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  1. znebul82

    Conquest ~ Tell me something (Good or Bad)

    She is getting the Serenity area during her dry dock.
  2. znebul82

    Now may be 7-10 days for ES credit!

    Maybe it is just because of the Thanksgiving holiday.
  3. If you bring the glass on future cruise can you actually use it and save money on the DOD or do you just bring them for sentimental reasons or to mix your own drinks in your stateroom?
  4. Does anyone know when Carnival typically starts decorating for Christmas around their ships? We will be sailing on the Conquest 12/4, any chance they would be up by then?
  5. znebul82

    Heald: Tip Increase

    If an extra $1.50 a day per person is going to break your budget on a vacation you should probably stay at home and go to work. What if gas goes up 20 cents a gallon? Will that destroy your vacation budget because you did not figure it in the cost to travel to the airport or port? It sounds like people are complaining just to complain. Nobody likes to spend more than they have to, but even at $11.50 a day you are getting a great value in service.
  6. znebul82

    Conquest in dry dock

    Does the Conquest really not have a Serenity area yet? I guess I just assumed it did.
  7. znebul82

    Carnival Beer Chart

    Has anyone actually ordered a Foster's bucket? That was my drink of choice for the value on my last cruise, but I didn't think a bucket was an option.
  8. Thanks for all the info, that was amazingly fast.
  9. Later on in the year I will be cruising with a few other couples and I was wondering how one would go about connecting the separate dining reservations so that we can share a table? We are all requesting the same dining time, which I would hope would make the process easier. Is my only choice to wait until we board and speak with the maitre d or is there someone I can contact beforehand even though we will be less than 8 cabins? Thanks
  10. znebul82

    Cruising while pregnant

    My wife and I had the same dilema for the cruise we had booked for February. We decided to play it safe and transfered our booking until next December. Of course it cost $50 a piece to transfer, but that wasn't a big deal. We are booked on a better cruise now anyway.
  11. znebul82

    will not post here again

    It appears you only received one slightly negative response. If that is all it takes to upset you I can't imagine you could find happiness anywhere, let alone on a cruise ship.
  12. znebul82

    Just Back from The Glory - ask your ?'s

    I am also going onbard in April and was wondering what exactly they showed on the Seaside Theater? Also, did you try the sushi bar? Finally, did you try the Steakhouse and how was it?