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  1. Hey guys! I’m just off the 12/11 Vista 5 day sailing. I will not be doing a full picture review but I do have a lot of rambling to do. This was my 16th cruise on Carnival and 18th cruise overall and I was solo. My thoughts are always fair and balanced. If I thought something was good I’ll tell you how awesome it was, but if something was awful I’ll tell you that too and won’t hold back. I have both positives and negatives to say about this cruise. Please don’t interpret the negatives as complaints, as they’re not, but I’m simply stating what I experienced on my cruise. I didn’t take any notes so everything is off the top of my head and not really in any kind of order. Embarkation was hectic, but I believe this was only the third Vista sailing from Miami. I arrived at the terminal just before 11 and people weren’t being let in. The priority line was maybe 100 deep and it was about 20 minutes before people were let in. Several check in staff I encountered were a bit clueless as if they didn’t have proper training. You don’t receive your keys at check in now, but rather they are placed in your mailbox outside of your door. It was about an hour total for me, but many people that weren’t priority spoke of it taking them 3 hours to get on the ship. My first impression was that the atrium was small. Beautiful, but SMALL. There was a violin duo that played in the evenings for added ambiance. They played some pop hits and I enjoyed listening to them in passing. I had a 1A porthole. My stateroom was spacious, but there did seem to be less storage space- drawers, shelving, and I think there was one less closet too. My cabin steward was awesome, very friendly and efficient. He gave my room both morning and evening service without asking if I wanted one or the other. I was in the Reflections Dining Room for the 8:15 pm seating and was pleasantly surprised to see Michelle, my favorite waitress ever from my Magic cruise last year, arrive at my table. She remembered me being there with my family for my birthday. This was her first cruise back from vacation and first day on the Vista. I noticed she had two 10 tops, an 8 top, and a two top. I don’t know where her assistants were but they weren’t noticeable the first two nights and I honestly didn’t think she even had any. She poured our water, brought pitchers of lemonade (by request from my tablemates), brought us bread, took our orders, brought out the food, brought condiments, cleared our dirty plates, brought dessert menus and dessert, I mean she literally did it all. Dinner was taking 2 hours because she appeared to be doing everything on her own for 30 people on a ship she was unfamiliar with. Her assistants really didn’t show up until maybe day 4 and I still didn’t see them much. Now in their defense I don’t know what they were doing behind the scenes, but all I know is I saw Michelle doing everything. Nights 3 and 5 I ate at early the buffet and came to the MDR for dessert only. I didn’t want another 2 hour dinner and wanted to be out in time for the comedy shows. The first night continued on as a bit of a mess. I called room service around 12:45 am. After being on hold for maybe 10 minutes, I was eventually disconnected. When I called back, I couldn’t even get through but just got a busy signal. I called guest services to see if maybe they could put me through and I didn’t get an answer from them either. I got busy signals to room service and guest services for another 10 minutes. Either they just stopped answering altogether or their lines couldn't handle the volume of calls. When I did finally get room service again, it was another 10 minute hold and I gave up after trying for 30 minutes. Many people had the same thing happen to them. People said the pizza line had a 2 hour wait. You basically went hungry the first night if you wanted a late night snack. All that being said, all the food I had was delicious. Everything was good and I don’t have one food complaint. Bitter and blanc was available on night 3. The line for Guy’s was almost always long. However I never noticed long lines at the buffet. I think people went for it because it was the most convenient being right out by the pool. The BBQ line moved quickly when I tried it (it’s only open on sea day afternoons). I’m not sure if there was a crowd at JiJi’s or the Italian restaurant since they also have a free lunch. There were many new cruisers and perhaps they didn’t know of all of the many free options.
  2. Hey y’all! Your Pearl Girl is back with another review! If you’ve never read any of my reviews, welcome! Get comfortable because they are LOOOONG. Those of you returning, welcome back! This trip was on the 9/18/16 sailing of the Carnival Pride from Baltimore to Bermuda. My name is Kimberly, and I’m a 36 year old single gal from Las Vegas. WHAAATTT??? I thought you lived in Atlanta? Well I did, but after 10 years there I put my house on the market and moved 2,000 miles away when the opportunity presented itself. I’ve been out here since June and am getting used to living in the desert. Coming from the south, I can say it’s so brown and I do miss the greenery of Georgia but I’m so excited for this change. Guess I should change my name to NVPearl huh? Lol I’m a flight attendant for NTYW Airlines. That stands for Not Telling You Who cause I know someone is going to ask which one lol but I’m not naming names on here. My reviews have made me a minor celebrity and I’m recognized on flights from time to time so if I ever serve your diet coke on your flight to your cruise, say hi, and you’ll know which airline it is then lol. And yes, I’m still living the single life. My dating life has certainly been more interesting lately but those of you wondering when will you get a “GAPearl Wedding Cruise Review,” stop waiting. I’ll lose 50 pounds on the Krispy Kreme diet before I get married hahaha. My last cruise on Carnival was 15 months ago, my Magic birthday cruise from Galveston. OMG I’m just now getting over the hangover from that night. Last October, I sailed on an AMAZING journey to SE Asia on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas. Missed them? Here are the links. Magic- http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2225880 Mariner- http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2278154 In between cruises and my move, I took land trips to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Everyone always asks how was Cuba, and I loved it! I haven’t had time to put it on my travel blog, so here are some pictures if you might be interested. http://s1096.photobucket.com/user/gapearlcruiser/slideshow/cuba Ok, back to the cruise. I took this trip with my mom. She never wants me to post anything of her, so she’ll stay hidden. Just don’t tell her she was plastered all over my Breeze review lol. My friend Sean decided to crash this trip since it was his birthday and he could drive to the port, so you’ll be seeing some of him. He and I met 2 years ago on Splendor and have remained friends since, meeting for lunch when I’m occasionally in his area and texting our next travel adventure plans. He’s “seannyice” on here and has his own review going, so check it out. This was our original itinerary, but it was slightly modified because of Tropical Storm Karl, more on that later. I've seen people ask why don't they have cruises to Bermuda in the winter. Well remember that Bermuda sits parallel with the Carolinas and is not deep in the Caribbean, so winter there might be a little cool and not that warm weather you're trying to escape to. Here's a map of the country. The Pride was docked at the Royal Navy Dockyard. Disclaimer: This will not be a short, overnight review. It’s gonna be long and VERY PICTURE HEAVY. Picture reviews take an incredibly long time to put together and get done around work and other every day activities, so please be patient with me and I’ll try to get it done as soon as I can. Also I’ll be writing the whole thing in pink (as I’ve done in the past) in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Alright y’all, I think I'm about ready to get this thing going. :D