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  1. We were on the Enchantment in a JS on Deck 8. It was aft in the area below the spa. I thought it would be noisy but it was under the walking track outside the spa and there wasn't any noise from above in the evening and almost none during the day. You definitely do not want to be under the Park Cafe on Deck 8.


    They clean the WJ after it closes which means some moving of tables and chairs.


    On the Grandeur the cabins over the Schooner bar are only on the starboard side. The D2 cabins in the same location on the port side are over Giovanni's Table and Chops and there is little noise from them.

  2. I assume you sailed after the retrofit? I was on a princess ship once and was above the lounge and got barely any sleep.


    We sailed after the retrofit on the Grandeur. Our cabin was over the area where you first enter the Schooner bar. The piano was under the cabins that were farther aft. I would try a cabin on the opposite (port) side of the ship that is not over the Schooner bar.

  3. We were in cabin 7602 on the Grandeur of the Seas in August 2013. We were above the Schooner bar and could not hear the music in our cabin. We could hear the music when we were on our balcony but it was not a problem. The Grandeur is a sister ship of Vision of the Seas so I would expect the sound levels to be similar.

  4. So, under the theories presented on this thread, I will be Elite and reach 10 pts by my next cruise. Does that mean I will be Elite with 300 pts?

    Please feel free to comment away on this, as I love speculation!:cool:


    I have the exact same situation. Under the "old" system we would have 10 points after our 14 day cruise in February 2014 which I chose partially because we would get the two points necessary to make Elite. (This would also make us Diamond on RCI for a cruise in August.) If X counts days as speculated under a "new" system we would come up a few points short of 300. We are nearing final payment and I really hope we are "grandfathered" under the old system.


    I would consider it unfair if X changed the rules after we booked.


    What do you think?

  5. I was teaching grade three in an elementary school in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. The music teacher knocked on the classroom door and called me into the hall just after 1:38 pm. She said President Kennedy had been shot and school was going to be dismissed early. The children were told to go straight home and ask their parents what had happened.


    Driving home to my apartment I heard radio reports of the events in Dallas and all the music became very solemn.


    It was an intensely emotional and frightening time for the whole country.

  6. We will be in a full suite instead of a handicapped cabin. It was VERY expensive and I wonder if it will be worth the difference. Husband is in a small scooter but is able to walk short distances. We love the larger bathrooms but hate the flooded floor in the handicapped.



    Just ask your cabin attendant for extra bath mats for your handicapped shower and place them just outside the shower curtain perimeter. This prevents or at least minimizes the flooded floor issue.


    We have also found the tubs on ships very deep and difficult to navigate. Unfortunately the plumbing is under each tub which raises them higher above the floor level than in most homes or land based hotels. The handicapped showers also have grab bars which may or may not be available in a cabin with a tub.

  7. Just got off cruise with own wheelchair and we had no problem getting assistance from RCI to embark, disembark or any time docked.



    This is great to know. Not sure why our family member had her husband push her.


    The beach wheelchairs with inflatable wheels mentioned in a previous post are also available at Coco Cay.

  8. I would definitely suggest renting a wheelchair from the approved vendors listed above. If you rent the chair from home you have the hassle of getting it through the airport etc. and the chance of breakage in transit. You can request wheelchair assistance from Southwest at the airport and RCI will provide wheelchair assistance (pier assistance) with initial embarkation and final debarkation. This is very helpful for a person who cannot stand in lines for long periods or walk long distances.


    Recently a family member took her own transport chair on a RCI cruise and her husband had to push her up the long ramp to board the ship which was quite a challenge. The crew will push a chair provided by the ship for pier assistance. The only cost with the ship and airlines is a voluntary tip. I am not familiar with the rental cost of a chair provided by a vendor for use during the cruise.


    Handicapped rooms are available at the same fee as cabins in the same category. As stated above RCI and all other lines require a form that can be done online and total disability or medical certification is not a requirement.

  9. Are the shaded cabanas by the main pool first come first served - or are they reserved for a fee. I heard you pay for space in grassy area on upper deck - just curious - thanks!


    We were on the Eclipse in 2013 and the shaded areas by the pools were first come first served. We did not pay for space on the grass. There were a few events that had fees but in general the grass was free.

  10. I had a rep once tell me that when I see a lower price online I should make a courtesy hold and then call them with the number of the hold to have them apply the new price--so there is no possibility of a dispute that it was offered. I have done it that way ever since with no issue.


    Great idea! Thanks

  11. Take a screen shot when you check the form with the state, discounts etc. and then take a shot of the frame offering you the cabin category and price. Call RCI again and then e-mail the rep the screen shots which will have a date and time stamp to verify when you saw the price. Politely insist that you receive the lower price. If you booked direct with RCI and are before final payment the price drop should be allowed. If you used a TA they will have to make the call.


    I had this situation several weeks ago when the IT person and rep couldn't duplicate the price and didn't want to honor the offer. I took the shots before I called.


    Good luck

  12. Let's hope Celebrity has made at least a few changes and read the previous posts on these boards. We used this terminal in 2013 and it was by far the worst ever. Because of the poor configuration and the combining of two terminals it is just set up for delays. (I felt like I was walking to the airport!)


    Terminal 24/25 also shares a pier with another terminal and the access road and taxi area is inadequate to service two large ships at once.


    You can see both ships and the terminals in the photos at the beginning of this thread.

  13. I always put the luggage tags on our bags at home. I have never had a problem with the airlines even with a flight to Romania. I agree with the poster who mentioned having a better chance of lost luggage making it to the ship if it has a cruise line tag.


    For the last few cruises I have used the plastic luggage tag holders mentioned above and they are great.


    In the outside chance that the tags don't survive the flight you can get tags from the porters at the port or take extras with you.


    You can Google "Serendipity Luggage Tags" to purchase the plastic holders.

  14. If you see a price drop on the Celebrity site take a screen shot of the page with the price quote for your cabin category. The shot will have the date and time you saw the quote. Then have your TA contact Celebrity. If you are before final payment Celebrity may honor the price drop. Your TA may have a policy as to how this affects whatever perks they are giving you because their commission is based on your cruise fare.


    Celebrity's website has been having issues for over a week because of a recent "upgrade" but it doesn't hurt to give your TA a call.

  15. We're going Feb 22-March 8th sailing. Everything I have read is great so far. Can't wait for this one...and 14 wonderful days away.


    We are on the same departure and can't wait for February. We did the itinerary in reverse on the Eclipse in 2013 and liked it so much that we have booked again for 2014.


    As others have said there is a great mix of different islands and sea days. It is relaxing and never boring.


    Book now before prices go up. So far our cabin has gone up $500/person.

  16. My dad has always loved cruising and now requires full-time use of a powerchair as a result of a stroke. He cannot fly, so we are limited as to departure ports. I was thinking about a Bermuda cruise out of NY/NJ, but am curious as to which lines on that itinerary provide the best disabled cruise experience. We will need (for them) a fully accessible cabin, preferably with an accessible balcony, roll-in shower etc. I will do all the relevant research, but am looking for personal experiences. Thanks so much.



    I don't know where you live but you might consider taking Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas out of Baltimore. They have departures for Bermuda, the Bahamas and New England and Canada. The port is very accessible and the terminal is one of the easiest we have experienced.


    The accessible balcony cabins on deck 7 are huge and fully accessible with a roll in shower etc. They are also close to the main elevators. We found the ship to be lovely with its 2013 update and the crew was amazing.

  17. 1. One poster mentions putting your luggage out the night before debarkation and not seeing your checked luggage until you claim it at your home airport. (This would be marvelous!)


    If this is the case how do you get a bag check claim ticket in case of lost luggage? Do the bags go straight from the ship to the airport or must they be claimed, taken through customs and then given to the valet service?

    (My impression is that the bags go direct to the airport.)


    2. Another poster mentions being "buzzed" and having to have a valet progarm bag checked at customs.


    How does this work?


    Does everyone have to claim their checked bags on the dock and then go through customs after which the valet service takes the bags to the airport for check in or do just random passengers have to identify their valet program bags at customs and have their bags checked.


    Are the randomly inspected bags held at customs or are they kept with the non valet luggage?


    Thanks in advance for any clarification you can offer?

  18. I have 5 neodymium magnets with hooks, they hold up 25 pounds each, & take up almost no room or weight in luggage, best thing I've ever bought for a cruise, our hanging toiletry bags go on them, both of our cross body bags, anything else that we need to grab on the way out of the cabin.



    Where did you get the magnets?

  19. Love following your cruises. Have you noticed if they are still working on water damaged cabins. I read after Granduer went back into service they were still redoing cabins.


    I'm not Radio but we were on the Grandeur deck 7 August 16 - 23. As far as I know all of the cabins on the ship had new carpet, drapes, bedding and new bathrooms as a result of the latest upgrade. Everything was very clean and updated.


    The only work I saw was some exterior painting and varnishing of the aft railings in the area of the fire. The Grandeur went back in service July 12 and some work was incomplete for that sailing. Since then the South Pacific Lounge and Diamond Lounge within the South Pacific lounge have reopened and are entirely new because of the fire damage. I did not hear any reports of incomplete interior work.


    She is a great ship and we would gladly sail on her again.

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