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  1. Anyone else have an issue when trying to redeem their casino certificates? I just booked a future cruise while onboard the Harmony last week and was told by both the agent and the casino hostess to just call RCCL when I got home and they would apply the casino earned credit for me and my husband to the new booking. I called RCCL and they told me to call Casino Royale number to do this. After waiting 45 minutes on hold, Casino agent told me they would have to rebook the cruise at today’s rate and promotions in order to use the certificates, which means the cruise rate is slightly higher and I would lose additional $100 onboard credit which was offered for booking while on ship. Casino agent told me they didn’t understand why the ship staff told me I could just have the credit applied to current booking. I feel like I’m getting the runaround from RCCL. Regular RCCL agent told me to call back tomorrow and they would look into this.
  2. What is the tipping procedure for an AI like this? Similar to cruise ship tipping on the last day, and how much would they consider a fair tip?
  3. Do the balconies in the Aft have lounge chairs or just "sitting" chairs? The pictures I've seen may be old, and it appears there are some not-very-comfortable looking wooden chairs. Hubby likes to take naps on the balcony :) Pat
  4. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now it looks like there's a pretty good stretch of beach in front of the Surf Club. Can't wait to go!!! Pat
  5. I noticed from aerial pictures of the Marriott Aruba Surf Club it appears there are boat docks right in front of the beach area. Does the Surf Club "beach" area extend away from the docks? Will we have to walk away from this area to enjoy swimming with no boat fumes? Would it be better to stay at the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club (which is undergoing renovation)? We also read that last year the sand was "mucky" at the beach area. Has this improved? Sorry for all the questions! Pat
  6. Thank you all so much for the help! I'm definitely going to book on Palm Beach. We're "beach" people, so having the sand and boardwalk at our disposal is perfect. We'll wait to see if we want to rent a car, maybe just for 2 days to see the island and go to the store. Now if only the airfare was cheaper, lol. Can't wait until September! Pat
  7. I've tried to read all the threads here on this board for new travelers to Aruba, and now I'm confused where we should stay during our visit in September. We're either going to stay on Palm Beach or at the Renaissance downtown. We don't have the money to stay at an all-inclusive and are looking for an area that has some inexpensive restaurants (and some nice ones too!). Should we rent a car no matter where we stay? Are there inexpensive restaurants in both areas within walking distance? I've researched restaurants on the island, but I just keep coming up with the most popular ones which some appear to be a bit pricey when looking at their menus. Is there a shuttle/bus that runs between the various hotels at night? Help! I have Aruba overload!!! Pat
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