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  1. and also into 2022. It's a new 7-day choice, before the announcement was made saying no 10 & 11 day cruises until Nov 1st. I booked the April 2, 2022 7-night southern, to sandwich between a couple longer cruises in December 2021 and December 2022. Sue/WDW1972
  2. On June 1 something changed with the gift card site. I'd bought gift cards in late May and each time when I'd add a gift card to my cart it would automatically add the bonus card. On June 1 that didn't happen, so I backed out. On June 2 same thing. Finally when it still happened on June 3 I called and ordered it over the phone - doing it that way the bonus card is delayed a couple days since it has to be keyed in manually by another department. It arrived last night or this morning (6/5). When I checked the site today, and pretended to order a gift card, the bonus card pops up automatica
  3. I also learned from HAL (phone) yesterday, when calling on an unrelated issue, that my refund of 3/28/20 Nieuw Amsterdam port fees/taxes refund had been processed 5/29. It hasn't shown up on my credit card yet, but based on what other people here are reporting, I may see it tomorrow...or 6/5. For the canceled cruise I took the Future Cruise Credit, which arrived on 5/7. The cruise was canceled when everything shut down in mid-March. Sue/WDW1972
  4. Lois - glad you're on the mend, and the hospitalization is in the past. We just never know when something significant may crop up and derail our immediate plans. Roz - I agree 100%. I'm only 61 (young in HAL terms, lol) but I'm also a bit of an oddity. I'm healthy as a horse, have a great immune system that keeps me from catching colds/flu, but I'm also a 3-time breast cancer survivor. I joke that it has to be cancer to be worth getting sick for 😉 I assume I'll live to 100, but don't know that for a fact, and I'm not willing to squander any of the time I have left cowering in
  5. I plan to do the same - buy the $1,000 gift cards and then use them and the "free" promo cards to fully pay off a March 2021 11-day Zuiderdam sailing. Between the 10% fare discount, the extra $250 obc and the value of the promo cards, it's a savings of approx $1,300. Did you buy the physical cards or digital? I've only ordered 1 so far and did the physical, but with making payment through my TA I don't see any reason to have gotten a physical card. I'd just be emailing her the number! Sue/WDW1972
  6. I still work, so I cruise almost solely to the Caribbean (don't need travel days to get to/from the port), and cruise primarily for the ship/life onboard. I could care less which ports we stop at. That said, what I love most about staying onboard in a port is having most of the other people GO....get off "my" ship. I'd never consider a cruise shorter than 7 days, and 7 sea days in a row with everyone onboard isn't as appealing to me - too many people around constantly. Of course, with the Retreat cabanas, that helps mitigate the crowded feeling! Sue/WDW1972
  7. Children are allowed, but it's very rare to see a child in the Retreat. It's a calm, quiet, adult environment, with NOTHING for kids to do. I've had Retreat cabanas many times, on several ships and only once was there a child - a very well behaved boy around 10-12 years old who would come up and read a book once in a while. I assume the rest of the time he was off having fun, either with Club HAL or down at the Lido pool. A young child, such as a toddler, or multiple kids would ruin the experience for me - there's a time & place for them, and the Retreat just isn't the time or place.
  8. I also received notification tonight of my FCC & $250 obc from my 3/28 cruise canceled around 3/14. The FCC was exactly to the penny what I had calculated. Haven't seen the refund of port fees/taxes yet. Sue/WDW1972
  9. It's on the base cruise rate, which does not include taxes and port fees. I'm still waiting on mine, but calculated the 125% on just the fare. It's possible the deposit may not be included, if the deposit is refunded but I'm not expecting my deposit to be refunded (just the port fees/taxes). Which cruise line? Sue/WDW1972
  10. We made a change in March 2021 - instead of the 3/21/21 Nieuw Statendam we'll be doing the 3/17/21 11-day Panama Canal Sunfarer on Zuiderdam. It cuts the wait down by 4 days ;-) Sue/WDW1972
  11. I thought it was always 75 days. What's the source for 60 vs 90? Sue/WDW1972
  12. That's a different package. This one only has 2 restaurants and is part of the Have it All promo. Sue/WDW1972
  13. It's most likely not sold out, especially since we just canceled 3 staterooms on this cruise over the past weekend ;-) I'd noticed it had disappeared over a month ago, and eventually by clicking on the Feb 28th sailing could see 3/21 listed as sold out in every category - which clearly wouldn't be true. With all the stuff going on for HAL to deal with now, I didn't expect any information anytime soon, so under the new promotion (Have it All) our group agreed to change our bookings for the 3/17 11-day Zuiderdam instead. It ended up being pretty much the same cost, but more perks, and 11 days
  14. I'm down to my final 3 - 1 milk, 2 dark. Today I would have disembarked from the Nieuw Amsterdam, and the next HAL cruise isn't until December. I'm sure the chocolates won't last until then 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  15. I've sailed Koningsdam a few times, and would rather look straight down at someone's verandah vs the top of a tender/lifeboat. But, that's just me. I like deck 7 better than deck 5, but given the 2 staterooms you mentioned I'd probably go with the one on deck 5 in order to not be seeing lifeboats. Sue/WDW1972
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