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  1. gonesalsa

    Clearing Immigration in Benoa

    We sail in September and our ship arrives in Benoa at 7am. This itinerary is round trip from Bali. I'm wondering how long it has taken other ships to clear immigration. Are the Indonesian authorities quite difficult? Also, how long is the taxi ride from the port to the airport? Thanks!
  2. Got our cruise docs yesterdat! Really excited now! :D Did anyone else get theirs? I guess we're really going now. They also sent the list of excursions. Only one of the excursions had a price. Does that mean that the other ones are included? Granted that the most of the islands we're stopping at are uninhabited or excursion consists of snorkeling and a beach BBQ. Susan
  3. gonesalsa

    First and definitely not our last voyage. Star Flyer

    Hi Supper at 7:30 is going to be late for my husband. Do they offer afternoon snacks/canapés? Or if lunch is offered, is it a late lunch? Thanks!
  4. If anyone is interested, Star Clippers is posting pictures on Facebook from the East Bali itinerary as they stop in each port. They're on Komodo now. Susan
  5. gonesalsa

    Disembarkation Times and Taxi

    How does disembarkation work on Starclippers? On the big cruise lines, you're given a time slot and if want to walk off with your luggage to save time, you have the first time slots. Disembarkation tends to be mayhem with clearing customs and finding your luggage. We're on the Bali itinerary iin September and I want to book a flight for 11am, and Starclippers told me that that disembarkation is from 7:30 to 9:30. The 7:30 slot will give us enough time to get to the airport, 9:30 wouldn't. From what I read, the airport is fairly close about 20-30 minutes away, but that depends on the traffic. Has anyone taken a taxi from the port to the airport? Wondering how easy it is to get a taxi. I read that most of the taxis are hoping for tourists to rent the taxi for the day and aren't as interested in doing airport runs. Thanks! Susan
  6. Donna See you on board! Starclippers sent me a copy of the excursions, but it didn't have the price. I'm really curious about the Komodo island tours. I heard they're quite expensive. Susan
  7. gonesalsa


    Thanks for the info. How much did Starclippers charge for the dives?
  8. My husband and I will be on the Sept 23rd sailing. Looking forward to it. It says on the travel docs that the boat docks at 6am on the last day. Does anyone know what time we can leave at? Trying to book to a flight to Singapore and I'm not sure what time to book the flight.
  9. gonesalsa


    We're doing a 7 day cruise out of Bali in September on the Starclipper. Are there any diving excursions?
  10. gonesalsa

    Bali bound!

    We're also Bali bound. September sailing with a port on Komodo. Really want to see those dragons!
  11. gonesalsa

    America's Cup Regatta

    I think I just figured out the answer to my question. I looked at the excursion on Celebrity's site and the excursion leaves at 11:30. That kind of messes up the whole day. I don't think we'll have any time to go anywhere before or after the excursion.
  12. gonesalsa

    America's Cup Regatta

    I'm looking at this excursion. It's only for 3 hours. What can we do afterwards? Is it possible to go to Maho beach after the excursion or to Orient beach? How much would a taxi cost to get to either beaches? Our ship leaves at 5:00 pm.
  13. gonesalsa

    Eclipse caribbean dailies 2012/13 ?

    Please post the dailies when you get back. We're going in April 2013. Curious to see what they have going on in comparison to our Silhouette cruise last April. Thanks!
  14. gonesalsa

    Bigger Balconies

    Usually sail with Celebrity, but we are looking at the Pearl in December. the balconies on NCL seem to be smaller than Celebrity. Are there any cabins with balconies that are bigger than what the website says? If so, can somebody give me the cabin numbers? What is the usual size of the balconies for the regular cabins, not the mini-suites?
  15. gonesalsa

    Bringing wine onboard in Venice

    After going through port security with my one bottle of wine, I asked a Celebrity crew member, if there was a wine store nearby. He informed me that it was against Celebrity policy to bring wine on board. I wish I had printed off their policy from their website to tell him he was wrong. I had no problems going through the ship security with my bottle of wine.