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  1. I've called HAL and asked them to do a 24 hour courtesy hold on a cabin. I even tell them that I want to check flights on my own. You'll get a booking number and then you can access the Flight Ease site.
  2. Me too! On NS last month, returning to the ship for a late lunch, I told my friend that I just wanted a curry wurst and salad. It worked perfectly. While they prepared the wurst, I went through the buffet and collected a nice salad (I think my friend had the chicken - also good). I think I did that at least twice during the cruise.
  3. Thanks - that's what I'm leaning towards. I just found Avis on Seaport Lane, right at the terminal. Is that it? Thank you! That didn't show up in my earlier search.
  4. I'd like to know if I can park my car at the Boston cruise terminal before flying out of Logan for a one-way cruise back to Boston. Then when I get off the ship, I can just jump in my car and go. I've checked the parking website and it doesn't mention one-way cruises. It seems the garage is open, but I would pay full price (not a "cruise" price). But I'm not sure I got that right. Does anybody know how this works, and has anybody here actually done this? I will probably call anyway, but I like to hear first hand experiences. My other option is a one-way car rental home, which is surprisingly affordable, just more hassle.
  5. Thank you all for the reassuring and encouraging replies. I usually only travel for 7-10 days at a time, so two weeks seems long. I figure I'll either be anxious to get home, or after a week or so I'll get into a rhythm and really enjoy it.
  6. Hi kazu (New Brunswick is on my list of places to visit). It's a trans-Atlantic. I've always wanted to try a TA. As far as interests, they're diverse. I enjoy lectures, trivia, exercise (in the gym or just walking the promenade), reading, and although I'm not much of a wine drinker, I like learning about it. Maybe I'm wondering what kind of unexpected things there might be.
  7. I've been considering a cruise on the Veendam which includes more sea days than I'm used to and I'm concerned about going a little stir crazy. I know the Veendam is a smaller ship with fewer bells and whistles, and that's actually fine. I'm usually pretty good about keeping myself busy or occupied, but I can only spend so much time reading or hanging out in the gym. Can you give me some ideas of what to expect, then I can hopefully decide if it will be right for me? I really love the itinerary and I'd like to make it work.
  8. Thank you for the replies. On the first day I may not have time to explore, so it's nice to know where I'm going. What deck is the bow access? Again, it's hard to tell from diagrams.
  9. We just booked a last minute trip on NS for this weekend. (My first on HAL!) Despite having a balcony (another first!) I'd like to be on deck for sailaway and watch the Dutch countryside slip away before we head out to sea, and then enjoy the fjords later in the week. I can't tell from looking at the deck plans. Are there any front-facing decks? Do they open the bow? There's always the gym, I suppose. Share your secrets.
  10. I thought the lots are only open when there is a ship in port. They are gated, so you can't just come and go. Do they make special concessions for TA's, maybe depending on which direction you're sailing?
  11. When is your cruise? Not specifically, just what month or time of year? The lighting can be dramatically different depending on the sunset times. It's all good!
  12. I tried to include this with my previous post. It was the longest suspension bridge in the world for many years:
  13. And the Verrazzano Bridge: (My first time posting pictures. I hope they're sized correctly!)
  14. Aw, I'm sorry - this sounds so sad. It seems as if it's been a learning experience for you and maybe people reading this thread, as well. I hope it all works out.
  15. Thank you very much for the replies. I'm still swinging back and forth and I like to hear details that I wouldn't anticipate. The disadvantages and potential "problems" don't seem as if they would bother me too much. I do think I would like the easy access to the outside (if the slider is working) and my own deck chair.
  16. I'm deciding between a main deck o/v, and a lower promenade lanai on Veendam. I've been reading some older posts from when the lanai cabins were new, so I'm wondering if, as more people have tried them, I can hear more opinions. I like o/v cabins on lower decks to minimize movement and I do like having the ocean right outside my window. It's as if I'm really "on" the water. The lanai cabin would give me wonderful access to the promenade, where I tend to spend more time than the sunny pool decks. I like the shade and hearing the water against the hull. So I guess my questions are, if I get the o/v, will I still be able to find a deck chair on the promenade, and if I get a lanai, will the feeling be much different since I have to look out across the promenade to see water? I understand I'd have to close the curtains at night if I want privacy in the lanai, but I love the idea of poking my head out first thing in the morning for some fresh air. I think the price difference is about $400 US for 12 nights. Thank you for any opinions and insights. This will be my first time on HAL.
  17. You're right, thanks. I didn't really pay attention, and I was just glad to see the photos were gone (and leaving me with even more white space) and I didn't realize what else was missing. As I said, I just sort of stumbled through.
  18. I was able to turn off just the sidebar photos and the captions. It was quite by accident, so I'm not sure if I can explain. When I clicked on "Block Element", a new window opened up. I then went back to CC and hovered over the areas I wanted blocked. The highlighted color was yellow, and I didn't realize that was the "element". So I repositioned the cursor until the sidebar was highlighted, then clicked. The first time I did it, I only highlighted one photo. Then I realized I can highlight the entire column, and that's when I got rid of the rest of them.
  19. Thank you! I came here to see if there was some way to block the photos. As other people said (I'm just reiterating for the cause) I don't want to see other people's photos, and I think it was slowing down my computer. I think I set up Ad Blocker correctly. I couldn't figure out how to choose the element, but then I realized I just had to hover over it. It turned yellow. I clicked, and they disappeared.
  20. When is your flight? In addition to what everyone else said (except the winds - that's more predictable for trans-Atlantic flights), the airlines sometimes add more time to winter flights in case of de-icing. If it's not winter, it's most likely the extra taxi time at the NY airports. So, lots of reasons!
  21. I just had this happen last week. I booked through United. The outbound flight was on United, the return on Lufthansa. I booked my (free) seat on the United site, then went to Lufthansa to buy my seat. They wouldn't let me. I telephoned, and was told, "it's a codeshare". Yes, I understand that, and was prepared to pay for my seat assignment, but there was no way to do it. It wasn't as if I booked through a discount site. It was within 24 hours of purchase, so I cancelled and booked r/t on United with a slightly awkward connection, but it's actually working to my advantage. And I prefer the aircraft type, anyway.
  22. I was hiking in the Lake District a couple of months ago and stayed in the Coniston area. A local museum had an exhibit on the Bluebird, including some rather smashed up parts (to demonstrate the force of the impact). According to the display, they felt they needed to raise the wreckage because as deep water diving and technology was becoming more and more accessible to the general public, they were afraid of the site being ransacked and otherwise disturbed. It seems to make sense, although I'm not sure I agree with restoring it to put back in the water. Thanks for the article. I appreciate the follow-up to my visit.
  23. Yes, everybody is on the same cruise. When you go to their website, you select the ship and sailing you'll be on. I thought it would be fun to meet some fellow cruisers during the ride and then be able to say hi on the ship, but most people just slept. I think they showed a movie, as well.
  24. I only used them once a few years ago. It was convenient, they make a stop or two along the Thruway for food and restrooms. On the return, they wait for everybody. You probably won't leave the port before 10:30 or 11:00 because you are getting on the bus that just dropped off the new week's departing passengers. I'm not sure if they monitor the ship's arrival time.
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