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  1. On the subject of April birthdays...happy belated birthday to everyone! Mine was March 25 so I can’t jump on the April bday bandwagon but I would say that Aries are awesome!
  2. This sounds about right. There’s a lot of work being done to report to upper management. It’s like a full time job just to present work matrix to them to show work progress. And they don’t understand what the real workers are doing and it’s just a time consuming waste of time to try to get them up to speed because they want to be spoon fed and not really have to gain understanding. I sound bitter but it’s more frustration because I’m on the outside observing and it all looks and sounds ridiculous to me. I’m the family that gets impacted, missing time with DH and when I hear these people on th
  3. Melody...very wise, but not something easily implemented in today’s global world. DH had the virtual job that he got back in GA which gave us the freedom to move to NC. Back then, his clients and business venture partners were in Germany and so business hours were screwy. But still local were his companies team members and he had to be responsive to both. These days, same thing...customers and business partners in varying time zones and with the lack of ever having in depth meetings, the day is a constant barrage of group meetings. DH often eats lunch during a meeting he only has to listen to
  4. Melody and Sharon...so funny! I am planning on sharing with my neighbors. I even daydream a bit about putting a little sign at our neighborhood entrance but idk if I will actually have that much extra. I have already shared radishes. In 2019 I think, the Florida senate passed a bill that says that no local authority can restrict any homeowners rights to grow food for personal sustenance in their front yard. That’s kind of a typical HOA thing...and some cities....but now those restrictions are unlawful. It doesn’t seem to be a well known bill...I think it’s a bill...Senate 86 or som
  5. My Great Grandma lived in Lake Elsinore...and in the 80s I would go visit her every summer. I would fly alone to the Orange County airport. I'm pretty sure that we drove through your area on the way. What I remember most is that there was a road that Grandma and I called the PEU road...as in Peeeeeeyouuuu...because it stank so bad with all the cow fields on either side. Grandma took the country roads and avoided the freeways if she could. She also was leery of the air conditioning causing the car to overheat so she didn't use it much...and we would have the windows down and would take turns pl
  6. Melody...your patio looks wonderful! You're going to have so many wonderful days there! Les looks very proud of himself...as he should. Landscaping is hard work...OMG...I know you said you were sore too from all the rock moving around that you did. We have been doing landscaping ourselves and so I know exactly what you are talking about. We've been trying to move forward with the natural pool idea and we've run into a bit of a snag in the whole design...the dreaded pool safety statutes. It's a major problem really because the whole idea of what we are trying to do is basically have
  7. Yeah...I keep thinking about how we were living in Winston Salem before moving down here to Florida two years ago. Missed it by THAT much. Still...less than 8 hours away beats the current situation. When we were in the same schools we were in the Bay Area. She moved away halfway through high school up to around Sacramento and more around there and between the Bay Area. I think she was about 1.5 hours from the East Bay. Are you familiar with CA?
  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a different kind of birthday I suppose...we usually celebrate birthdays in terms of weeks LOL and even months...like it's my birthday this week so we should get to do whatever I feel like doing. My week opened with my BFF from 7th grade...I have known her since 4th but we didn't become besties until 7th...getting in touch with me again. I moved away the summer after 7th and we stayed in touch all throughout high school...and then still in college...and then times between contact got fewer and further between. It's been years now since we've be
  9. Excellent news Melody!!! My SIL taught at the academy there in CO Spgs for a while. Is that where he will be?
  10. Beautiful quilt top Lisa. So bright and cheerful! How did you find your long arm quilter? I actually saw a listing on Craigslist the other day...it got me thinking and wondering.
  11. I've been taking so many pictures! I got a new phone a while back and upped my storage to a crazy amount and have been using my phone to document when the seeds germinate, when the blooms start, first fruits, etc. Most of my photos are zoomed in a lot. I saw a documentary on Netflix I think about Pixar. They were talking about the making of a Bug's Life and I think my photography is a bit influenced by that. I'm really getting down to the plants level for so much of what I am taking pictures of. My yard as a whole is not very attractive rn...we haven't done anything to enhance the
  12. First off...I also want to add my condolences Debbie. I've never had anything close to such a tragedy happen so close to home. I can't even. Hugs. Second...I'd just like to express appreciation to everyone participating and lurking here for the civil discussion in response to my post. It feels like our society and country has forgotten that it's okay for everyone to have unique and differing opinions. We don't all have to agree on every topic. But lately it feels like dissenting opinion is being...punished? persecuted? beaten? IDK...it's all so crazy. And anyway, I just want to sha
  13. So...I seriously do not want to open a debate...or get into any kind of heated argument. I seriously don't. I'm not trying to open that door...but I do consider myself to be fairly even in being able to talk about hot topics...able that is to try to have a factual, non emotional argument about a topic. This will seem one sided but this is only because I am trying to actually answer these questions as if they were not rhetorical. First...I'd like to state for the record that AR as in AR rifle does not stand for assault rifle. It actually stands for the manufacturer of the rifle...AR
  14. The pendants look great Laurie! Totally fits with your kitchen IMO...a big improvement on what you had before. Is that a bar top countertop? With an overhand for barstools? Or did it used to have that? I ask because if the pot light is not centered between the kitchen peninsula and the far wall but is maybe a bit closer to the wall that the countertop...maybe it is because that would have been centered on a table that would be off center if there were bar stools at the counter. I've lived in places where the light was centered but then it was super awkward to have bar stools at th
  15. Ooo I'll have to check out Crafty Gemini! I haven't made pillowcases before, let alone using this method but it reminds me a bit of a certain tote-like hand bag I made once. It's one of those things that seems a bit tricky and may be the first time you do it. What should take 15 minutes may be double that or more the first time you do it as you feel your way through it...double checking and going slowly but once you do it once then the second time is faster as you try to do it to speed and then after that, it gets much easier and slower to that 15 minute method. Please
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