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  1. So embarrasssing......I just checked with "kids" who were with us. We had YTD (I got that part right), but we were in Crimson. Scarlet was where we enjoyed Sea Day Brunch. Getting old stinks.
  2. On the Dream, three weeks ago, our TYD was in the Scarlet Dining Room. I think it was on Deck 3. If I am incorrect, it was Deck 4.
  3. I spent much of today trying to remember this Q-Tip looking guy....no luck...and I really wanted to see him. Who wouldn't? What a description. DH and I remember plenty of Nautica kind of clothing from the cruise, but not from the Bar Hop. ......wish one of us had gotten Boats in our photos.
  4. No. I was imagining it being the guy wearing a kind of safari hat. I did not learn anyone's name.
  5. I will look for it right now. That is exactly what I told myself was happening (and what I swore to Steve really did happen).
  6. Hey Saint Greg, glad to read through this. I could not find the Dream Send Off for the Vista video, but hope you saw me yelling and waving at you - because I was and hoped you might have seen me making a darn fool out of myself. ; ) I quoted you often to my family while we were on the Dream last week. "Saint Greg says this and Saint Greg says that." Was a bit relieved my daughter did not walk up and tell you all about that. Another awesome review from you. Thanks and loved meeting you (after you finally owned up to your identity). ohyes
  7. I was reading this review because your Dream review was so awesome and we board that ship this Sunday with two adult kids. We are booked on March 1 Cozumel Bar Hop. I’m looking forward to meeting you. What a coincidence. : ) (We hopped in 2010 and had a great time.)
  8. I was waiting for someone to mention this. DH is from MA. We used to spend summers in ME and I remember baked beans offered at breakfast much of the time. That is a good memory.
  9. KKB, Please report back after the cruise. A European cruise is on our list and I will be interested in your observations. We have a Caribbean Carnival cruise booked for later this month; we have not sailed on Carnival since 2010. We do not cruise often, but have been on RCCL and NCL a few times since that last Carnival cruise. Several years ago, on an NCL cruise, I conversed with a travel agent who told me that RCCL, Carnival and NCL are viewed as pretty much the same -- all mass marketing cruise lines. He said that each line has strengths and weaknesses, but nothing enough to set one apart as better or worse. He was responding to my comment that RCCL was a step up from Carnival. (I was simply repeating what my hair stylist told me, haha.) In our limited experience, we agree.... (fingers crossed we enjoy Carnival Dream)...
  10. We have been in two inside cabins (both NCL, but that was just happenstance) and were happy as could be. We spend very little time in the cabin and the sleeping was the best. We have our first balcony booked for a February 2019 cruise and find it difficult to believe it will spoil us. (Fingers crossed.)
  11. I pick by the itinerary as a whole : This is what we are moving up to the top of the list after our next two booked cruises. We have yet to cruise to Alaska and Hawaii and it is time to make that happen and something in Europe after that (or TA) I pick by NEW ports to us (see above) Cruise Line: Have only cruised Carnival, RCCL and NCL - enjoy them pretty much equally I pick by the departure port: We have always gone with New Orleans, Galveston, Houston (when it was available) and Mobile--driving distance. These will not be an option for Hawaii, Alaska, Europe I pick by ship. Doubt we would ever sail on Sensation or Elation again. (Never say "never".) I pick by ports we love. Not so far
  12. This happened to us months ago. RCCL canceled our Enchantment cruise to Panama Canal. They offered a fair amount of OBC to rebook within 30 days. Customer Service at our insurance provider carefully explained what I needed to email them as attachments: proof that original cruise was canceled, copy of old itinerary as well as new itinerary and a statement that we would not be making any claims against the policy for the first booking. if I remember correctly, there was a time limit.....perhaps 45 days after we were notified original cruise was canceled. New policy was emailed within 48 hours of me meeting those requirements. it was quite painless.
  13. Kroger stores in our part of the world have been offering the 4X fuel points for gift cards more and more frequently (with the digital coupon added to your app) . Each Carnival gift card I have purchased since booking in August was during 4X fuel point promotions. Some of our cards have been adjustable. We have received the 4X fuel points with allllllll the cards purchased during the promotions. I will be interested to hear what you hear from corporate.
  14. Has this not been the best review? It has been such fun. .....Thinking I am more likely sadder than Saint Greg that his cruise is ending. ☹️ I am always pretty happy to be heading home after a cruise, but not happy Saint Greg is and ending his great review.
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