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  1. Does she offer island tours? -- Yes Does she speak English? -- Yes What kind of vehicle is it? -- I believe a Toyota Camry
  2. What type of information are you seeking?
  3. If you are planning to head to the beach or need a independent tour guide during your stop in Antigua, consider pre-arranging your taxi with Sharon (1-268-724-2283). Very reasonably priced for our trip to Jolly Beach. Plus she is a music/vocal teacher and blessed us with a couple of songs during our trips to and from the beach. You will be helping out a single mom attempting to make ends meet. We've had lots of taxi drivers, but none impressed us as much as Sharon.
  4. Aplmac --- Short answer, Yes. I don't want to come across as rude, but I agree with reedprincess, " only you know your risk tolerance ". And as worried and concerned as you seem to be, you probably should not cruise or fly or go out in public until this epidemic is over.
  5. ddaz

    Driver Needed

    Thanks Port Royal --- We appreciate all of your posts here on the cruise critic boards! We will check with Chris. He is exactly what we were looking to hire for our time in Grenada.
  6. ddaz

    Driver Needed

    Howdy Fellow Cruisers, Due to outside issues our preplanned driver for Grenada has fallen through. Does anyone have any last minute recommendations for a driver? We will be needing a ride down to Calliste to visit a special location for approximately an hour before heading back north to see a couple of sites. Your recommendations are appreciated. Thanks ddaz GBY
  7. Howdy alfaeric, Thanks for the heads-up on the road conditions. Yup, we are heading up towards Adjuntas on 10. As for the warm weather clearing up the snow, with a high of only 23 degrees, I don't think that will happen. Have a safe flight back home!
  8. Howdy alfaeric, Glad things are well at your MIL's place. Thanks for the update on Ponce. How is Hwy 52 from the port to the airport? Our plan is to take a taxi to the airport to pick up a rental car and drive out Hwy 10. Thanks ddaz PS: You missed 4 to 7 inches of very wet and heavy snow, followed by misty rain today. ❄️❄️❄️
  9. Howdy Clochette, How much more was the private tour for four(4) versus their standard tour? Thanks ddaz
  10. Howdy Alfaeric, How is driving in the Ponce area? We are renting a car and driving up into the mountains to visit a coffee plantation. We don't think it will be an issue, but just wondering what you thought? In addition, have you heard anything about the Ponce area and the earthquakes? We visit there in a little more than a month and I am hoping that we don't get re-routed away from Ponce. That was one of the most friendliest ports of call. Thanks ddaz
  11. Howdy, We just hiked out to the Notre Dame du Saguenay statue. It was very difficult with all of the steps and climbing, but well worth it. The trail is easy to follow. The staff at the visitor centre were excellent and very helpful. Most of the signs were in both French and English. I would recommend this hike to anyone fit enough to continuously climb about 1200 steps (with breaks to catch your breath). The views are amazing. Hope this reply helps. ddaz GBY
  12. Thanks for the link and recommendation to check for previous topics. The link was helpful --- We are going to try the hike out to the Statue of Notre Dame du Saguenay from the Visitor Centre.
  13. Howdy, Part of the reason we are looking for cruise critic assistance on Saguenay Fjord National park is this review comment for this park: The park has a Beluga visitors centre. Don’t expect any English here. With the number of English visitors we saw there was no attempt to accommodate them which was disappointing.All French, no English, same on the trails so polish up on your French before you go (or look at the pictures and guess). Looking for any recommendation on where to go and what to see during our time in Saguenay. Thanks ddaz GBY
  14. Howdy, We are renting a car during our stop in Saguenay and planning to drive up to Saguenay Fjords National Park. Rather than head initially to the visitors center to obtain maps and advice on what to see, I was wondering if anyone has been to this park and what are the highlight attractions that we should plan to see? I've see a photo of a walking bridge that doesn't look like it is for the faint of heart, but still looking for details on it. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks ddaz GBY
  15. Howdy jmaedcruise, A couple of years ago, we used Budget on Water St. It was just a couple minute walk from the ship and super easy to find after getting off the ship. That would be my recommendation. Good Luck! ddaz GBY
  16. Howdy mets123, The Island Explorer buses leave from the Village Green. If you google maps the Bar Harbor area, you will see the Village Green about 3/10 of a mile up Main St from the port. The buses leave from the northwest corner of the Village Green and there will be a dispatcher in the area to answer any questions you may have with which bus to take to which locations; or when will a specific bus be departing. Hope that helps ddaz GBY
  17. Howdy Just a quick note, the Island Explorer Shuttle Bus does not go to the top of Cadillac Mountain. If you want to take a bus to the top of Cadillac Mountain then you are going to have to sign up for one of the independent/private tours, such as Oli's Trolley or similar. The free Island Explorer shuttles do not go to the top of Cadillac Mountain. The walk from the bus parking to the scenic Cadillac Mountain overlook is not very far. From the area just off the parking lot, you can see Frenchman Bay, the City of Bar Harbor and if you arrive by cruise ship, your cruise ship in the bay. The summit of Cadillac Mountain is not very well marked or indicated. I would have to guess that less than 5% of the visitors to Cadillac Mountain actually seek out the actual summit. If you take the trail out behind the gift shop maybe a 100 yards, you will see a geological survey marker indicating the summit of 1530 ft. Other than the marker, there is no view or reason to see the summit. Hope that helps ddaz GBY
  18. Howdy alfaeric, I don't know about the intent of the original poster, but we were looking to visit the coffee plantations up in the mountains during our port stop in Ponce. I did a search on available information and found this old post and thought that maybe the original poster would have some post cruise advice. As for your reply, you ask a couple of good questions, like which coffee plantation would we like to visit. We will have to do a little research and decide which plantation has the most to offer. If you have any advice on which plantation to visit, that would be appreciated. Based upon what I recall about researching the coffee plantations, it may be which plantations are offering tours during the time of our port stop. Once we have decided which plantation or plantations we would like to visit, then I can use your advice and decide what is the best option for renting a car. I didn't think about it, but the airport will probably give us the most flexibility on our rental options and appears to be about 12km from the port. Sometimes you just need someone to point out the obvious to make you see it. Your reply was extremely helpful. Thank for your reply and have a Blessed day! ddaz GBY
  19. Howdy CrusingFamily, Looking for information on Ponce and was wondering if you were able to rent a car in downtown Ponce and drive out to any of the coffee plantations? Looking to consider the same adventure during our stop in Ponce. Thanks ddaz GBY
  20. Howdy eglingirl, The park is too far to walk from the tender port. However, if you walk approximately 0.3 mile from the tender port up Main St. (it is an uphill walk) to the Village Green, you can catch any number of Island Explorer Bus routes into the park. I have attempted to post a link to these 10 bus routes, if not just copy and paste the link. This is how I would recommend that you see the park. ddaz GBY http://exploreacadia.com/routefinder.htm
  21. Thanks Jiffymom, We decided to rent a car. It will allow us to drive out to Land's End out at the end of Bailey's Island and a couple of other places which we like to visit during our time around Portland. Appreciate your assistance!
  22. Howdy Jiffymom, From where are you renting a car in Portland? We might want to do our own sightseeing tour. Thanks ddaz GBY
  23. Howdy KEN31VA, Which rental car company did you utilize? I am having troubles even locating a rental company. Thanks ddaz GBY
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