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  1. Does NLC ships like the Getaway have anything close to a Formal night? Thanks, Don
  2. I just read about Little French Key in Roatan. What is this? Is it different from peir that leads you into town? Thanks, Don
  3. I am sailing out of Copenhagen, Denmark June 9th aboard the NCL Sun. Which airport do I need to fly into from the USA? I am booking my own airfare. How far is the port from the airport? Thanks, Don
  4. WE did reserve the Chrk's Table. It was WONDERFUL!! I called the dining toom and made the reservation at a lkttle past 2:00p.m. March 30th, which was the day we boarded the ship. i was told i was the first person to reserve. We did reserve the Chef's Table. It was WONDERFUL!! I called the dining room and made the reservation at a little past 2:00 p.m. March 30th, which was the day we boarded the ship. I was told I was the first person to reserve. They only do the Chef's Table on Sea days. The meal was extremely delicious. The Executive Chef Jermyn Snowden was a real pleasure. We met at the International Plaza on deck 5 at 5:30 we were given white coats to wear while we were in the kitchen, I am a big guy 6'2" and almost 300 pounds, none of the white coats fit me so i was approved to go in the kitchen without ahite coat. The Matri'de personally vouched for me! We had hor’dorvers’ (sp) in the kitchen with the chef, I think 5 different kinds. Each was served with champagne. The chef was very cordial and friendly. We were then taken to our table. The meal was too many courses to count. But each was better than the previous. We were served three different wines. Normally they serve 10 people at the dinner but we had 11, adult daughter of a couple dined with us. Our table was very friendly. Desert was fabulous. Totally sugar free. I would say the best $150.00 dollars I ever spent on a meal. Don
  5. Has anyone recently been on the Sun in the Baltic Sea. I have booked a 9 day from Copenhagen round trip for June 9, 2012. My wife and granddaughter are so excited. They have both wanted to see Catherines Palace in St. Peterburg every since they watched a movie, I don't know which one. This bring me to my main question. Who has taken a two day tour in St. Petersburg? Who would you recommend to use as a tour company/guide? Has anyone done these tours through the shore excursion desk? Which way do you guys think would be best? No matter which way I go I realize it will cost in the range of $300.00 person. Norwegian isn't my cruise line of choice but they had the best fares for this trip. I booked a inside and got upgraded to a balcony, midship on deck 8. What are your thoughts. Don
  6. For my money I would go with 20 days interior orver a shorter balcony. Most will differ with me but to me a cabin is only the place I sleep. I have had outside cabins and my brother-in-law always get a balcony or suite. i have been in his suite many times, we normally travel together. Once my inside cabin was bigger than his balcony, this was the Sea Princess about two years ago. But to each his own. I beleive youwill get many post saying never travel in anything except a balcony. Don
  7. My wife and I are arriving a few days early for our Hawaii cruise March 30, 2011. We will be staying at the Radisson Hotel near the LAX airport. We need trasportation from our hotel to the peir. What would you recommend besdie the Princess transfers. There will just be two of us. We really don't want a taxi or limo. Thanks, Don
  8. My wife and I have never done this. We often go to specialty resturants though. Here is my question. Where do you go to reserve this? How soon do you have to reserve? I tried to do it through my booking and they told me I had to do this onboard. So that is why I ask about how and when. Don
  9. From a prievious post you stated you live in Denver. So I reasrch Southwest and found this. I know the dates might not be right but..... Denver, CO to Ft. Lauderdale, FL Depart Jan 29 Denver, CO to Fort Lauderdale, FL Saturday, January 29, 2011 Travel Time 5 h 45 m (1 stop, includes 1 plane change) Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL) 3:35 PM Return Feb 6 Fort Lauderdale, FL to Denver, CO Sunday, February 6, 2011 Travel Time 11 h 00 m (2 stops, includes 1 plane change) Arrive in Denver, CO (DEN) 8:35 PM Price Total $400.50 Just an option. Southwest is a low fare airline no frills. And the return trip is long but beats an additional $1K and is Leave Ft Lauderade at 12:00 noon. Slow day snow and ice on the roads nothing to do. Don
  10. It must be fixed. i just signed on and got pricing. I even got a discounted price because i am a past passenger. Being a past passenger saved me $125.00 pp on and inside Baja deck. Don
  11. We will be sailing to Hawaii March 30th and return to LA April 13th. Should we see ny whales on the trip? Don
  12. On the Ruby 10/24/10 we were in Club Fusion for the Muster Drill. They did swipe our cruise cards. They seemed to be very particular in the swiping. The first card reader they used wasn't working well so they came back and reread our cards. They told us they did it so they would have a better record if we needed to abandon ship. Wasn't that long at all. They had all the cards swiped by the time the were finished with the messages from the bridge. Don
  13. What do you recommend for two travelers saling from Los Angeles. We have cruised many times. But we have never cruised out of Los Angeles before. Princess wants $48.00 per person for transfers. I know a cab would probably be less but here is my questions. How far is the port from the airport? How much traffic will there be on a Wednesday afternoon around 1:00 p.m.? What do most of you do? We are arriving in LAX Monday the 28th and our cruise leaves Wednesday the 30th. We will spend some time with my son who lives about 50 miles north of Los Angeles. But we would be traveling from the hotel near the airport or from the airport itself to the pier on ther 30th. Thanks for all of you info. Don
  14. My wife and sister are wondering if therewill be any special events the week before halloween on the Ruby Pprincess. We leave October 24th and disembark October 31st. They both want to know if they should pack something special for a themed night. Thanks, Don
  15. Are you sure yyou will have internet access? On our ship we only had internet access in the front lobby. Don
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