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  1. Conquest is a sister to the Liberty if you want something similar, Elation is smaller and I would agree you can also look into Magic as well
  2. Well on our recent cruise on the Horizon 3 weeks ago, we had a balcony booked (category 8B) and at the pier, they went to scan our paper work and it kept coming back as an error, so after maybe 15-30 minutes of waiting they finally got to us and our cabin had been switched from deck 6 to deck 7 (our luggage was also marked for the original cabin so we had no clue about this a head of time) which just so happen to be a suite (Ocean Suite, category OS) so I'm not entirely sure what the reasoning was but it was pretty much a free upgrade, made my birthday cruise all the more better.
  3. I think they are still working on Summer 2023 for Baltimore, they just released the 2 Greenland + Canada/New England voyages (originally it was going to be a one off) that are round trip from Baltimore for August and September 2023 and both sailings are on the Carnival Legend. It should be safe to assume Legend will be in Baltimore during the summer. There could also be a shuffle once Costa Magica is converted over to the fleet but John said on Facebook details are still in the works and won’t be out for another few weeks.
  4. We just booked this, after the first one sold out almost instantly, can't wait!
  5. The original one for this year or next year, I believe was a one way but it sold out fast, I think a round trip to Greenland will also be extremely popular. Wish they would post the full itinerary a head of time but I think we think it’s worth it.
  6. Elation is back in Miami now, but the camera is focused on the MSC Meraviglia currently.
  7. Have cruised equally on both Carnival and Princess; most recently sailed with MSC. Most of our family enjoyed and have gotten the most out of Carnival in terms of ship, service and all that fun stuff. Food is usually also really good with very little complaints. My aunt loves Princess which is not as crazy as Carnival (I personally like both), while mom prefers Carnival, the most recent changes to Princess' menu is what pushed us to Carnival more recently. As far as MSC, found their onboard service to be excellent, food was also pretty good as well, I would definitely sail with them again. With that said I would love to try all the brands, especially Royal, Celebrity, NCL and HAL, etc.
  8. Been checking daily for this change glad it's finally happening, can't wait to see HMC for the first time. When would shore excursions be posted for the updated itinerary?
  9. Valor is at Marseille currently, Legend will be arriving soon to Marseille and I also just noticed Sunshine is now Cadiz bound. So I'm sure at least one or all should be getting it soon.
  10. Radiance is more close to Sunrise not Sunshine, so there will be no waterfall, I believe that’s a Sunshine exclusive since they added some passenger decks where as Triumph and Victory had them incorporated into their build. The ship still has plenty of time to complete the dry dock but they should at least make an update soon.
  11. I think given the current climate of things, it seems staffing is the biggest struggle so about half the entire Carnival Corp fleet isn't too bad, plus I think in one of the articles more announcements were coming soon. As long as these first set of ships sail smoothy, things hopefully can only go up.
  12. Wouldn't be the first time Carnival snagged a future new build (Splendor & Panorama) 😉 Taking a Sunshine would be a step down, unless they bring a Dream Class back in terms of size and capacity. I don't think that is a false statement, Carnival had to cut costs to survive; 30-40 years old is about average for most ships. On the flip side, moving Costa Magica to the Sunshine Class is an easy way to extend her life, she probably faired on the average side but now in terms of profit could move to the top since Sunshine transformations have proven popular (for the most part).
  13. Yes, see post #39 for a video, it's like a mirror image almost. Would make sense for them to add Fortuna to the Sunshine Class as well, giving a total of 5. Both Fortuna and Magica are about half the age of the remaining Fantasy Class.
  14. 4 Fantasy Class ships equals about 8,224 capacity 3 Mardi Gras Class equals about 15,846 capacity 1 Costa Magica (Sunshine Class) equals 2,985 capacity Rough estimates, but this I suppose allows them to expand capacity while cutting out old outdated tonnage, I suspect Ecstasy and Sensation will be sold around 2024-2025, or they want to expand to other ports as you mentioned. Ecstasy will be 32 and Sensation 30 by then so highly possible.
  15. Will now be transferred to Carnival Cruises in America
  16. Both are exciting, though I am wondering where Magica will be deployed too, also hope they don't down play her interiors.
  17. Mos I don't see where it says it was Royal, but I believe the only Royal ship to sail into Port Everglades recently is the new Odyssey of the Seas, unless it was from one of the Celebrity ships.
  18. No ships are sailing from Florida, let alone New York at the moment, several lines have said they will be sailing from alternative Bahamas and Caribbean ports but that is it. Plans on sailing from Florida are just that plans, nothing set in stone yet.
  19. They sail to St. Maartin I believe to rotate crew, and then stops in the US ports (Miami, PC, etc) for provisions, fuel and offload waste.
  20. Empress was the only ship that was able to clear Hamilton/St. George, as that was quite a bit smaller than Vision.
  21. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24621-royal-caribbean-adds-second-ship-to-north-american-start-from-bermuda.html
  22. “The remaining ship to join Carnival Corporation's fleet in 2021 is widely expected to be Holland America's Rotterdam, although the company did not elaborate on delivery dates or ships in its earnings press release. Other ships previously scheduled to join the company's global fleet in 2021 included the AIDAcosma, Seabourn Venture and Costa Toscana, plus the Discovery Princess, which have all been delayed thus far.” https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24181-carnival-to-delay-most-remaining-2021-ship-deliveries.html
  23. 17 have been announced if you include Fascination and Sea Princess. So it’s just two ships unknown, probably Pacific Princess (Island/Coral are due to receive Medallion) and either as you said vita/aura.
  24. Because new builds are signed under contract, also why they are dumping older ships in the mean time to make capacity room. Four Fantasy Ships: ~~ 8,200 capacity (Rough estimate) Mardi Gras/Celebration: ~~ 10,400 capacity But they still receiving investments so they are good for now.
  25. Yes that is her new name: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ship-operations/chinese-start-buys-sea-princess-vships-leisure-manage-ship
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