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  1. They want access to other social media sites as well. We also plan to use Whats app for communicating because my sister recently cruised and she said it worked better than the hub.
  2. If I purchase gift shop items online will they be in the room when we get there? I would like to have some gifts for my girls when they first get to their room if possible. Also I want everyone to have Wi-Fi access at the same time so we can communicate without having to share log ins. I noticed that if I try and purchase it online it gives me the option to select each person in the room but will that give us different log ins? TIA
  3. I printed our boarding passes today and noticed that we have different muster stations. We're booked with one parent and one child in each room. That's not an issue but then I realized that we might not be at the same table in the MDR. We're waitlisted for anytime dining. If we're stuck with the late dining option how do I get the 4 of us to sit together. Is there a way to link us together? Can my PvP do this? Or do I have to wait until we're on the ship?
  4. Thanks! I thought I was going to do cheers but since we can bring 1 bottle of wine per adult I don't think I'll drink enough to get my money's worth. I also don't want to get it and 'share' it with the kids(they're 13 and 17) to get the specialty coffee and flavored lemonade. We'll factor their drinks into their spending money. I don't think they will spend a lot of time worrying about the drink choices though. I'll do cruise cash but still get some gift cards, mostly for the fuel points, when there's a good deal on them. Anything left over I'll use for my mom's birthday cruise in January.
  5. **I wasn't able to edit my title but apparently it's been 8 years since our last cruise(feels like 10 though) We haven't cruised in 8 years and it seems like some things have changed. I want to add money to our account before our October cruise. I thought I just called in to carnival in the past and said put this $100 on my account, but I could be wrong. Is cruise cash the thing to buy now? Or should i buy carnival gift cards and have them applied when we board? Or is that the same? I only want to put enough in there to cover gratuities and give our first time cruising DD's some spending money. We'll add more cash for ourselves later. I know I could just wait and add it all at one time but I am wanting to do it this way just to ease my mind. LOL Also does the soda/ bubbly package cover coffees and specialty non alcoholic beverages? My girls love flavored lemonade and my oldest likes to start her day with a cup of coffee(preferably a flavored latte or something) TIA 😊
  6. I'm sorry to have to do this but I have a Cheers question. My family (DH, DD and DD) are cruising together in October. This is the kids first cruise and our first cruise since the Cheers program was started. We had to book one adult in a room with each kid but we want to rearrange that once we board. If I purchase the drink package and then switch rooms will my husband have to purchase it too. I searched and read a thread from 2016 but it got off topic and I got confused. I know we can unofficially switch cabins but our TA said we can officially switch once on board top . We are on the fence about the drink package since we're cruising as a family but I still want to buy drinks without worrying about my bar tab and the specialty drinks(milkshakes and soda) are a plus as well. If I were to get the drink package we wouldn't share it. He won't have a problem paying for his one or two drinks. Any suggestions or tips? It's fine if we can't do it.
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