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  1. If you request a paid upgrade after final payment do you still get to keep the beverages packages, key program, etc....that you've already paid for?
  2. The status on the room I put in a bid on use to say "pending" now it says "received". Is that normal? I would think if it was accepted the status would be "accepted".
  3. My in-laws were curious about this. Is it easy for those that have mobility issues? They can walk just very slowly and not for long lengths of time. Are there any chairs or benches in the room?
  4. Yeah, I thought that I would get an upgrade opportunity because to upgrade to the next category up was only $120 (the price difference in his current room is $463) but they wouldn't let me do that either. I even tested them to see if they would let me pay the difference but the answer was the same, no. Oh well, guess you win some and lose some.
  5. Yeah, I've called 5 times because my brother-in-law's room has dropped $463. Not a single one of them will give me a refund or any type of OBC or upgrade to make up the difference. They keep telling me they can't since it's after final payment. I keep pushing back but got no where with any of them. Frustrating!!!!
  6. No one in my group (13 people, 6 rooms) has a key or anything indicating we have the key on our setsail pass. We are just going to print the "Order History" along with the confirmation.
  7. My friends and family would like to go from the cruise ship and take the water taxi over to Philipsburg. We were thinking of shopping first and then getting beach chairs somewhere on Great Bay Beach off the Boardwalk. We would like to find a restaurant that offers beach chairs rental that includes drinks and will let you just order food from your chair. I've heard Lazy Lizard as a suggestion but thought I would ask here as Lazy Lizard is the only suggestion I've heard.
  8. Just reviving this topic as we too are looking at booking with Island Buddy. Any recent experiences?
  9. So the Chill Island cabanas aren't the same cabanas that were already there? The ones in this video are different, without the little deck for the 2 lounge chairs. They look more like the bungalows.
  10. Do they still include the private buffet with the Chill Island cabanas?
  11. We are cruising with Royal Caribbean late June on Harmony which I'm told docks at Crown Bay. I was told no other beach in St. Thomas/St. John compares to Trunk Bay. Looks like we are docked from 12pm-8pm. What is the quickest/cheapest/easiest way to get to Trunk Bay from Crown Bay? OR Is there a beach on the St. Thomas side that is comparable?
  12. One of the people I am going with on Harmony is still waiting for their room assignment. We are currently 58 days away from cruise date.
  13. Just got my RoyalUp email for 7 dayJune 30th sailing on Harmony. We are currently in an oceanview balcony room on deck 8 (8278). Current offer is $300pp for Junior Suite, $700 pp for Grand Suite, $1100pp for Owners Suite. They have other offers such as spacious balcony room and ultra spacious balcony room but I didn't even see those rooms on our cruise so I'm just going to ignore them. Would you upgrade at these prices?
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