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  1. Thank you for all the replies. I did contact Celebrity today. The person I spoke with said it was not possible because of Covid protocols.... this does make sense....howeve,r the person I spoke with did not instill confidence🤣. We are still looking at our options. I was looking into the Japan travel restrictions and they are still pretty strict .
  2. We are looking at a round trip cruise from Tokyo in March of 22. It arrives back in Tokyo on March 26th but the cruise isn't officially over until the 27th. Would it be okay to leave on the 26th? Thank you
  3. We sailed on the Apex in July. We had a 9:50. We carried our luggage off and had a car service waiting at 6:30. We made it in PLENTY of time. We are still working so we don't have the luxury of unlimited time. We did have a back up plan if things did not work. YMMV
  4. An osteopathic physician, or D.O., is a board-certified physician who is fully licensed to practice in every state and in more than 65 countries worldwide. As licensed physicians, they diagnose, treat, prescribe medications and perform surgery.
  5. Are you saying masks don't work? I am sincerely asking what the point you are making. I am so confused by all the information I see, Some areas are relaxing the mask requirement and the numbers are going down, some areas are seeing increases. I feel like it is a moving target and opinions are always changing. I have tried to not entrench myself in one opinion and then not be willing to listen to others have to say. It feels like the media has an agenda to pit people against each other. (I realized that sounded sarcastic so I wanted to clarify).
  6. Tangent question (sorry). If we book our air through Celebrity and THEY cancel the cruise is the airfare refunded?
  7. This morning at 6:55am CST I clicked on the link in the email and it sent me to the refund page. I filled it out and submitted it at 6:57( I took A LOT of screen shots along the way to document). 7:01 I had my confirmation email. Still says it will take 90days for the refund which is ridiculous......
  8. I deleted the email with the link to upgrade... ( so that I wouldn’t be tempted) now I have changed my mind🤣. Is there anyway to do this on the NCL site without the email link? Do they ever send a second email?
  9. I have seen posts saying you may be able to get a free upgrade to the next category, but does this apply to suites? I am looking at a cruise for next May. We will be on a cruise in October. Thank you for your advice.
  10. Follow up question to bidding two categories higher...... On the Jewel class ships that have both suites AND haven.... are they considered two different categories? Or would a balcony still be allowed to bid on haven rooms?
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