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  1. Thanks VT. Enjoyed the ride. I’m sure you will be exhausted. When you get time, perhaps more comments on the ship itself, condition, etc, and comparison to the Edge. Safe travels. Till next year 🌺
  2. Wow so many concert events. Thanks for posting them. Your posts are like opening presents at Christmas! So much fun 🌸
  3. Aw, the view of the wake is so relaxing πŸ‘£πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Hope the save those M class wood tables when the ship is retrofitted. They are the best!
  4. Your review is just amazing. You get a gold medal for your effort. πŸ… I am so enjoying the live music on the pool deck. It gives a great perspective of what the cruise is like. Love all the fabulous 60’s clothing. And the pedicure, how Groovy! 🌸🌺
  5. Wow, never been there, but the Riverside looks awesome. Nice summary! We’ll have to try it. 😍
  6. Hi Vt Jim and I are following too! Hope you have great weather and calm seas. Get ready to rock and roll. πŸ₯πŸŽΈπŸŽΉπŸŽ§πŸŽΌ Peace 🌸
  7. Thanks for the info. I’ll definately go back and read it. I never did this type of cruise but it looks like so much fun. In 97, we sailed Royal Majesty, and once on board, found out the Drifters were on it. Well their shows were fabulous and I bought the tape (back then it was still a tape). Although the musicians were older, they were still so entertaining and of. course we know all the words. I’m so excited for you. So where do you hear about all these special cruises ? We booked NCL getaway Feb 24 to March 3 so would not be able to join this cruise anyway. But maybe next year. We are enjoying all the reviews and also researching the Apex. Best to you both. 😍😍😍😍
  8. Back to the freezing cold and the grind. What a shock. 😩 You are a wealth of information. I never heard of the Flower Power Cruise and looked it up. Oh my goodness. So many amazing performers. Love Melanie and Tommy James. All the rooms are booked I see. Will you be doing a live cruise recap?
  9. Norris Fabulous tour recap. Too funny on the bottomless Cuba Libre. 😁 DH is enjoying too. He had a 55 Chevy; green with green interior.
  10. Thank you, we may have to try RCI again and try that lovely L1 cabin. 😎😎
  11. Teerick Your comparison review of the RCI CL is appealing, with the balcony loungers. Can you order a drink to be delivered to the RCI CL cabin or order a bottle of scotch for the cabin? My DH likes to have a scotch (single malt) on his balcony. On Celebrity and NCL, we can get a bottle of scotch. Sad to say but this is an important cruise selection decision for us. Loungers and scotch. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  12. Oh yes, we know about at the retreat bar at the retreat pool deck deck 16. Sorry, I misunderstood, your post, I thought you meant a bar on deck 15 near the retreat lounge.
  13. Bimmer9 Best cat tree ever! Our LeLu is not as fortunate, but she has every chair, couch, rug and bed! LOL😻😻
  14. Agree on the oversight. It’s not like they didn’t know. We loved the Porch on Silhouette and had many panini lunches there. We were sad when they changed the Porch menu the the Reflection, but it was very good.
  15. Thats terrible. Hope they fix it. The lawn club grill on S class ships had nice wind screens so you could dine without the wind issues. Just had to face the wind when walking to the restaurant.
  16. I smile when I see the people walk off with 1 suitcase each. We will never be that couple. Love your photos of the MC and swinging chairs. Looks so luxurious and tropical.
  17. Don’t forget to get a picture of Henry enjoying that wonderful lounger, for posterity 😎
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