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  1. Getting back on point, I would put my chips on cruising resuming in the USA in early Fall. I vote for Nov 1 which is actually 1 year after they thought they would resume this time last year. Many keep forgetting this will be a gradual process. 1. Let the cruises start off US Shore and if there are no issues, that is huge for starting earlier 2. If Covid deaths and infections crash the way many suspect once 65% of the US population is vaccinated, that will facilitate cruising resuming 3. US needs to snuff out these pockets of major spread. Florida still has about 35-40 peopl
  2. At least we know where all our nickels and dimes are going.
  3. A vaccine is no reason not to cruise. Its rare to live through a pandemic since they happen about every 100 years. Check your medical records. You were vaccinated against various diseases such as polio, small pox, mump, measles, and even some for chicken pox. I had the chicken pox in the mid 70s when there was not a vaccine. You have always needed vaccines to travel to exotic countries. The vaccine protects yourself so its really silly to hang your hat on some misguided political debate. We have come this far, we are not going back to the Covid shutdown nightmares. The unvaccinate
  4. Its crazy for anyone to book Vibe when staying in the Haven. I agree with the poster's reasons but that pretty much explains the Haven is not worth it on those ships if you are paying a huge premium to stay on the Haven and admitting the sundeck and pool area is sub par to Vibe. Yes its true, the Haven area can be over run with kids. I wish NCL would create a kids area within the Haven to avoid these issues. Yes its true, NCL expanded the Haven areas on the Plus ships adding one hot tub on the sundeck on Escape but 2 on the Joy, Bliss, and Encore.
  5. That's old thinking Bird. Vaccine studies are still on going but the first few studies have shown the vaccine prevents spread. Last week the first major study came out of Phizer and Moderna vaccine. It showed not only did it 90% prevent infection but it also had a very high rate of preventing spread even those who had no symptoms. So right now the studies are linking the vaccine stops the spread even in those who never would have gotten Covid symptoms. Granted, this is only one major study but the news last week on several vaccine studies were extremely positive. Here is just one link to
  6. I agree but our wonderful governor banned vaccine cards which conflicts with the CDC guidelines. Once again politics hurting business and cruises may not resume in Florida as early as other places. I seriously don't get what is going on. Its almost like we woke up in the pre-enlightenment era where science and fact were outlawed. The ruling class told everyone what to believe. Vaccines have existed for decades and required to enroll in schools and travel to other countries. Yet governor Deathsantis continues to make every decision governed by politics. His donors get vaccines first.
  7. Why does every conversation COVID related be dragged into politics. The virus does not care of you are democrat or republican. I swear every post or decision some people on this board make they make it known their political party. Seriously, how can the Miami-Dade mayor get "excited" about new guidelines when she does not know what those guidelines are. Completely a generic statement. So she is going to be excited no matter what they say? If they start cruising next year, she will be excited? Both the mayor and the governor are fools to take political shots at each other. They must be
  8. Your statement saddens me. You got Covid and was ok. Thats great. You dont see the death and destruction from Covid? For society to succeed we must all pull together and care about each other not just ourselves. Why people want to politicize a virus is beyond me. The government can do nothing and pretend it does not exist like they did when HIV was in the blood supply and so many innocent people were infected with AIDS and died. The basic role of government is to keep us safe. The police, the military, etc. If the United States did nothing, the people who studied pandemics stated up
  9. I don't agree with everything you post and vice versa. However I am glad you are getting the vaccine. Hang in there because by May supposedly everyone who wants a vaccine should have no problems getting one. The more people vaccinated means eliminating the virus and its variants. The sooner that happens then cruising can resume and we can spend better time arguing if Tortola is the better port vs St Maarten or which specialty restaurant is better. Fantastic research study released yesterday not only confirmed Phizer and Moderna at 90% effective after 2 months of study but it also yiel
  10. Very true. I expect to be flamed and that is ok. Dont shoot the messenger because I deal with reality and live in realville. Cruise ships were the poster child of Covid death early on. If cruising resumed tomorrow unless 100% of everyone was vaccinated it would surely happen again. I get that people are frustrated but you cannot bully or threaten a virus into submission. Some people want to argue the world is flat and no science will ever convince them otherwise. For the love of God, we dont even have federal jury trials in the United States because of Covid. Just imagine being innocen
  11. Cruising from the USA is not going to happen in July. For those of you ripping off your masks and think Covid is over is not reality. Covid is spiking all over the place. Take point Norwin High School in Western PA. Its in Westmoreland County and a county that is Trump country. They had huge Covid outbreaks throughout the pandemic. A few weeks ago they ordered all students back to classroom learning. The overwhelming number of parents and the school board pretty much declared Covid quarantine over. There was a small protest of some students who worried about their health. All students
  12. You are free to disagree but giving false analogies weakens your argument. Cruises were the poster child of COVID just one year ago. I can recall only one person dying on an aircraft from Covid and he did pass it to 2 passengers who tried to revive him. Passengers on cruise ships on lockdown spread it to hundreds of passengers and they were stranded at sea. On Aircraft people keep their masks on. On Cruise ships passengers are crammed together dining and other activities. But in any event a few more months and things will be rolling. IMHO the date is artificial and can be changed to an
  13. I am a firm believer that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The day after my second vaccine, it felt like a truck ran me over in my sleep. I had chills, brain fog, and fatigue. The following day I was fine. I was actually happy with the post vaccine symptoms because it tells me the vaccine is working. My body encountered something and started to build fighting cells to protect me and give me some immunity from it.
  14. I would welcome that too. But it all depends on work. Its like being home when a blizzard strikes. If you dont have to go to work you say "let it snow." If I was retired, it would be my dream to be on a cruise to nowhere ☺️
  15. That would be your choice. You have other vaccinations correct? Why is this one different? We must all pull together to get back to normal. I got my second shot yesterday and have my CDC vaccination card ready to go. Although I don't have the money to cruise right now. My next cruise probably wont be until 2023.
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