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  1. My FCC story was similar to others. Got the wrong amounts. Initially, I didn't know each passenger got their own FCC. Kind of dumb since I paid for everything together. I called and got an updated certificate in about 10 days. I called back to confirm the amount was right and to apply it and the connection was horrible and the call took almost 2 hrs. I finally hung up. I determined the 125% credit was on the cruise fare only (not fees). I went online to apply the FCC's to the reservation and it totally messed it up. Didn't apply properly even though I had the right amou
  2. Depends on where you purchased it I guess. We got ours from Allainz. We were able to move the policy to our new cruise. We just entered the new date in the website for the policy. The flight information will be different, so we just left that until we complete those bookings. I you didn't rebook and want a refund, I would ask whoever you bought it from.
  3. This answer is based on the title of the post. We pick the location, say Carribean or Alaska, then pick the ship we want. We do this because if we really want to go on a particular ship like Ovation and she's in Australia, we're out of luck. We usually go with the newest one available or a ship we haven't been on before. If none of the ships are to our taste, we wait or look at other locations. The exact route doesn't matter that much, however, if one of the stops is one we really don't like, we pass and keep looking. Dates play a role in this, but we are usually flexible.
  4. Allure June 2012. Son's high school graduation trip. Also took my sister and her daughters. They had recently lost their father to a lifelong battle with illness and this trip was a good release for them. Probably the most fun they ever had and it was their first cruise ever. One of the daughters, far left, is really into photography, so I bought her the unlimited photo package. She had a blast just posing for photos and seeing what she could come up with. They must have ended up with over 300 photos and became good friends with one of the photographers. She even posed with him in one of the p
  5. Our experience is below. And this was our preference. Everyone has their own mode of travel and that's OK. Tour group, on your own, whatever, it's all good. Just sharing ours. In 2015, we hired a driver for the day (through Rome in Limo I believe). Was costly ($500 Eu + tip I recall), but we did A LOT. We didn't mind feeling like we were on a ticking clock since we had a schedule and wanted to see multiple things. Prepay for all tickets in advance (regardless of how you do it) and you will walk right in like at the Colloseum and Vatican. We stopped at the Colloseum first-my Must Do
  6. Never been there, but this is our plan ($0) when we go in Nov as well.
  7. Yep, this is what we do. We had some fellow cruisers who racked up over 200 photos on one cruise, but they spent a lot of time doing this. They enjoyed it though. We usually end up with 100 or so, and it doesn't take that much time.
  8. I like both to be great if I'm spending that kind of money, which I am. I chose Ovation. I think the itinerary is great. Skagway, Juneau, Galcier Bay, Victoria BC. Plus I get to spend a couple days in Seattle. It's a win for me.
  9. I'm taking Ovation next year. She's going to Skagway, Juneau and Glacier Bay (itinerary change).
  10. Just go to the Windjammer on a Royal ship and you will see rude behavior almost instantly. It's as if people have never seen food before. This is why I avoid it now. You couldn't pay me to go there on embarkation day.
  11. Great, now a fight breaks out...again. Enough already. (I just came here for information)
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