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  1. Diamond Balcony Discount (per stateroom) When Booking More Than 6 Months From Sailing Date:

    $125* for sailings of 3-5 nights

    $225* for sailings of 6-9 nights

    $325* for sailings of 10+ nights



    * Subtract $25 if booking less than 6 mo in advance.


    Thank you. We will call for the additional discount when we become Diamond.



  2. Yes, once you are Elite on Celebrity, call Royal's Crown & Anchor and get your Royal Diamond status. Then call whoever booked the Royal cruise and ask for the increased balcony discount due to being Diamond.


    We will also be Elite on Celebrity after a cruise in March. What is the diamond balcony discount on Royal Caribbean?

  3. Yes, once you are Elite on Celebrity, call Royal's Crown & Anchor and get your Royal Diamond status. Then call whoever booked the Royal cruise and ask for the increased balcony discount due to being Diamond.


    We will also be Elite on Celebrity after a cruise in March. What is the diamond balcony discount on Royal Caribbean?

  4. On a recent cruise on Grandeur those with disabilities were allowed to use the elevators along with their caregivers. They were seated inside near their muster stations and their sea passes were scanned. Those without mobility issues were directed to the stairs and stood on the deck at their muster stations. There was no elevator crowding before the drill. The crew was very helpful and considerate.


    Just let those conducting the drill know your needs and you will be fine.

  5. The gala brunches on Celebrity are very nice and much like the midnight buffets used to be. They are on a sea day and well worth attending and photographing. They are held in the main dining room and feature an array of breakfast and lunch selections. Watch your daily for the time and day.

  6. For a flight leaving from FLL on a Saturday or Sunday during the peak season I wouldn't book a flight before 11:30. Yes, there is a good chance you could make a flight earlier but unless you have an affordable backup plan the risk of not making the flight is just too expensive.


    If you are sailing Celebrity and returning on a Saturday or Sunday there is a good chance you'll be at terminal 24/25 which had a lot of long disembarkation delays last season including a long line outside the ship to get into the terminal, long lines for customs, and long taxi queue as the taxi stand is shared with another ship at an adjoining terminal. Add to that an average load of 15,000 to 20,000 cruisers disembarking at the port on both weekend days in season. We've seen very long lines for both check in and security at the airport too and then there are reports of airport construction this coming season.


    On the other hand I've heard that if you get off the ship with self disembarkation or one of the first couple groups that the lines at the terminal and airport will not have had a chance to build up yet. But it would worry me a bit to count on everything going right for an early disembarkation. I'd rather fly out late in the day and find something to do during the day (like rent a car for the morning and early afternoon) or make a flight the next day and stay overnight at a local hotel.


    So if you're picking a cruise based on flight availability or airport congestion why don't you book the Eclipse 10 day which disembarks on a Monday or the Eclipse 11 day which disembarks on a Friday? These use the huge new terminal that was designed for the Oasis and Allure megaships so there is plenty of capacity for a ship the size of the Eclipse.


    Just a minor point: The Eclipse does the 14 day itinerary from terminal 24/25 and the Equinox does the 10/11 day itinerary from the same terminal as the Oasis and Allure. The Equinox debarkation goes much faster than the Eclipse.

  7. The above posters are correct in that the speed of debarkation depends on the terminal that is being used. If you come in at the terminal that is used by the Oasis and Allure on weekends you can get off quite fast on a weekday. We have done this twice on the Equinox.


    The Eclipse was a much different story in March 2013. If you are at terminal 24-25 you will likely have a long wait. The terminal is on a pier that serves two ships and is totally inadequate. There is a narrow approach road and little room at the pier so there is a bottleneck for traffic and the customs and immigration areas are too small for processing so there are long lines as early as 8:15. (Celebrity is moving the Eclipse to Miami in 2015 because of the terminal.)


    I agree that you need to self disembark early and possibly consider eliminating the train. It would be better to be very early at the airport than to miss your flight.


    We will be on the Eclipse again in March and plan to disembark very early for a flight from FLL.

  8. Just a thought


    I think giving out US coins as tips would be like giving souvenirs. US coins can be spent in the US but are not accepted for payment or for exchange in foreign ports. Only paper bills can be exchanged for foreign currency.


    Crew members might like one or two US coins because they are unique but they usually can't spend them outside the US. I would stick to paper currency.

  9. Love following your cruises. Have you noticed if they are still working on water damaged cabins. I read after Granduer went back into service they were still redoing cabins.


    I'm not Radio but we were on the Grandeur deck 7 August 16 - 23. As far as I know all of the cabins on the ship had new carpet, drapes, bedding and new bathrooms as a result of the latest upgrade. Everything was very clean and updated.


    The only work I saw was some exterior painting and varnishing of the aft railings in the area of the fire. The Grandeur went back in service July 12 and some work was incomplete for that sailing. Since then the South Pacific Lounge and Diamond Lounge within the South Pacific lounge have reopened and are entirely new because of the fire damage. I did not hear any reports of incomplete interior work.


    She is a great ship and we would gladly sail on her again.

  10. We were on the Grandeur August 16-23 and enjoyed the 3 aerial shows. For us the best view was from deck 5. (You can see from decks 7 & 8 but there is no seating. The new panoramic rooms bordering the Centrum have a wall between the railing and the room corridor which blocks noise from the Centrum. This leaves a narrow walkway between the railing and the wall.)


    The other posters are correct in that to get a seat you have to be really early and pull the chairs up to the railing on deck 5 or 6. There was a brief unannounced performance during the captain's welcome reception, an announced show a few days later and a brief unannounced performance during the last evening of the cruise. If you stand you have to get close to the rail to see. We arrived early for each show and enjoyed the band in the Centrum before each performance.






  11. Does anyone have a recent photo of the Category M Inside Stateroom on Grandeur of the Seas? Are there flat screen tvs in these cabins and do they have mini refrigerators? Thank you so much for your responses.



    I don't have a photo but there are flat screen TVs and no frig. The ship has been extensively renovated and the cabins have new bathrooms, carpets, linens and curtains (if outside). You can get an idea from the RCL website.


    From another thread: USA Today has a nice link for GOS. Good to see something positive. Enjoy!


  12. "You may experience warm water out of your cold water tap. This is nothing irregular as the ship may occasionally have to produce it's own fresh water from the sea. To produce fresh water we use residual heat from our engines to boil sea water, which is carried out in a vacuum chamber enabling us to evaporate the water at about 50 degrees C. The fresh water distributed can occasionally be above 40 degrees C and while the water quality produced is very high, it takes a long time for the water to cool down hence you may experience warm water coming from the cold water faucet in your stateroom."


    Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Compass August 16, 2013.


    I found this interesting and also have experienced warm water on all of our ocean cruises. As others have said the warm water is also due to the ships sailing in a warm climate just as warm water from the cold tap is common for those living in warm climates.

  13. After checking out a possible 5-day Spring sailing on Vision, I'm really excited because I now know that the ship is going into drydock in October 2013! It appears that the ship is going to have a new Centrum area, Chops Grille, Park Cafe, Giovanni's Table, and other neat stuff...SOOOO looking forward to it. It will be great if the "new" ship looks like Enchantment after the updates.


    Anybody else thinking about a Vision cruise following renovations? ;)


    We just completed a cruise on the Grandeur (a Vision class ship) which had similar upgrades this past year. We really enjoyed the new additions and the aerial shows in the Centrum were spectacular. We also liked the Park Cafe.

  14. For Platinum level one of the perks is "exclusive top tier event" What is this?





    We are Platinum level and just got off the Grandeur of the Seas today. The top tier event was a reception in the South Pacific Lounge on the second formal night. We were greeted by the captain and upper level staff and made to feel welcome. The event included a selection of free drinks and an elegant buffet with chocolate covered strawberries and the like displayed with an ice sculpture and fruit carvings. There was also a live show put on by two of the Royal Caribbean singers.


    This was our first such event and we thought it was well worth attending.

  15. I'm not seeing it Lois, but perhaps they were beta testing some new features. At least we know the wheels are turning, and hopefully, we'll see some improvements in the near future.



    I have been checking daily for price changes on an Eclipse cruise. So far I have randomly accessed the new format twice and I don't like it. Instead of being able to see all the balcony cabin categories 1A-2D I get a cabin preselected for me. Then I have to do a bunch of clicks to see what is available in each category and there are still only 3 cabins listed per category. As someone said above this version is really clunky.


    The only improvement is the larger deck plan with a magnifying feature which appeared sometimes. Other times I still get the small unreadable deck plan.


    I have also cruised on Royal Caribbean and found their site much more user friendly.


    I really hope what I got was a test version and not the new booking site.

  16. Hello to all of you on the first few cruises as the Grandeur returns to service. I would be curious about the movies shown on the outdoor screen and also the production shows in the theater (just the titles of the shows would be helpful if you yourself do not go to the shows). DH and I are on the August 16th cruise. Can't wait!


    We're on the same departure and would also like to hear from people on the post fire itineraries.


    There is a Meet & Mingle scheduled for August 17 at 10:15 in the Viking Crown Lounge. Please join the roll call for the August 16 departure and sign up for the Meet & Mingle Party.

  17. We are planning on cruising from Budapest to Amsterdam in September, 2014 then cruising the Seine from Paris followed by a South of France River cruise.


    We are new to river cruising - is there a particular side of any of the ships that we should be selecting.


    On a river cruise the side of the ship really doesn't make much difference. The ships dock on both sides and at times are tied up next to other ships. I would look at what is above or below your selected cabin, how close it is to the stairs/elevator, and how close the cabin is to the dining room and lounge.

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