, however, all agree. It is terrific that you traveled and didn’t get sick - yeah you - but your experience is merely anecdotal, not data based.
  2. actually, Southwest is now selling all seats.
  3. actually, that’s not accurate information. You are quite unlikely to get COVID from touching surfaces and being in the grocery store as long as you and others are masked. That’s been established for some time.
  4. I agree. Just because someone feels safe going out to restaurants, there is no reason to insult the rest of us, Terrydx, if we don’t. You have zero reason to question our choices or to slam us by intimating we are living in basements. Sheesh, dude, this is a cruising site, not a political one.
  5. Viking announced last night that it is suspending all river and ocean cruises until May 1 and this morning Princess announced it was suspending all operations for 60 days. I suspect other lines will follow.
  6. Viking: ... Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend operations of our river and ocean vessels embarking from March 12 to April 30, 2020 – at which time we believe Viking will be in a better place to provide the experiences our guests expect and deserve. This is a decision we made with a heavy heart, but with present circumstances what they are, we are unable to deliver the high-quality Viking experience for which we are known. For those guests whose cruise falls within this window of suspended operations, we are offering the choice of a Future Cruis
  7. I would call it prudent, and responsible. But you be you.
  8. Viking just announced they are suspending both river and ocean cruises until May 1. The first of many, I suspect. Kudos to them in this time of pandemic virus.
  9. I don’t mean to sound like $50 pp doesn’t matter, but is it worth it to spend a lot of time and effort to save $100 (assuming there are 2 of you in your party)? We go for it to save money or upgrade, but I wouldn’t spend hours just to save $50 pp. maybe that’s just me.
  10. We like the overhang on these M class Aqua cabins for the shade it provides. And Blu makes it worth - for us - to hear a bit of noise in the morning or at night.
  11. Another vote for ReliefBand. Works great. (Hi, Kathleen!)
  12. The only way Celebrity pricing makes sense any more is to sail in non-peak times, which many of us cannot. We prefer Aqua class, for Blu, but it was outrageous when we booked for March 2020, so we took a Veranda cabin. This cruise will make us Elite+ but I think we will start straying from Celebrity. For a special event in 2021, we wanted Aqua or a suite, but the prices were so incredibly crazy even a year ago that we booked a Regent cruise instead. For only $500 pp more, which includes specialty dining, drinks (including the minibar), gratuities, shore excursions, and internet. And
  13. our TA waited online with us for Celebrity for 2 1/2 hours on Saturday as we wanted to take advantage of the 4 perks offer to upgrade our March cruise before final payment next month. She stayed online waiting for Celebrity even after we had to drop off. She secured our upgrade. And we received over $600 OBC from her as well. That’s why we use TAs.
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