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  1. I know. Just pulling your leg. Pablo even caught the captain by surprise. It was a tropical low that didn't look particularly dangerous until it flared up. I totally agree with them being too far east. Pablo was apparently the furthest east Atlantic hurricane ever, and the furthest north named hurricane. You must really love the Norwegian Breakaway. 5 cruises and one planned. I was not a big fan of the Getaway. Public spaces not conducive to informal gatherings, board games, etc.
  2. We have used Nationwide purchased through Insuremytrip.com for our last 4 cruises, and we've been very happy. They have a family of policies that are cruise-specific, so they cover things like missing a port, reimbursement of non-refundable shore excursions, and itinerary changes. We have had claims for a missed port, a pre-cruise itinerary change, and a visit to the ship's hospital costing over $4K, and Nationwide paid out promptly on all our claims.
  3. All good points, klfrodo. Just one thing to add: It's HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), not HIPPA. Interestingly enough, the word Privacy is not even in the name of the act. Call Nationwide and ask them. Their people are very helpful.
  4. If it's a Nationwide policy, just call and ask them. We got reimbursed $250 pp because the Norwegian Getaway missed the Azores due to Hurricane Pablo last October. I wasn't clear on what the policy meant by "inconvenience", so I called Nationwide and they said missing the port for pretty much any reason was covered, and they emailed me a claim form. Had to provide proof of payment for the cruise, a copy of the original itinerary, and a copy of the final folio statement with ) balance as proof we took the cruise and paid all charges. They also asked for a copy of the "revised itinerary", but NCL said there was no such thing to provide a copy of, and they sent me a copy of the captain's email to NCL corporate offices notifying them that we were not able to make port there. Nationwide accepted that.
  5. If you use medical services on the ship, call your travel insurance company and notify them. They will give you a claim number. The hospital staff let my husband use the phone to call Nationwide when I got sick on the ship last year.
  6. The Nationwide cruise-specific family of policies (Choice Cruise, Luxury Cruise, etc.) are different. You have to purchase the policy ON or BEFORE the date of final payment to get the Pre-existing conditions waiver. So if you book a last-minute cruise and make the final payment on the day you book it, you have to purchase the insurance on the same day to get pre-existing conditions coverage. Other policies, including some from Nationwide, that are not cruise-specific, allow you to purchase after the final payment.
  7. We missed the Azores on the Norwegian Getaway's 19-day Transatlantic last fall. I contacted Nationwide who we had purchased insurance from and they confirmed that was a covered event and sent me the form I needed to submit. For proof of the itinerary change, I contacted NCL through their "Contact Us" form on their website and requested a copy of the new itinerary, and they sent me a copy of the email that was sent to their corporate office from the captain confirming the itinerary change at the time. Nationwide accepted that as proof. Also needed to submit copy of original itinerary, proof of payment for the trip, and copy of the folio statement as proof that we took the trip. There was a list of documents needed that came with the form they sent. Was able to submit by email (Nationwide actually prefers that) and received $250 pp for missing a port due to a hurricane. Also had previously received $750 pp for the pre-cruise itinerary change on our Southern Caribbean cruise after Maria and Irma wiped out 4 of our scheduled ports. Nationwide is an easy company to work with and cheerfully and promptly paid out on both claims. I was very impressed. I also had medical claims on the Transatlantic cruise. They not only paid out promptly, but they actually called me because they noticed that there were more medical charges on my folio statement than what I had submitted claims for. They wanted to know if they needed to pay any of those (they didn't need to, because my primary insurance paid them). I can't say enough good things about Nationwide.
  8. You completely missed Hurricane Pablo and Subtropical Storm Rebecca. The Norwegian Getaway sailed through both of them on its 19-day Transatlantic. It was actually kinda fun.
  9. Sailed right through Hurricane Pablo on the Norwegian Getaway in October. It was actually kinda fun. We had to skip the Azores because of it though.
  10. Well, that's what Cruisecritic is for. Doing homework. This will be our 17th cruise, so we've been doing homework for a long time. Sure is easier since the internet was invented. Our first cruise was in Jan 1983 on the Mardi Gras!
  11. I always do some research before heading out on a cruise, though we are keeping this one pretty low-key, mostly just to get warm for a week and enjoy the really cheap balcony cabin that we scored. Never been in a balcony before. With coronavirus out there, I'm glad we have it, though I don't expect to be quarantined on a Mexico cruise.
  12. We don't ever buy anything at any of the ship-recommended stores. The only time we walk into a DI store is to pick up our free charm. The only things we plan to purchase in Mexico are a couple of refrigerator magnets from the 2 ports we haven't been to before and maybe a bottle of vanilla for my neighbor.
  13. Agree with Pink845. Most routine illnesses are viral anyway, so antibiotics are useless and contribute to overall resistance. For specific infections like bladder infections or maybe sinus infections (most of which are also viral), it is best to speak with a physician who is familiar with the patterns of resistance among the local bugs rather than to just take antibiotics willy-nilly. Many basic antibiotics are relatively inexpensive in the US (Keflex, amoxicillin, sulfa, etc). Also keep in mind when taking antibiotics in Mexico that many of them cause photosensitivity reactions, so if you are going to take an antibiotic for a legitimate purpose, stay out of the sun! As an MD, I would not take an antibiotic purchased in Mexico unless I was legitimately ill and it was the only alternative.
  14. Thank you for the information flowerchildpeace. I appreciate it, as we are heading out to the Mexican Riviera soon.
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