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  1. We were on the Freedom of the Seas sailing on December 1. Just noticed the new tube slides at the rear of the ship. Do you know if they took out the Flow Rider and put the slides in, in its place? Just curious. Enjoyed the ship and ABC itinerary immensely! Would do it again in a heart beat!
  2. Great! Hope you enjoy your time in San Juan and all it has to offer. I would visit there again any day, and again would chose an Airbnb over a hotel!
  3. Oh my, I don't think you are looking in the right spot if you can't find an ab&b now for sometime in November. I booked my ab&b at this time last year for November, 2019. They were plentiful and I have a neighbour who has just booked an ab& for this upcoming March, and she had sooo many to chose from. I suggest you look again!
  4. I booked our cruise with a RC cruise consultant with a refundable rate, 10 months in advance. I would keep checking periodically for rate reductions or OBC. I initially got a lower price with an OBC and then still kept looking. Got a further reduction but had to give up our OBC which was a no brainer and the reduction was worth it to give up the small OBC and get a better overall price. Then PRIOR to paying our cruise in full a day or so before payment was due, when I knew we would NOT be cancelling this cruise, I switched our booking to a non-refundable fare and saved the difference in price between the "refundable rate" and the "non-refundable rate". With that reduction I paid our daily service charge in full. My RC cruise consultant was wonderful and pleasant to deal with each time. Just keep checking your cruise fare prices and don't be afraid to get your cruise re-priced if you see a lower rate.
  5. In December we stayed at an Airbnb across the street from the Mariott hotel. It was beautiful. Spent most days at the beach (we are beach people) as had previously been to the Rain Forest, Forts and Old San Juan. At night enjoyed the local restaurants and an outdoor marketplace with music in the streets.
  6. You have to also take into consideration how many port days and whether you will be off the ship on those days. On our cruise in December we were off the ship for 4 port days, so in my opinion, not worth getting the drink package for us unless you can drink at least 6 - 7 drinks (other than beer, which is the cheapest drink) in say 6 hours. We were sure to have a drink or 2 off of the ship while in port at a much reduced price than they would have otherwise cost us onboard.
  7. On our cruise in December (Freedom of the Seas), my husband wanted to wear shorts one night in the dining room, so unsure if he was able to do so, I called the front desk and they responded "oh yes, all men are required to wear pants" in the main dining rooms. So off to dinner we go with DH in his pants. I would bet that half of the men in that room had shorts on. So really, if it is a requirement to wear pants it certainly was not enforced on our cruise, and I would bet that it is not enforced of most of the ships either! What I really CAN'T stand in the main dining room is men who wear baseball hats during dinner or are wearing jeans that are torn and look like you would wear to a park or bar-b-que.
  8. If they can swim, yes I think it would be good. The water was somewhat rough the day we did it. They have vests available for adults, not sure if they fit kids. They also have swim noodles available which I used just for extra support. There was 1 guide in the water at all times with an average group of 10 people. Have your kids snorkelled before?
  9. Definitely a great snorkelling trip. Well worth the money! I think if you don’t go snorkelling, they would give you as many drinks as you wish, as long as you don’t go overboard 🤔!
  10. Also forgot to mention, that a fellow cruiser whom we met on the ship, said that he purchased the drink package for just himself on the first day, not his wife. I said I thought that each adult travelling in the same state room had to purchase it, to which he said, I just told them that my wife doesn’t drink 😉 and so they let him purchase it just for himself. He said it was also like only $49 a day plus gratituties. Do you think they shared it 🤔! I know for a fact they did, as he even admitted to it. Definitely not right, just saying! 😡
  11. On our Dec 1 sailing of Freedom of the Seas, definitely no buckets of beer available for purchase, I know because we asked. I believe on day 5 we could purchase a drink card good for 10 drinks for around $89.00 plus 18% gratituties, which if you are just going to purchase beer, definitely NOT worth the price.
  12. I have a question, do you know if I can purchase onboard credit before leaving for my cruise, so that specifically once I am on the ship I can withdraw "cash" to use while in port. I live in Ontario and will be cruising out of San Juan and don't want to travel ahead with too much money on me personally. One person said that I could set up an onboard CASH account and that that would work. She suggested I call the 1-800 number, which I did, and they told me "No". However, she said she does this all the time, and has done this as recent as this past July. Please help, if you can!
  13. I've emailed my PCC and she suggested I call the 1-800 number, the same one that you gave me. The gentleman I spoke to said "NO" I could not do this, but I do appreciate your assistance in this matter. Sometimes I do wonder if I try calling in a couple of days and get a different person if I will get a different answer, as it seems to be a call centre, who are all learning and do not have the answers at the ready. Can I put you on a quick hold while I ask someone...? Sure!🥴
  14. Thank you Mr. Texas, for your response, you've been a wealth of knowledge and very helpful (UGH)!
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