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  1. I think that broke a record. It went on for years and started well before Epic launched. It made no sense when people would say, "What if you are naked changing behind the curtain and room service walks in." First of all, they would knock but you can be naked changing in a regular cabin and people walk in on you too. So it made no sense how freaked out that someone was going to see them naked when they were changing. No waxy fake chocolates on the pillows!
  2. That is true only if there is another outbreak on a ship. This entire thread is all hypotheticals. Just like in the states, here in Florida gyms open Monday in Miami. If we get another huge outbreak, that will change things again. Pardon the pun but its all unchartered waters.
  3. I think this is the least of their worries. To restart and have a successful cruise even if it was a cruise to nowhere is the goal. There are Caribbean islands that cruising is a huge part of their economy and will welcome ships. This is a day by day, step by step process. Cruising is not going to resume at full capacity sailing to every port right away. Its going to be a slow and very long process to go back to somewhat normal.
  4. I was on the sister ship Encore . These suites can sleep 6 if you have smaller people. The bed in the second bedroom does open to a twin bed. My inlaws are small and they thought it was ok but they looked cramped IMHO 2 in Master bed (king size) 2 in twin bed (smaller size) 1 in bunk above twin bed 1 on sofa in living room
  5. I am talking about booking excursions online prior to sailing...…..not while on board
  6. OMG So many are on different song sheets on this thread LOL I dont think the OP and definately myself did not mean while BOOKING WHILE ON THE SHIP pre-paying i.e. when you are home and book online prior to your cruise Of course anything onboard is booked directly to your cruise account I am sorry but I had to laugh at "I have never been asked to pre-pay excursions. I always book the day before the port." NCL many years ago makes you pre-pay excursions booked before you cruise. Not talking OBC, Not talking about $50 credit either. The old days, you could book any excursion online before your cruise and you would not be billed until after you sailed. Its been for a LONG time that you pay for excursions before you sail.
  7. I just got off the Encore in March. The Encore would be a great ship for Alaska. I stayed in a 2 bedroom suite. An aft penthouse would be nice for outdoor balcony space. However, our suite was literally 10 feet from the Horizon lounge. OMG, just imagine this place in Alaska. It felt like part of our suite. They constantly had food and beverages there too. Also, the Haven sundeck is just above you for that outdoor viewing. Not to mention all of the other Haven perks right at your doorstep. For Alaska, you would never have to leave the Haven for the best views....indoor or outdoor.
  8. This has existed for awhile. I remember being required to pre-pay excursions as early as 2015
  9. Yes I can claim the lowest LOL Are we seriously going to have a debate on who finds the lowest fares and when? I just got off Encore in March. I had booked the cruise 17 months in advance. A new ship is expensive and the prices were steady except for holidays where prices were higher. I booked the lowest week I could find and it was February. That has normally been the case of all my cruises. However I am well aware people find lower prices. I am not talking last minute deals. Also, I am generally speaking. Of course ships, itineraries, and nights vary from cruise to cruise. I had no intentions to throw budget queen off her budget😉
  10. It also depends where you are cruising to. I live in Miami and when I price cruises to the Caribbean usually February has 2 weeks that are the lowest priced of the year.
  11. February is always the cheapest month to cruise. That is why I usually cruise in February. The kids are in school and its before spring break. The demand for cruises dips in February. The price dip does not have anything to do with flu season.
  12. The newer ships with the Horizon lounge has all the cookies, gummie bears, and M&Ms anyone can want. Its just steps away for those staying in the haven. No need to ask your butler. The lounge was only about 10 steps away from our cabin door. Its a nice gesture. I learned my lesson in not trying to stop them because you put the butler in a bind. I do agree some seem to take pleasure in getting food and snacks delivered just because they can. Did you really need and eat 2 full bowls of gummie bears along with 6 giant chocolate chip cookies 😩
  13. Yes those "snacks" are standard. I've had great butlers and tried to stop them yet they kept coming. They mass produce those trays that must be delivered. You can order something else and have it delivered but I found it almost impossible to stop them from coming. I think they don't know what to do with the extra tray and you are messing with the routine LOL I hate to waste food which is why I tried to stop them. Think from NCL perspective. Can you imagine everyone ordering special snacks every day? It would make their jobs much more difficult. The mass produced snacks streamline the process. Am I the only person to ever try and stop snacks from coming? While I enjoy chocolate covered strawberries, they are so over rated IMHO. It was those fishy sandwiches I tried to stop LOL
  14. I am trying to relive the happier times and came across my review posted before the world changed. I believe the Encore only sailed one more time after my cruise. I am no Bird Travels but here is my mini review
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