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  1. The Indian food in the MDR is amazing- I get it at least once per cruise, but often find myself wishing I got it more often. I got off a cruise today, and I had the vegetarian Indian dish twice. I do eat seafood, but no other types of meat, so I never requested i the night before or anything- I was fine with it being vegetarian. I didn't see anyone else in the MDR ordering it, but both nights when it came out, people at my table said they'd wished they'd gotten it to try. The macaroni and cheese at the sea day brunch was surprisingly good. I had the mac and cheese as a side in the steakhouse, but I'll argue that the one on the sea day brunch was actually better. The caramel cheesecake on the sea day brunch menu was good too, and I also liked the little chocolate muffins.
  2. Hmm... I don't remember even seeing a wall hanger by our TV. There were two hangers near the door, and one had the "Snoozin" (Do Not Disturb) sign. I figured the other would be for the room service menu. Maybe someone used it in the last cruise and the steward just never replaced it, who knows? Glad to know it's still around!
  3. We had this experience this past week. We didn't even meet our steward until Day 3 and at that point, he was just servicing it twice a day and continued to.
  4. So, we just got off the Magic today, and I *never* saw the continental breakfast door hanger/menu. I thought maybe it was gone for good or something now? We've never done it and usually go to the dining room anyway, but I agree it's a nice perk for port mornings or if you want something small when you wake up. Loving the rest of the review so far, it's kind of like reliving my own cruise!
  5. I got off the ship today and am already enjoying reliving it through your review! Ours was also a premier cruise as well, and I can't wait to read more about how the rest of your cruise went. You took some great pics (I didn't), and as someone who reads these reviews before going on ships, I think that's awesome- thanks for doing it. My husband thought Cookie made too many announcements, especially on our last sea day. He did make a lot of announcements but I almost wonder if this is a Carnival thing and not him personally. It seems like cruise directors in general make more announcements than they did in 2009-2010 when we started cruising. I didn't interact with him much but his Q&A was kinda fun. I wish Carnival would promote the salad bar on Deck 5, along with the contenental breakfast, or either turn them into something different. I never saw anyone using them and the lines were always crazy on Lido. I didn't even see many people eating the Guy's BBQ when it was open... but that burger line...
  6. I always thought "cabin crawls" were a bit weird in roll calls. I've never done one because let's be honest, who wants to see an interior room on say, deck 3? I don't think I'd want to participate even if I had a super nice room because it's just a cruise room and and could possibly open up some craziness. I trust CC for tips and tricks but not with my room number, location etc. I was on a roll call for my most recent cruise and it was super inactive. But my last two have had really active, fun Facebook groups. The meet and mingle for my October cruise was about 8 people and the one for my last cruise didn't have the numbers to be held.
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