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  1. Due to health concerns, when (if) we cruise on Anthem in March, we will not choose to sit with others as we have usually done. Has Royal changed its allocation of small tables because of Covid?
  2. I understand that there are no guidelines for percent of the ship occupied, timeline for added passengers, or even if the cruises will continue sailing. My question is more of a logistical one. How is Royal Caribbean booking cruises for 2022? Are they holding back a certain number of cabins? Are they booking like they did preCovid and if so will they cancel certain bookings if they can’t sail at full capacity? We have booked a cruise on Anthem for early March. I’m sure no one actually knows the future since we have nothing to compare it to, but perhaps some of you may offer what you predict may happen.
  3. It could be that it it doesn’t even list the port as Day 3. I actually searched to see if the itinerary had dropped Port Canaveral. Anyway, thanks for the responses.
  4. Does anyone know why there are no tours listed for Port Canaveral of the March 6, 2022 sailing of Anthem? We took this cruise in 2019 and there were several options.
  5. I basically need it only to keep in touch with my children. So it’s basically email. I may also check weather and headlines.
  6. A few months before COVID closed down cruising, we took a 7 day cruise on Anthem. I remember we had decided not to buy an internet package but a few days in, we changed our mind. I know there was a package at that time. Does anyone remember what a 4 day end of cruise package might cost? We are booked on this same itinerary in March and since the first port is Port Canaveral, we can do without internet for the first 2 days. I’m trying to decide if waiting will save money over ordering ahead of boarding. (I wish we could still pay by the minute. I only want for checking email and by reading and responding offline, I used just a minute or two each session.)
  7. Good advice. Six months can bring many changes good as well as not so good. And I can always change my cabin. That secret door on deck 13 was a great convenience. Hopefully it will be useful again.
  8. I know things can change day by day and certainly month by month, but I’m a bit concerned that I’ve seen on this forum that the Solarium Bistro was closed on at least one cruise on Anthem. We booked Anthem for March 6 and specifically picked our cabin since the Solarium and Bistro are so convenient. Perhaps the limited passenger quota made this space unnecessary. Does anyone have information or thoughts?
  9. So if I understand what you are saying, using the FCC I received (since I canceled a cruise before they did) as a deposit, will be non refundable if I cancel before final payment. For non refundable I expand the definition to include losing its value totally. Some here have said it would go back to my account if I cancel prior to final payment. I KNOW I won’t get a refund. I am hoping it won’t be lost entirely and I’ll still have. an FCC.
  10. Sorry. Yes, FCC. And thank you. I assume you mean refunded to my account, not my pocket book.
  11. First let me say I tried to find this answer on this board but couldn’t so please don’t tell me there are 50 threads on this topic. Secondly, this is an honest question by a real person with no ulterior motive. We booked a cruise for early March using the OBC we had with RC from canceling a cruise for April 2020 before they canceled it. If for some reason we can not take this cruise, is this deposit refundable back as OBC again? My TA said it was refundable in that way, but I tend to trust this board so much more. It is even probable that someone reading this has already done just this. Thank you.
  12. Lifelong NJ resident and agree about the weather. Three comments though. First we did just book Anthem this winter because I’m not ready to fly again yet and I need to use my OBC from a cancelled cruise. Second there are loads of stuff to do on the ship and the solarium area is warm. And finally, we took a cruise a few years ago in February from LA to Hawaii. Over 2 weeks and we didn’t put bathing suits on even once. No, it wasn’t cold but it wasn’t very warm either.
  13. We used to buy because we had elderly parents. Now we buy because we are the elderly parents.
  14. We are Emerald on Royal and I believe we had some type of discount on an internet package. I also know that the price is often less if purchased online prior to sailing. Do they automatically apply the discount if I purchase before the cruise and if not, is it still cheaper ahead of time? I’m assuming things will be the same as prior COVID cruises in this area. Thanks.
  15. I also understand why there are cutbacks and loss of benefits. What I don’t particularly like is when they try to make it look like the change is for YOUR benefit (fast unlimited internet which you are paying for now rather than getting free generous minutes for years). Many cruise lines need to tighten the purse strings. Taking perks away from loyal cruisers is not going to help them in the long run.
  16. We just booked out of Bayonne next March. Price very good.
  17. Yes, it’s a class system but for health reasons as well as survival of a whole industry. Unvaccinated people who are doing so for a legitimate reason may choose to cruise or not. Those who are doing so for political reasons may become combative and I fear what may come down. Either way, no one wins.
  18. They can go out of Brooklyn all year round. Royal Caribbean does that out of Bayonne. I can’t wrap my mind around a private company being fined for trying to prevent illness. Someone explain the reasoning.
  19. My thoughts exactly. The cruise environment has notoriously been a place where germs seem to thrive. From buffets to large groups of relaxed passengers, germs from noro to colds have always been a risk. If there is a COVID outbreak on a cruise ship, it will be covered by the press and once again this weakened industry will take a damaging hit. Vaccinations may not end COVID on a ship, but will lessen it dramatically as it has on land.
  20. Since we cancelled ourselves we weren’t entitled to a refund. We did get the FCC but never an email saying it was in my account. Keep after them. It’s hard to think discrimination when the over 75 is a large percentage of their cruises.
  21. If they cancelled, you should get a refund of all you paid. If you want to double check, the best time to call is before 7 AM. The wait is less than 5 minutes.
  22. I did call RC this morning before 7. The agent sent me an email confirming the FCC. Why I never received that email when the money was put into my account is confusing, but if I hadn’t called I’d still be waiting.
  23. I did check all emails and junk but not there. I tried calling this afternoon but wait was too long. I plan to call tomorrow morning when it’s less busy and insist on documentation. Who knows what will happen to cruising going forward and keeping track of what we have is important.
  24. I actually never thought of proof. Without that email I have none. However when I gave my booking number, the amount of FCC I had on the account and my husband had, were correct to the dollar. I have to assume it is there on my account ie I need to trust!
  25. And we received the cc credit several weeks ago. With no set procedure it behoves us to check ourselves. (And often)
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