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  1. An Uber to Sullivan's Island would be the way to go. It shouldn't be too much from the port, and I highly recommend Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan's Island for food after your Ft. Moultrie visit. Uber is super easy to get here and you'll hardly have to wait at all (especially downtown and near the cruise port, and when there's a ship in port). I don't know anyone who uses taxis. If you don't want to leave the peninsula, downtown Charleston has some amazing restaurants and you could uber or take a pedicab.
  2. My friend drives Uber and that's his main route- downtown to airport and back. Uber is abundant here and easy to get.
  3. If you want to go to the Steakhouse, you should go. Do not worry about what anyone else will think- what matters is if you're comfortable with it. If you don't want to go alone, you could wait to make a reservation, then talk to your MDR table mates on the first night and see if anyone else wants to join you there later on in the week?
  4. His face with the entrees reminds me of my husband, haha. We often get two things or get things to split and share though. The cranberry bread was the only bread I ate in the MDR all cruise. I wish they had those rolls every night.
  5. I liked it. I liked all the live music on board in general, and I found myself singing along in the show. The entertainers in general are very talented- they're performing and doing something that I can't do- and that most people can't do- and I give them credit. I've been to Cirque Du Soliel, Off Broadway plays, etc, so I don't compare cruise ship shows to what I've seen on land- and paid a LOT of money to see. It's worth going to see before or after dinner.
  6. We cruised on the Magic June 23-30, and the Horizon was docked beside us in Grand Turk. The SkyRide was definitely open then. My husband and I secretly wished we could sneak on the ship and try it out- it looks like a blast. I can certainly understand why it was closed if Carnival had ANY doubts though.
  7. Casino never called my name either! I think you should've tried to crash that crew party :). Glad you got your pizza, and I do think that is a great area and place for a crew party. Glad Carnival did that for them. It's been a rough few weeks on the ship with them missing St. Thomas a few times and the propulsion issues, so I hope they'll get another party soon.
  8. I just read both parts and really like your review so far! Love the pic of the kids banana split dessert- I may have to try that on my next cruise, it does look tasty. Looks like a fun time so far.
  9. I've never been the organizer/leader in groups on this site for my sailings, but that's good to know.
  10. Hey Katie! I'm subscribing and excited to follow along. Looks like your vacation is off to a great start.
  11. On my last cruise on the Magic, it didn't have the numbers for Carnival to schedule one. The roll call thread was very inactive though, so I didn't expect it to make. On my October 2017 cruise on the Ecstasy, the M&M had maybe 10 people show. I enjoyed it- we had a great conversation with one of the entertainment staff guys as well as the hotel director. I really appreciated how they took the time to chat with us. You can go to larger meetups from another social media network, but those don't have ship staff members coming to them. The M&M always feels special.
  12. I'd love to do a New England/Canada itenerary. I live in the south and have only done Caribbean, since that's what's within driving distance for us. I've never been to NY or any of the ports on the New England/Canada cruises, so it would be all new to me. Just gotta convince the husband to go for it and let's fly to NYC!
  13. Just got off the magic and we saw this show. Can confirm there was a live band during the show.
  14. Our cruise was wonderful! I was bummed about missing St. Thomas for a bit too, but I still had a wonderful time, the best vacation I've had in a few years. I am loving your blog and reading through your Vista review now; makes me want to do a Southern Caribbean cruise!
  15. I definitely think they should have reimbursed you guys more. You basically lost a day of your cruise and had the itenerary changed- plus, you had to worry about the propulsion issues on the trip. We were on the cruise after you guys and also missed St. Thomas and had the revised itenerary, but I was glad we were at least able to board on time.
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