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  1. For anyone who recently cruised on Anthem, is the texting hole still there or has it been repaired? I’ve see conflicting posts and suggestions on how to access free texting. We are boarding on December 1 and deciding whether to purchase internet. I’m hoping to hear from people with direct recent experience.
  2. We’ve enjoyed lunch there but didn’t know about the dinner option. Is there a charge for dinner?
  3. I understand that. I remember years pre ipad I would use the computers on Princess. I always told my kids to use my hotmail email because the opening page on the computer showed hotmail, yahoo etc. The email I use most frequently is more time consuming to reach. With the price you quoted for the daily, even if a little higher, would work out to my advantage. I can use my Ipad, email as much as I want, and save a little money. Thank you.
  4. That leads to another question. For the first 3 days of the cruise I don’t need Internet. For the last 4 days, if I buy a 24 hour package that goes from let’s say 5:00 pm day 1 to 4:59 pm day 2, I actually can check emails during a 2 day period. Doing this again a similar way would let me pay for 2 days yet have access during 4. Is my reasoning off? I know the daily cost is high per day but the package for 7 days right now is almost $100. I can’t believe the rate for 2 days would be that steep. I simply want email contact with my kids and I’ve read the texting hole is no longer.
  5. We will be on Anthem in a few weeks. I contacted RC about internet access and the return email referenced the Internet cafe. Is there one on Anthem? I don’t recall since I use my iPad. And if there are computers there and I use them, can I pay by the minute? Also, if I remember from the days I relied on the ship computers, what email providers are easily accessible? It used to be those major ones like hotmail. Thanks.
  6. We will be on the December 1 sailing of Anthem and are contemplating another Anthem cruise for later this winter. I usually use a booking site online which provides numerous quotes for me to choose from. I also know I will get some value from booking onboard although the price may not be as attractive. What are my options concerning booking onboard and then transferring to a TA via the booking site I usually start with? I’ve used FCD on Princess many times but never on RC. Any advice and information would be much appreciated.
  7. You are all correct. It’s back up now and no cabin. Not wondering anymore. 😄
  8. We are cruising in 31 days. I just went to check to see if we received our cabin ( balcony guarantee) and saw this message. “Information is currently not available. Please try again later.” Could this mean my guarantee could be in the process of being assigned? I’ve been checking a few times a day for weeks and this is the first time I received this message. Just wondering.........
  9. Seeing a 30% off Halloween sale, I decided to check the price of a shore excursion I booked several weeks ago when there was no “sale”. The price was nearly 30% HIGHER than what I paid. Do the prices vary that often pre cruise? If the price had really dropped, could I have taken advantage of the drop?
  10. I have now been checking the planner a few times a day. Thanks for all the helpful responses.
  11. I was hoping the texting hole was still alive because I could text away whenever I chose to. If that avenue is no longer available, then I’d prefer to spend a bit more and email or FaceTime. I love texting but during working/school hours I avoid. Everyone is busy ( not me though) so email seems a better method. Someone on CC said to try the texting glitch and be patient because it goes through Apple and could take a few minutes. Someone else said that for them to close it off would be costly and difficult. So just maybe they made the hole smaller and thus slower. I’m going to try.
  12. That’s exactly my thinking. It is really for the latter half of the cruise that access to wifi is important to me. I even thought that a 24 hour period could actually serve me for 2 days. I know it’s not important to many people and some of my friends enjoy being unplugged, but I know I’ll enjoy the cruise so much more when I know what’s going on with my children and grandchildren. Thanks.
  13. This internet thing is bothering me somewhat. We’ve gotten free internet on Princess for years. When we’ve gone on other cruise lines, I’ve been able to pay per minute and since I’m using it only for emails, I could do a whole week’s worth in 10 minutes by composing and reading offline. That being said, a deal like you took or a $10 per day for just surf could be something I’d like. I never knew the prices would change but now that I do, I’ll be checking. Thank you.
  14. Where and how would a special be advertised? My cruise is December 1. Thanksgiving is coming up. If a deal like $10 a day is offered it’s a no brainer IMHO. I was planning to wait to see if the iPhone texting hole still exists on Anthem because that would be enough for my needs. Thanks.
  15. So to clarify, if I follow the 10:35 am day 1 to 10:34 am next day, there are actually 2 days I’d have access to my email. Since that’s my main reason to connect, I can minimize costs by purchasing a daily but every other day. I know this sounds a bit petty about watching the pennies when you just spent thousands, but to me just as trying to get the best price for the cruise, this too is a game that I enjoy.
  16. Is the per day price cheaper at that time? Also is there an Emerald discount?
  17. Another question then: There are only 5 of the 7 days I would need Internet. Can I purchase the daily for the days I want it for?
  18. Last year when we were on Anthem, we were able to text to people on and off the ship if iPhones were used. We are taking Anthem again and from what I’ve read this texting loophole has been closed. I just want to be able to receive and send emails once or twice a day. It seems RC only has a 24 hour plan which would be a waste for me when all I require is about 10 minutes a day. (I compose and read offline on a cruise.) I’ve emailed Royal Caribbean to ask if there is a plan to use internet by the minute, but they haven’t responded. Any suggestions?
  19. Wise choice. Too many people book and then forget. You will enjoy your cruise that much more.
  20. From one self acknowledged control freak to another, a suggestion: Call the agency and if your TA doesn’t answer, get another agent. I have done this several times and requested immediate action since the price changes can be short lived.
  21. From my experience, a TA will most probably reduce your OBC if you receive a price reduction. Interestingly, if you should pay more once booked to upgrade to a higher category, your OBC will NOT go up. (I once lost some OBC when the price for my cabin dropped, but a month later when we paid several hundred more for an upsell, the TA would not return the lost OBC). I have tried to fight this “unfair” policy with no success. I do use a TA when I book a cruise, but it is strictly for the OBC and reduced price. I don’t use the TA to advocate for me. That is MY job and if it means an extra step having to call the TA to make the call, it’s still worth the savings. On some cruises, once I book no other actions are necessary. On others, several may be. I check prices and availability and of course Cruise Critic daily. To me it’s a game and a challenge. Others find it a chore. So to answer your question, the TA will adjust the OBC or take away perks if you get a lower priced cabin. You are the final judge as to the value of the change.
  22. Thank you all. I’ll trust that there will not be a problem with CPAP supplies.
  23. I’ve been trying to see if there is any way to verify on the website if a special request I had my travel agent make has in fact been done. I had her request distilled water and an extension cord for my husband’s CPAP machine. Once I log into my cruise, where should that information be? Also, where would OBC be listed? I seem to be missing lots of information which should be there somewhere.
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