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  1. Wise choice. Too many people book and then forget. You will enjoy your cruise that much more.
  2. From one self acknowledged control freak to another, a suggestion: Call the agency and if your TA doesn’t answer, get another agent. I have done this several times and requested immediate action since the price changes can be short lived.
  3. From my experience, a TA will most probably reduce your OBC if you receive a price reduction. Interestingly, if you should pay more once booked to upgrade to a higher category, your OBC will NOT go up. (I once lost some OBC when the price for my cabin dropped, but a month later when we paid several hundred more for an upsell, the TA would not return the lost OBC). I have tried to fight this “unfair” policy with no success. I do use a TA when I book a cruise, but it is strictly for the OBC and reduced price. I don’t use the TA to advocate for me. That is MY job and if it means an extra step having to call the TA to make the call, it’s still worth the savings. On some cruises, once I book no other actions are necessary. On others, several may be. I check prices and availability and of course Cruise Critic daily. To me it’s a game and a challenge. Others find it a chore. So to answer your question, the TA will adjust the OBC or take away perks if you get a lower priced cabin. You are the final judge as to the value of the change.
  4. Thank you all. I’ll trust that there will not be a problem with CPAP supplies.
  5. I’ve been trying to see if there is any way to verify on the website if a special request I had my travel agent make has in fact been done. I had her request distilled water and an extension cord for my husband’s CPAP machine. Once I log into my cruise, where should that information be? Also, where would OBC be listed? I seem to be missing lots of information which should be there somewhere.
  6. I meant that a price adjustment is usually not an option once final payment has been made. Before final payment anything is up for grabs. Each promotion is different and it’s up to your particular needs and wishes as to whether to change or not. Some people would prefer a drink package while to others OBC is more welcome. My point was simply that sometimes you need to advocate for yourself and with some effort and persistence, you can do better than a TA is able to do. Last year the TA we were using failed to send us a balcony upgrade offer. When I saw through my roll call others had received the offer, I called the cruise line and spoke to a supervisor who promised to put us on a waiting list. Being sure nothing would happen, I was pleasantly surprised that a few days before leaving I did get a call there was an available balcony. A good TA does provide a service with price and perks but I work alongside too.
  7. Often it is a move to a higher category. After final payment the price paid rarely changes. I know flash sales are for new bookings only but with a little effort and a good past passenger record, sometimes you might get something to your advantage. But it has to be with a supervisor.
  8. Checking prices of any booked cruise is part of my daily routine. Since I usually use a TA, I am often in contact with mine about price drops. I have actually had a TA that I had used multiple times tell me NOT to use her again due to my frequent requests! One aside, I have been able to speak directly with the cruise line where I have had a few dozen cruises by using that status and requesting a supervisor. Although I’m told they will do it just THIS time, it’s been more than once with a successful price drop, OBC, or upgrade. So don’t take a “no” without trying to get a “yes”. I have yet to have a TA who will work as hard as I do.
  9. Do you still need to tender at Coco Cay? I read they were enlarging the pier to accommodate larger ships.
  10. We booked our Anthem cruise later than usual. I was able to book show reservations but North Star And I Fly are not available, and it says to book onboard. Might North Star (what I’m interested in) become available online once again or have I lost the window of opportunity? Where would I go to book once onboard? I have been on Anthem so do have some familiarity.
  11. Thank you for all the helpful responses. One more question and I can put it to rest. We’ve decided the on your own option with transportation through RC is not only the choice that is best for us but is also pretty fairly priced. If I order now, will they use any OBC we have? Also will any other costs be put on my credit card immediately or after boarding? I only ask because a few months ago we needed to cancel a Princess Cruise due to illness the day before sailing and our booked tours were never charged. Thanks again.
  12. There are 2 tours offered on Anthem of the Seas to the Kennedy Space Center. Both provide transportation. One is on your own and the other is a guided tour. Oddly, the guided one is labeled mild and the independent is moderate. My thinking is that keeping up with a guide could be harder than going at our own pace to where we wish to go and as much as we are able to do. Have any of you taken either of these tours or perhaps done a private non ship tour? Any suggestions would be very much welcomed.
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