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  1. I would not believe a word they say. That couple demanded Haven access even though they were not Haven guests. In return, they started a misinformation and slander campaign against NCL service employees. They tried every trick to get the concierge fired for doing his job including the allegation that you posted here.
  2. Do you mean the Royal crowd is something like this on formal nights?
  3. This is the day we all have been waiting for since page 1 of this thread. The float out with the Encore in all its glory. I love the hull art. I will take abstract color over paintings of sea turtles, statute of liberty, or mermaids any day. Those are a bit cheezy IMHO. But I pretty much appreciate all hull art because it makes each ship unique.
  4. That is an understatement. Never saw anything close to this on a new ship build. Maybe they will make the race track more with the promo design since you pointed that out.
  5. I am curious. What kind of compensation would you give if it was up to you? Here is a great analogy. You book a flight to key west. You have an excursion booked to see the sunset (which is a great experience btw). Your flight arrives 30 min late or something with the plane makes you get off the plane 30 mins late. The airline (in this case) got you to its destination pretty much on time as your ticket contract required. The excursion bus gets you to see the sun go down but you missed some of the excitement and gathering for a good spot. But you got to see it. Question: Is the airline responsible for compensation because you wanted more time to see the sunset that you actually saw? I have gotten into port an hour late for a very short excursion sponsored by NCL. Instead of 3 1/2 hours on the beach its only 2 1/2. And guess what? No sun at all. It was a waste of money and time to be taken to a beach for 2 hours on a mostly cloudy day. Was I upset? Oh yes I was. But I blamed myself. Why would I complain to NCL about a cruise ship arriving in port late and they still got me to the excursion that I booked. Long story short. This is a typical day cruising. Look at the glass half full. Be thankful it was only 30 minutes and not 60 minutes which gave even less daylight hours. IMHO this is a petty complaint. Now, what if the private company could have said." Your daylight time is limited. If anyone wants to cancel, we will refund you now" Once during a snorkeling excursion the water was so cloudy they offered people to cancel. IMHO if you wanted a partial refund, it would be from the company to advise the customers because of the delay, we don't want you to be unhappy so if you want to cancel, we understand. But apparently the private excursion felt there was enough daylight for people to enjoy themselves.
  6. Sam Not sure your experience in cruising but an excursion leaving within 30 minutes of arrival is pretty much the norm. The OP is blaming the cruise line for arriving to port 30 minutes late. That is pretty much on time when it comes to cruising. If you are counting the seconds of daylight for any excursion then you take it at your own risk. I will say it again: Everything worked out perfectly
  7. A 30 minute delay at the start of an excursion or docking is fairly typical. The sun does go down every day and its not fair to blame either the cruise line nor the excursion company for such a thing. Customer knew while booking the excursion the small amount of time with the sun when the ship docked. How much monetary compensation would satisfy 15 more minutes of sun? This is like booking a beach excursion and upset it was cloudy and demanding compensation for lack of sun. Everything worked perfectly. The ship got into port relatively on time. The excursion bus picked you up and took you to the excursion. The sun went down. Sorry, this probably sounds more harsh than I mean it to be. I can give you way better examples of feeling cheated during an excursion. This is definitely not one of them.
  8. NCL makes it super easy to exchange towels coming back to the ship while in port. They have a giant towel bin where you drop your towel in and the attendant will give you a fresh, rolled towel to take to your cabin.
  9. I have flashbacks to a NCL cruise when I hear Tanzanite. I can hear it over the loudspeaker. "Come join us for a Tanzanite blow out today only in the Atrium" Immediately followed by "No winners yet in the jackpot bingo game. Join us in the theater for last chance at the jackpot today at 2pm"
  10. All specialty dining has went through the roof. With so many passengers having the dining plan booked with the cruise, I bet availability is nearly impossible thus price increases. I don't believe NCL even discounts meal plans bought in advance of the cruise anymore. Before all these drastic increases, you could save $8.00 by purchasing a 3 specialty dining meal plan. Not anymore. I miss the good ole days when NCL gave you your daily meal allowance credit for eating in specialty restaurants. You could eat like a king for $20 in Cagneys, $10 La Cucina.
  11. Maybe they are reshaping it after you brought it to their attention 😉 Could the "C" be next?
  12. No offense but this sounds like every cruise ship "beach" excursion I have ever been on. Do your research. These resorts allow cruise ship passengers to come but you are not their priority. For someone that has taken as many cruises as the OP states, I am surprised because everything the OP is venting about is fairly typical. Yes, some are better than others and some are awful. The worst beach excursion I have been on in my life (would not really even call it a beach) has hundreds of reviews and has 4.5 stars. I am baffled and definitely in the minority. Maybe because I lived on a beach for so long and expect certain things. EVERY beach excursion I have been on that involves a resort: 1. Have beach chairs on top of each other 2. Outrageous food prices 3. Have upcharge chairs 4. People sell stuff 5. And yes some of the staff are not really rude but they deal with tourists every day. They don't think you are special. This is par for the course of every cruise ship beach excursion. This is why if you like the beach, go away from the tourist traps. Go to a remote beach with NO chairs or food stands. None of this has anything to do with NCL or any other cruise ship. NCL does not control resorts and you must play by their rules. Oh, btw, just like the OP was unhappy with this excursion. I bet it has good/great reviews from NCL cruisers. I wont name my worst beach excursion because I don't want to start a fight on this thread LOL. But I could not believe how many people thought/think it was a good "beach" excursion. When cruising, roll with the punches at resorts. Demanding Italian bartenders make "American" drinks and speak English LMAO.
  13. Yes its interesting. Looks like fabric. It also looks a lot less expensive than the other chandeliers. It seems Epic has the most expensive and now we are down to a fabric? They also removed the textured walls in this area from the last few ships. This is definitely more minimalist. I think (or hope) the fabric is covering the fancy glass part of the chandelier. But you can see some of the fabric is clever designs so who knows. The columns are also different. More narrow with a light design. Its just not dramatic enough to take photos next to like on the other ships. Epic is still my favorite but that thing was made by a famous designer with authentic crystal I believe.
  14. The ships do look very much alike. Because the Joy has no thermal spa, I would always choose Bliss if the choice came down to these 2 ships. Sailing Alaska, I can think of no better way of laying on a heated tile lounger watching the snow capped mountains go by.
  15. Thanks again for another wonderful review. Your photos are always top notch. The bear and whale photos were taken during an excursion? If so, which was it. How was the Galaxy Pavilion? I heard NCL changed their 90 minute unlimited games and is open to anyone now. True? Was it crowded? If true, I could see a long wait for some games on sailings with lots of kids (Encore and the Caribbean). What was your room? Balcony concierge? Overall, how was it staying in these kind of suites. Was it truly a Haven-lite experience?
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