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  1. We have done three river cruises and one land tour with Vantage and would not hesitate to book another with them. They cater to the 50+ age group and are a direct marketing company that does not use travel agents. We agree with the above posters and have found Vantage a cut above the others. Their program managers are outstanding and their attention to detail is marvelous. We have done one river cruise with Grand Circle which was quite good but lacked some of the innovative and personalized aspects of Vantage.


    They have new ships since we cruised with them so I can't rate their ships. A friend cruised on the Discovery II in April and loved the ship.


    Another significant thing to consider is how a cruise line handles the unexpected. On our 2011 Eastern European itinerary the Danube was very, very low and the ship could not reach Bucharest. Vantage was wonderful. They notified us in advance and kept us in a well located hotel for two additional nights, bussed us to our tours, included some great lunches with wine and entertainment and went out of their way to compensate for a condition that was beyond their control. We joined the ship up river and the rest of the tour went off as expected.


    I also agree that their Boston office can be a bit difficult but it is much improved in recent years.

  2. Here are some NEW ACC Pics from Grandeur.


    These were not taken by me. They are RCCL owned images.














    Accessible Junior Suite












    Accessible Balcony Cabin











    Accessible Ocean View












    Accessible Inside







    Thanks for the photos and all of your reports. We really enjoy your insights and information.


    Are any photos of the accessible bathrooms available?

  3. How easy or difficult is debarkation and embarkation from Disney Fantasy when using a motorized scooter? How can I get help with getting through security and up and down the ramps which depending on the port and tide may be steep.


    The itinerary includes Costa Maya, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Disney's private island? Any suggestions for activities or accessible tours at these ports of call are welcome. Any ideas for private tours, ship tours or things one can do independently would be appreciated.


    Thanks for your help

  4. I'm going to take a wild guess here. Since the ship is sailing from Baltimore I think that particular flag is a replica of the flag that would have been flying at Ft. McHenry back when our National Anthem was written by Francis Scott Key.



    Yes, the flag is a replica of the flag that flew over Ft. McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.


    Francis Scott Key saw the huge flag on the morning of September 14, 1814 and knew the fort had not been captured by the British. The flag replaced a tattered storm flag that had flown over the fort during the previous night's battle. (The weather during the battle was very rainy like it is today in Baltimore!)

  5. Am returning to Eclipse in November to repeat last year's glorious two weeks in the Southern Caribbean (both DH and I were sick as dogs the whole time - didn't make it to one show, had dinner in our room two nights, no excursions, beaches, etc. - this year, we have "free" drink package and will make up for lost time!) LOL.


    Last year I remember we had a surprise on arriving in STT and couldn't get into port. After much confusion and delay we anchored off shore and they started a tender service. Captain later told us that the berth could not accommodate the draught of the Eclipse. I notice this year we are scheduled to tender. Does anyone know - can the Eclipse dock anywhere at STT (Havensight or Crown Bay) or are both basins too shallow? I am hoping that at least since we know ahead of time it won't be mass confusion until noon.



    In February 2013 the Eclipse docked at both areas in the same day. We docked in Crown Bay in the morning for our day in St Thomas and returned to Haversight in the evening for the medical evacuation of an ill passenger. Both areas are deep enough to accommodate an S class ship.

  6. Not crazy at all. The ship should be good to go and through several sailings by then.


    We're booked for that cruise and have zero worries.


    It's a wonderful cruise and a great itinerary, imo. Can't wait to get back there.


    We're booked on the Grandeur in August and looking forward to the cruise and newly upgraded ship. My worries are more like heat, humidity and hurricanes! No worries about the ship.

  7. Just got the call that my July 12 cruise was cancelled due to ship being overbooked. Apparently some rooms that were affected due to fire aren't ready. In starting to believe this wasn't meant to be..



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    This has to be very upsetting news. Where was your cabin or was it a guarantee? I hope they offered you good compensation and you will eventually get to sail her in a much upgraded cabin!


    I have friends who were booked on one of the cancelled departures and they were given a substantial upgrade for July 12. Let's hope they finally get to sail.


    We're scheduled to sail on the Grandeur in August.

  8. Friends of mine were advised by a TA to switch to MTD the first day on board so they could use an OBC for gratuities. Unfortunately MTD was fully booked with a waiting list so they were not able to change.


    I wouldn't count on being able to switch and I don't think there is any way to tell in advance what your chances are of switching. You need to visit the main dining room as soon as you board if you decide to take a chance on switching.

  9. We sailed on Grandeur late April to May. I liked the JS. There was plenty of room for all of our belongings. The bathroom was nice. As mentioned above te tub seems deeper than those at home. We did not find it to be too hard to get into.


    The one issue is the sink. They are round vessel sinks. The faucet is set very close to the side of the sink. It is hard to get your hands under it.


    One of the people on our roll call said he washed his hands over the tub.


    I used to rinse out my bathing suit in the sink every day or two to get rid of the sand from excursions. I had to do that over the tub.


    the sink is only big enough to rinse a Speedo.:p


    Here is a link to a photo review I did for the Grandeur.



    Thanks for your reply and for the link to your photo review. I found the review and comments very interesting. Now we need to get her back in Baltimore.


    Thanks again



  10. On ships, the tubs are above floor level, so that the plumbing underneath can be accessed. The tub itself isn't really deeper than a normal tub, but it's raised higher than your tub at home, hence, it feels deeper, especially when stepping out!


    There should be one bar...but it won't have true "grab bars" like a handicapped bathroom will.


    You can sit on the edge of the tub, turn and then stand....makes it easier if you don't want to step in and out.



    Thanks for your timely reply. The tubs being raised for the plumbing makes a long step down which is challenging for me. I'd better stick to a shower!

  11. Has anyone been in a JS on Grandeur after the upgrade this past spring?


    We've sailed in a JS on Vision and Enchantment and really like the rooms but have found the bathtubs a bit challenging.


    My question is what are the JS bathrooms on the Grandeur like post upgrade? Does the tub/shower have any grab bars and how deep is the tub? Photos of the bathrooms would be greatly appreciated.






    We're looking forward to welcoming the Grandeur back to Baltimore in July.

  12. Considering the recent fire on Grandeur of the Seas, have you put together a plan in the event that you get that alarm in the middle of the night. I usually book an inside cabin which is very dark as it is and if you lose power, you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. I decided that I will keep the things that I need to take with me in a separate bag (freezer bag) and will bring my small lantern (4 inches tall and bright) with me on future cruises. I could imagine that things could get hectic in that moment. What have you planned if anything different?








    I keep a key chain size flashlight on a lanyard on the bedside table whenever I travel.

  13. The standard cabins are fine for two adults but not large enough to accommodate four adults and a wheelchair. The standard cabins as stated by other posters have lips on the doors and do not have any grab bars.


    We have been on the Eclipse and Equinox and you definitely need an accessible stateroom. The Eclipse is a lovely ship and most areas can be accessed by wheelchair.


    I have attached photos of a standard bathroom and cabin. (You can see the shower reflected in the bathroom mirror.)


    Hopefully you will be able to find a sailing that has an accessible stateroom.



  14. Please, just so I understand...If I book early to get the location I want, and the price drops or adds perks BEFORE final payment, can I still get the better deal and keep my location?


    I booked a Caribbean cruise months ago without any perks. When the Pick Your Perk promotion was offered I was able to request that my booking be modified to include one of the perks. I live in the US, booked directly with Celebrity, and was well before final payment. The cabin price was the same as when I booked it so the agent simply added the perk. I could have cancelled and rebooked but ran the chance of getting a less desirable location. The promotion clearly said, "New bookings only." The promo could not be combined with other discounts or special rates.


    Price drops before final payment are made for US and Canadian residents without changing staterooms. I'm not sure about other residents.


    It doesn't hurt to ask for an accommodation.

  15. YEA!!!! I checked Celebrity's site this morning and for the first time in months the stateroom code appeared on the booking pages. Before this there was a ? in every code box. Hopefully they are working to upgrade and repair the rest of the site.AJTBqeghJFarAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC


  16. Thanks everyone for their helpful comments. I am in the UK and we do not get the same deals and offers as US cruisers. As we are in C1 on Penthouse anyway, I don't really think an upgrade room would be an option for us as we are not bothered about AQ and cannot afford a suite (we wish!). I have not yet made final payment (due in about 4 weeks). Would it be better to try and negotiate before final payment (which seems the obvious answer to me) or I think I read somewhere they will not budge unless you have already made final payment. Also, it is still about 87 days before departure so should I wait to see if the price goes even lower but then of course I will have made the final payment? Its not so much the money but I am a bit miffed because the cabin next to ours is still available at the cheaper price! I was encouraged to book early (Oct 12) when I rang Celebrity for advice as they said the cabins on Penthouse would soon go - obviously not. I suppose you learn by your mistakes.:eek:



    I don't know the policy for UK clients so all of this may be useless for you.


    I live in the US and booked our upcoming cruise months ago. The current Pick Your Perk promotion which stated new bookings only came after my booking. The fare was the same and Celebrity agreed to add the promotion to my existing booking.


    As stated above give them a call or calls and state your case. If you don't want/need an upgrade you can ask about onboard credit, paid gratuities, drink packages or cancelling and booking the room next door, etc. Adjustments are easier BEFORE final payment. Let us know what happens.

  17. Here you can see the bigger balconies on the angled part leading to the hump:



    This graphic is correct for the balcony size on the hump BUT staterooms 9296 and 9298 are the same size as 9294 and 9292. The graphic makes it appear that the lavender rooms are larger. The lavender cabins are concierge class CC (note footstools in the photo) , the magenta rooms are 1A, and the pink are 1B on deck 9. The lower decks have different categories.

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