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  1. Scary stuff. I was watching passenger videos last night. The ship is without power too.
  2. When La Cucina was $10 it was worth it just for the service and atmosphere. The food has always been MDR quality IMHO. Last time on Getaway we found the gnocci better at Taste than La Cucina. Their rigatoni was pretty much the same as you would get from the buffet. The upcharge in La Cucina is all fancy footwork IMHO. I don't even know what the upcharge is today but they lost me at $10. We no longer consider them. I know some will jump in and mention a filet or seafood selection. That could be good but an upcharge menu should have the same quality across the board and not only 1 or 2 selections. (see I beat you La Cucina defenders to the punch lol)
  3. Comparing apples to apples or in this case filet to filet. It was the same exact filet except Le Bistro had their sauce on it. It appeared to me to be the exact size, texture of filet at Cagneys. I have to laugh (in a good way, not making fun of anyone) when people rave about Le Bistro's onion soup. While its ok its what you would get at Denny's. If anyone sails out of Miami and visits Miami Beach before or after their cruise....check out Baires Grill on Lincoln Road. They also have a Brickell location. Its an Argentine restaurant but they have the best French Onion soup that is a meal in itself. I work with a French guy and he even told me that in the French community in Miami the word was out this Argentine restaurant had the best French onion soup except their French mothers of course. Le Bistro is not even on the same level as good restaurants. Its like comparing McDonalds to Cagneys 😉
  4. The entertainment on Epic that first year will never be duplicated by any cruise line ever including NCL. Those were the days when NCL spent a fortune on things that Sheehan came in to cut back. Besides Blue Man Group; Legends in Concert, the most dramatic Cirque Dreams ever seen andFat Cats Blues where they hired top notch Blues Bands (not paid cruise line employees).
  5. It all looks very nice especially Cagneys. Although I miss that gazebo type thing that was the center of the restaurant like I miss the tree that was removed from La Cucina on Epic
  6. The MDR is definitely casual. The specialties are premium casual IMHO except I would put La Cucina is the casual section. The Olive Garden has better everything including break sticks compared to La Cucina
  7. Never heard this before. What was on the menu?
  8. I thought this was the old menu too. Didn't they remove the crispy calamari from the appetizers? Also the fried shrimp? The crispy calamari was so good when I had it a few years ago, you could go up to the bar and just order it without dining in. This was back in 2015.
  9. No specialty restaurant is free for anyone including Haven guests. You can order and pay for a meal from the specialty restaurant and eat it in the Haven restaurant or your suite. You could also order anything from the MDR and have it delivered to the Haven restaurant. Back in the lobster night days, people actually did this.
  10. Thanks for the review. I cant comment on your butler experience since I was not there. I will state that once a butler told me that butlers were forbidden to swap out chairs for loungers. It was a house keeping issue. Your butler can notify someone or you can call but this is one instance where maybe your butler did not fail you. They can get in trouble for doing so. IMHO staying outside the Haven complex does impact the butler experience. Glad you had a great time and cant wait for more.
  11. My NCL PCC added the auto gratuities to my account balance. The old rate is locked in. My balance did go up but rationalizing that my cruise bill after the cruise wont be so high
  12. I tried to find it recently. It was way back around 2010 which now makes it harder to find. I swear it was a doozy and one of the funniest reviews ever.
  13. I don't understand this? I think you are painting with way too broad of a brush. Never stated anything which you allege. Why are you bringing police misconduct into this? I was not dividing groups but giving examples of brawls even when the police show up. You love to comment on other's comments but you are spinning my comments into something I never said. Its ridiculous that I even have to reply to this. My comments on society include EVERYONE. I just wish you would read comments before you reply to them so fast.
  14. Very sad. IMHO its a commentary on where society is going. Its becoming more and more frequent. Brawls at malls are nothing new. Fights at schools have increased. Airports see this kind of behavior all the time especially on the planes. Now its happening on cruise ships. Alcohol no doubt plays a major part. But IMHO its the sense of entitlement society has today. Rules for who, me? People now even think they can bully the police with their phone cameras. Its all moving to a very scary direction. If I was the captain these people would have been off the ship. Call me harsh but I have zero tolerance for this kind of nonsense.
  15. I had my NCL PCC add them to my cruise account this morning. You don't actually have to "pay" them immediately by the 31st. They can be added directly to your cruise account at the current rate by locking them in. My cruise balance just went up
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