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  1. h_blond2

    Reading material

    I bring my Nook. Multiple books without taking up a lot of space.
  2. About 3 ish months before your cruise date. You should be able to get your actual date from the Carnival website.
  3. They were turning away people who were early last May when we were in NOLA. They were super strict...as they should be.
  4. You get to pick your check in time. Just show up at that time. Pretty simple.
  5. h_blond2

    Will Deck one be horrible?

    We have stayed on Deck 1 many times with no problems. You will be fine.
  6. h_blond2

    upper pullman

    You are going to put two people in a twin bed?
  7. h_blond2

    Public Bus

    Thank you for the replies!
  8. h_blond2

    Small world

    We usually meet someone from our area (the bootheel of Missouri) on every ship. The conversations usually start because one of us is wearing a school shirt.
  9. h_blond2

    Current Dream questions-TIA!

    If you have an 11:30 check in, don't plan on getting in the building any earlier than that. When we were in NOLA in May, they were checking boarding passes and turning away early people. We carry our luggage off the ship and we were off the Dream before 8:00.
  10. h_blond2

    Public Bus

    Are the public buses fairly easy to flag down (specifically from 7 Mile Beach) or do we need to be at a specific bus stop?
  11. Work keeps me pretty busy. Other than that, I spend a lot of time here and on Facebook cruising groups!
  12. h_blond2

    Dream...1/27/19...got the flu on board...HELP

    Why would (or should) Carnival reimburse you because you got the flu? It's not like they caused it. Carnival doesn't owe you anything. However, if you did have insurance, it may reimburse you for the medical bills.
  13. I got a stomach bug and experienced some pretty bad motion sickness on my first cruise and I got off the ship thinking that I would never go on another cruise. Well, that lasted all of a few days and we booked another one a few months later. Getting ready to go on #11 in May!
  14. h_blond2

    Safety in Cozumel

    I feel that Cozumel is super safe and we have never had any trouble with any cab drivers, or renting a car for the day and exploring the island on our own. That being said, just be aware of your surroundings, just like you should be no matter where you are.
  15. h_blond2

    Convincing people to cruise

    I don't try to convince anyone that cruising is for them. However, I do tell them about my experiences and offer any help I can provide if they choose to book a cruise. For some people, cruising has no appeal and that's totally fine.