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  1. We were booked on the same cruise. Lifted and shifted to the Spectrum for Christmas 2021 9 day. Just made Emerald after our last cruise. With double points and booking on a suite we will hit diamond in one cruise. Crazy. Hopefully won’t be cancelled.
  2. I think we are wasting our time here. What some are saying defies all sense of logic. But because I'm a glutton for punishment, here goes. First of all, when you measure how deadly a virus is by using the "death rate" you are essentially asking, "What are my chances of dying if I get this virus?" Using the deaths per capita as a measure of "death rate" for this very purpose is stupid logic. When you calculate deaths per capita, you are including everyone, even those that didn't get the virus. Deaths per capita is not only a measure of how deadly this virus is but also how wel
  3. The thing we all have in common is our passion for cruising. I should be packing right now for our flight to Venice and eventually hop on the Edge in Rome for a Greek Isles cruise. Discouraging to say the least that a cruise out of Norway, a country that seemed to have things under control would have so many positive cases. Hoping for some better news from the cruises out of Germany. Emphasizes the challenges that the cruise ship industry faces in attempting to provide a safe environment to its crew and passengers.
  4. Protesting in large groups out in the open outdoors with room to roam and walk is very much different than a large group confined to a ship with indoor spaces. Besides, we've seen what happens when we try and stop these protests. On the other hand, I don't see large mobs gathering to demand to board a cruise ship.
  5. Stop spewing this crap. Sweden ranks 8th in the world in deaths per capita. Compared to its other Scandinavian neighbors, they have more than 5 times the deaths per capita. They are not back to normal. In fact very few countries are back to normal. Lockdowns were never meant to be long term. They were meant to get infection rates down to a manageable level and not have our medical systems overrun. Countries that have done this have been able to open up their economies but not to normal levels. Sweden didn’t lock down completely but they did take some measures. It still cost them many
  6. Thanks for the info. Shows again that we can have all the rules in place but they are useless if not followed.
  7. So basically the crew were allowed to work and mingle together without waiting the 14 day incubation period.
  8. Are the crews not quarantining for 14 days before they start working? Our berry pickers from overseas have to quarantine for 14 days in a secure facility before they are allowed to work.
  9. Right before the pandemic was declared, a couple of people went to all the costco's in our area and bought up all the pallets of lysol wipes for resale on Amazon and Craigslist. They were selling each 6 pack for 80 bucks. Pretty despicable. Now Costco has a limit but everytime a pallet is put out, everyone buys one whether they need it or not. Unless I'm there when they put a pallet out, I am SOL. The local news went to one of the guy's house to interview him and he was unapologetic about it saying because of Covid he needs to feed his family. The interview was conducted in front of his
  10. I have no problem finding Hand Sanitizers (Some of our craft breweries here are even making them) or sprays or bottles of Alcohol (the medical kind) but Lysol wipes are like unicorns. So I've resorted to making my own out of Baby Wipes and Alcohol. 1 cup of 70% alcohol to one package of Baby wipes. I actually prefer them over lysol wipes in that they don't have a strong smell to them and because baby wipes have moisturizers, my hands don't get too dry.
  11. I can honestly say that the oasis class of ships is my favorite. Been on the Allure twice and loved it. Also been on the Oasis and Harmony. Every cruise we felt like we didn't have enough time on the ship. My favorite room was the Central Park view window. Quiet, and when you look through your window, the view is quite relaxing and serene. Plenty of things to do for the Kids and for the Adults. Some prefer the smaller Classic ships and I can understand that but for us its mega ship all the way. Also, I usually get the replenish drink package (I'm not really an alcohol drinker) on an Oa
  12. In addition to what you mentioned above, Mask use was not promoted because there was a misconception that they were used primarily to protect yourself when they were really for protecting others. Our health authority was worried that early promotion of mask use would lead to the population neglecting to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing both of which were considered more important.
  13. masks in restaurants should not be required if proper social distancing measures are put in place. Staff though are normally required to wear masks. Restaurants here are running at less than full capacity. Tables are spaced 6 feet apart and limited to no more tha 6 per table. Restaurants that are unable to do this have not been able to open.
  14. You seem to want to make this more complicated than it should be. I have never seen anyone where I live have problems with wearing a mask properly. None of our infections here have been linked to improperly worn masks Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Do whatever you want. You want a full lockdown?
  15. Reasons why countries including the US should not be adopting a Herd Immunity Strategy:
  16. The problem with these stats is that they don't tell you the whole story. The 6% for the US is highly skewed by the 1% for New York and NJ which represents a large proportion of the population in the US. If every state had a 6% positive test result then yes it would not be so bad. But because there is a large disparity in how certain States are doing, it makes things difficult in both opening the economy up nationally and the strain that the health care systems in those states that are not doing so well is dealing with.
  17. Great post. Its all about minimizing the risks
  18. So again you are saying that masks are not effective because people aren't wearing them properly? Because all the experts and scientific research say that they are effective in stopping your spray of virus infected droplets if they were used properly. So these same people can probably use a computer, operate most basic household appliances, and be able to drive a car yet you are saying they cannot figure out that the two loops that masks come with go around your ears? and that the rest of the mask should cover your nose and mouth? Are they dumb? or are they just refusing to wear
  19. I can imagine the logistics involved with having to keep people safe.
  20. You are looking at this from the point of view of your county. You can't close off your county. People from other counties or other states are free to come and go as they please. So saying you will only have a chance to encounter the "2" is not correct. Listen I don't necessarily disagree with what you are saying. Masks are only an additional tool and are useless if people aren't using them properly. We never had mandated mask use for the public. People just chose to wear them for extra protection. Those that found them uncomfortable didn't wear them. We were given instruct
  21. I don't think anyone here "likes" wearing a mask. Heck if I didn't have to wear underwear (for hygiene) I wouldn't🙂. My parents are staying at home for the most part. They don't go out too much anyways and are happy to limit their travels. When I visit them, I wear a mask (I don't stay long). Why? well my dad's in his 80's, has hypertension and is diabetic. In the slim chance that I may be carrying this virus, I don't want to be the one that gives this to him. Even if the chances are slim, If he gets the virus from me, I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.
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