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  1. I don't normally go out to buy new cruise clothes, but with the pandemic it's been a long stretch since my last cruise (Nov/Dec 2019 - the March 2020 was canceled when cruise lines shut down) so I did buy a couple things I also wear to work, plus one that's not work-appropriate. I carry my luggage onto the ship, so that means a large carry-on bag plus a Vera Bradley duffel - doesn't matter if it's a 7 night cruise or 11 nights. Thankfully I'm petite & slim so my clothes don't take up much space. For my upcoming 11-night cruise I will bring my 2 new dresses (black/wht strip slim fitting pencil dress and all black with a non-pencil shape) and they will cover 5 nights on the ship. Each will be worn without anything else, then again once or twice with various shrugs/small sweaters to give a totally different look. I have a sleeveless gold sequin dress I hadn't worn on the last few cruises, and bought a bolero jacket that matches (that's the non-work item) so while I'll really be overdressed a bit, I don't care - life's too short to not have fun! One thing I do skimp on is shoes. I need sneakers for walking (exercise), flipflops and then hopefully 1 pair of evening sandals that will work every night. With not checking luggage, I don't want to waste space on shoes! Oh, and the reason I carry my stuff on is because I always do the expedited departure where you have to carry your stuff off the ship. I figure if I can carry it off, I can carry it on. This way I can unpack when I feel like, rather than waiting for luggage to be delivered. Sue/WDW1972
  2. I agree. You can always get your food from the Lido and take it to your stateroom, but then it may be cold/cool by the time you get there. On occasion I'll pick up something from the Lido to take to my stateroom, but typically it's just a dessert or some cheese. If I want to eat dinner in my stateroom I'll call room service and order from that menu or the main dining room menu. Sue/WDW1972
  3. It also didn't work for me. I checked my December Rotterdam and February Nieuw Amsterdam cruises and both were up approximately $500 per person - and I already had the free crew incentive on both cruises from the Black Friday promo last year. If I were to switch, I'd lose 1 of the 2 specialty dinners and gain shore excursions I don't want, so no brainer to stay with what I have. Sue/WDW1972
  4. No, thank goodness. They're bad enough on the ships that do have them, but the way the Pinnacle ships are laid out there's not a reasonable place to put them (in my opinion). The entire area around the pool (both levels) have a variety of comfortable seating options for everyone - cabanas are limited to the Retreat. Sue/WDW1972
  5. Great tip Ruth! Boytjie - thanks for sharing your cruise (and photos)! Glad you both got home safely. Sue/wdw1972
  6. Today a HAL rep told me it wouldn't be available until 8/29 for my booking (12/1/21). She said July, August, Sept and maybe part of October were out there now, but all were expected to be out by 8/29. We'll see. A previous HAL rep told me 8/11, so clearly not all information is completely accurate 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  7. Agreed. When my son was around 11 or so I actually called HAL to ask the question about dress code for him. The HAL rep said the same as adults - all passengers are people. Based on that, in the formal night days I would rent the tuxedo package & have it waiting in our stateroom, and would bring appropriate slacks and collared polo shirts for the other nights. Sue/WDW1972
  8. Yes - it was merged together prior to the pandemic. Sue/WDW1972
  9. Also going - Dec 1 Rotterdam. However, really hoping the unvaxed stop creating this problem and get us back on the right track (by getting their vaccines) so the testing & masks aren't in place by then. We've got a Retreat cabana, and I could care less about the ports, so my mask time would be fairly limited. Won't like it, but I'll do if required (not if "encouraged" or "recommended"). Sue/WDW1972
  10. Thank you for your wonderful report! Your kids sound terrific, and I'm happy you were able to have such a nice cruise - and especially happy you chose to share it with all of us who couldn't be there 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  11. I "dam" well better be - sick of all the cancellations and covid in general. Looking forward to Rotterdam on December 1st for 11 nights. Can't get here soon enough! Sue/WDW1972
  12. That's what I was thinking (and I also checked my old statements and noticed the same as you). I'll try to remember to report back in mid December. If it's not spent and will be refunded to my credit card then great. If it won't be refunded, I'll get it to the crew fund - I'm fine either way. In the grand scheme of things $60 is a drop in the proverbial bucket 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  13. Thanks everyone. I booked the dinners last night, and however it works out will be fine. What matters is being back on a dam ship again! Sue/WDW1972
  14. Sorry - I thought you were talking about vaccines. Private businesses can require patrons to wear masks. Government entities (counties, cities) cannot. And it's true the executive order is a thing of the past, but there's a law that replaced it, making it permanent 😞 Sue
  15. There's nothing to prohibit Disney from requiring their cast (employees) to be vaccinated. They just can't require it of guests. Sue/wdw1972
  16. Hopefully someone will know the answer to this - it's never been an issue for me before. For a number of reasons (mostly cancellations & early payment incentives) I have more onboard credit than I need, with nothing to spend it on besides one excursion I'm interested in and then spending needlessly in the shops. At least the new logo clothing looks nice, so I can bring some of that home for both of us. I hate spa stuff, have prepaid gratuities, beverage package, free wifi and free Pinnacle & Tamarind dinners so not much left but the shops. We're planning to do Sel de Mer (on Rotterdam) the first night - booking in advance, I'll pay full price via credit card. Once onboard, they'll credit my account for $20/dinner. If at the end of the cruise I still have a credit balance equal to that $20/dinner, will it be refunded to my credit card? Sue/WDW1972
  17. Years ago I researched the dimensions (online) of those scanners (same ones TSA uses at airports when you're going to your gate), and tape measure in hand bought the largest suitcase that would fit through there. It would no way fit in an airplane overhead compartment, or under the seat in front of me, but it's "carry on" size rather than one of the standard larger sizes. I often cruise solo, and figure if I can carry all my stuff OFF the ship, I should be able to carry it ON as well. The plus to that is no waiting for the bag to be delivered (I can unpack at the time of my choosing), it doesn't risk getting messed up with the baggage handlers, and it helps keep me from overpacking. The only negative in my opinion is I also use packing cubes, which makes the suitcase feel heavier (more stuff in there because it's all taking up less space but it still weighs the same) and dragging it along the carpeted hallway can be a big pain! But, it's my choice to do it this way, and it works for me. One time I did have a TSA person at the door to the terminal insist that it would not fit & I needed to give it to a porter. I politely but firmly assured her that was not the case, and eventually she gave up in exasperation (muttering to her coworker that I'd be back, and I was such a know-it-all). The suitcase sailed right through the scanner with no problems whatsoever, just as it had on all the previous cruises 😉 Sue/WDW1972
  18. Condolences on the loss of your wife. Sounds like you & the kids will make some wonderful memories by continuing to cruise. I'll look forward to your reports! Sue/WDW1972
  19. I have the earlier Have it All promo - 2 dinners, bev package, no excursions. I spoke with HAL to day and was told they're having IT issues and that's why I can't use my promo credits to book a couple meals. She said it should be working by 8/11. Since that's the 3rd version I've heard about, we'll see if it's correct 😉 Also, we're a party of 3, staying in 3 separate staterooms, with 3 separate booking numbers made by 2 different TAs. I was concerned if we each made our reservations we'd be 3 separate parties of 1, but she assured me as long as the reservations are linked (they are now), as long as we book the same venue on the same date & time, the system will automatically seat us together. I mention this in case it helps anyone else - probably more typical would be 2 couples traveling together but just link the reservations and coordinate your reservations and you should be all set to share a table. Sue/WDW1972
  20. Thanks for sharing your experiences - the good and the not so good. It's helpful to know what to expect when it's my turn in December, and I enjoy reading all the details. Although it's only been a little under 2 years since my last dam cruise, it feels like a lifetime ago! Sue/WDW1972
  21. Thank you so much for doing your live report! Can't wait to read all about it, and I'll love any and all details. A "dear diary" style works just fine! Sue/WDW1972
  22. The pinnacle class ships would fit the bill nicely - Koningsdam, Nieuw Statendam & Rotterdam. The signature class would be a close second - Eurodam & Nieuw Amsterdam. Sue/WDW1972
  23. That's what it sounds like to me too. It would be nice if HAL would just come out and say so, in plain language. Sue/WDW1972
  24. I use Park & Go for every cruise, and they're very fast. If the shuttle's not already there, I call them & it's there within minutes. From pick-up to drop off at my car is generally under 15 minutes. I've walked off the ship at 7:30 and been in my car by 7:45. Sue/WDW1972
  25. Thanks! They make you wear hard hats in Harrison? I don't believe we had to wear any in Hato. Sue/WDW1972
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