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  1. I think on some days I could come close to the cost just in non alcoholic drinks, throw in a few martinis and it might be worth it. The problem is keeping up with the value day after day, and so in the long run it always evens out and is rarely ever much in my favor..
  2. Try Red Frog beer and some apps in the pub, also want a drink in a fishbowl! Try a sidecar at Alchemy Bar (in a review I read it was someone's favorite) Snag a clamshell for two and hang out in Serenity all day, reading & napping.. Afternoon tea (always napping around this time!) Read a whole book!
  3. Well the biggest thing I like about Pride is she is the ship for my next TWO cruises!!:D:p Also, we sailed her sister ship Miracle a few years ago and LOVED every minute of it. Having been on the Conquest this past January we really enjoyed Guys Burgers and Blue Iguana Cantina so we are looking forward to those again, Something the Conquest didn't have is the Red Frog Pub that Pride got during her upgrades. Super excited to try the pub for snacks, drinks and entertainment!! Pride being just over 2 hours from my front door is pretty cool too.
  4. Loving this! Thank you! We sail Pride on Halloween:D
  5. Really good stuff here H! Cruisenanny thinks you are the cutest little man she has ever seen! (and that's saying something because, well... she's a nanny!!! :p) Thank you!!
  6. Have been to HMC 2x, both were end of January and both times were AMAZING. Headed back in Nov, can not wait.
  7. Thanks, this gives me hope for our October 31 sailing. We decided we want it and I have been checking many times a day, nothing so far.
  8. Other lines manage it and that is with the door hanger. I don't expect to ever see it on Carnival either, but not because it cant be done.
  9. Ecstasy has won several awards (within the fleet) over the years. We thoroughly enjoyed our two cruises on her.
  10. Is there a schedule somewhere saying when it will roll out to other ships or is it just stalled/on hold right now?
  11. Many thanks! Cant wait but I'm gonna have to, not sailing Pride until November. Glad you had such a great time!!
  12. The platinum perks are pretty nominal to begin with and it is not the reason why we cruise Carnival. NEVER have we gone to the VIFP party but we will enjoy the free drink on the last sea day.
  13. Oh I cant wait for all the info!! My parents are on the sailing with you this week and we are all sailing Grandeur in August so I am super intrigued!! Many thanks in advance..
  14. We have 4196 on the Pride in November. I think it is a good view between the lifeboats. Such a great value!!
  15. Yay!! If nothing else you saved yourself a lot of worry!
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