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  1. We sailed on the Allure of the Seas in 2018 and there was a family comedy show. I do not see this on the cruise planner or on the Compass versions that I have been able to see. Is this still a thing on Symphony Western Caribbean itineraries??
  2. We have an upcoming Symphony of the Seas Western cruise (Nov) and have stops at both costa maya and coco cay. We have two 12 year olds and are trying to decide between the two water park options. We have been to Costa Maya several times but have NEVER done the Lost Kingdom water park there choosing instead to hang out on the beach in Mahahual. We have never been to Coco Cay so that experience will be all new. I am sure my kids would be happy to try both, but I am not particularly keen on paying my own $99 admission twice to stand and watch (I won't be sliding down any slides myself). Maybe it is more of a question of alternatives? Costa Maya has more alternatives than Coco Cay for beach breaks, excursions, port shopping, etc.
  3. Do all passengers in the same cabin have to board together or can my wife and I board separately.I want to be among the first on the ship before noon she has some things to do and can only be at the port after 1pm. I assume all passengers in a cabin have to board together so that they can enforce carry on wine and soda limits per cabin.
  4. Our first RCCL cruise was on the Allure in August 2018 and we did the 3 night Specialty Dining Package. We enjoyed 2 of the 3 specialty experiences but have decided not to do another specialty package on an upcoming Symphony cruise and maybe just do one or two specialty restaurants. On our last sailing I remember seeing staff everywhere trying to push specialty dining but I didn't see what they were offering specifically. Does anyone know whether on-board specialty dining discounts are common place and what specific discounts are generally offered on board? BOGO?
  5. Trying to decide between the NCL Breakaway and the RCL symphony for an upcoming family western Carib cruise. The ports are all the same except for Harvest Caye (Belize) vs CoCo Caye (Bahamas’s) and the price is remarkably close. I don’t like that my kids won’t be big enough for one of the slides on Breakaway (that will be such a tease) but the Breakaway does have a ropes course not offered on symphony. I am not sure if the ropes course is a once or twice a cruise thing unlike the water slides which can occupy them for hours. Can anyone comment from a 12 year olds perspective what the better ship option would be?
  6. We did the drink package on a recent sailing on RCL and that’s exactly what happened to me....on day 5, I came down with a bit of a man cold and didn’t feel like ordering booze for a day and a half. Similarly what if you get rough seas one day and are sensitive to it and don’t feel like drinking. If your drinking habits/intentions puts you just on the edge of break even (which we are) it’s better not to bother imo. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. What does this mean, UK cruiser so no service charge? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Yes. There is a good chance of that happening! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. There were a few times I got myself another, “last” drink just to get our moneys worth, not because I really wanted or needed another! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. We did the deluxe beverage package on a recent allure of seas sailing. Got it for $44 per day plus 18% service charge and figured out our break even point was 6 drinks a day (beer being the cheapest at $7-8). We are not huge drinkers but a few easy beers in the sun and a few cocktails each evening meant we got our money’s worth. On top of that we ordered the odd soft drink with meals (instead of paying $3.50), went through a few bottles of water in our room over night and for bringing in port and enjoyed a few premium coffees (all included). Personally I was a little under the weather on our fifth day and didn’t use my package at all, so we probably just broke even overall. Next time though we WILL NOT get the package so we don’t worry about “chasing our break even point”. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Oops. Yes I was taking about sargassum/“seaweed”, not seagrass. The sea grass isn’t the issue rolling up on shore. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Also. No smell, which I imagine could be an issue if not all restaurants clear THEIR own beachfront. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Seaweed was almost totally cleared from many of the restaurants/bars on the malecon, tropixante and the restaurants to the north were very clear. They installed netting off shore by about 100 feet to keep the beach clear during the day. I suspect some of the issue with beach break resorts south of town is build up and no place to put it without heavy machinery, but “in town” it appeared that most restaurants had multiple guys with wheelbarrows bringing loads away from the beach to be scooped and transported by a backhoe and dump truck. When we were there (early off the ship) we saw the tail end of that operation in front of tropicante but enjoyed a clear beachfront for the rest of our stay. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Allure was the only ship in port when we were there, but 6000 passengers is a pretty busy day for costa maya. It seemed that there were a few other places at about half capacity, tropicante probably closer to 75%. We talked to passengers on board who cancelled their all inclusive beach breaks because of seaweed talk. We suggested for them to do a quick, cheap taxi trip to Mahahual and decide if it was worth staying based on what they saw. We actually only had plans to stroll the male on and stay for a drink or two but it was typically great so we stayed for 4 hours! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. The walk to the taxis is only another 1-2 minute walk from where you would get the shuttle to town. It’s a long walk from the ship to the main terminal/shop area but only a few additional steps to get to a taxi. On the return trip via taxi they drop you off directly at the gates to the terminal/shop area. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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