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  1. Hong Kong to Sydney on Seabourn in April, Norway with Azamara in August
  2. Hello, We have also done the SeaCow snorkeling excursion twice. Really loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone
  3. Norris, We are on Azamara next year and I am considering just buying the tickets for the railway in Flam online rather than doing a ship excursion. How far is it from the dock to the rail station? Would we be missing something by doing it on our own versus with the ship? Thanks and loved your review. Jane
  4. We just returned from a 10 day cruise on Equinox, we were in Aqua so Blu was our dining room. I can honestly say the food, with the exception of 1 appetizer was wonderful. In addition we purchased a 3 pkg specialty dining for Murano, Tuscan Grill and Qsine. We enjoyed each of them but I do miss the old Qsine. Le Petite Chef was entertaining and the food was very good but I think its a one and done. After all how many times do you want to see the same thing. I miss the variety of foods that were available in Qsine, we always went to dinner there at least once on every cruise and I do wonde
  5. Thanks for making the time each day to take the rest of us along on your cruise. I have really enjoyed reading your review. I have always been one of those people who don't like to many sea days in a row but now that it's over it seems as though it went by to quickly. I hope you both had a wonderful time and wish you a safe journey home. Jane
  6. We booked a guarantee Aqua cabin for Oct 4 on the Equinox and got our room assignment last week. It just showed up in our planner. This was our first time booking a guarantee and we booked the cruise on Aug 5. Before we were assigned a room we got a move up offer which we decided not to do and fortunately we are happy with what we got. Have a great cruise! Jane
  7. Hi Norris, We are booked on the Azamara Norway Intensive cruise next year so I am really looking forward to your port reviews. Your pictures of London are beautiful, have been there several times but never did the river cruise so something to put on my to do list for next year. Can't wait to read the rest of your review! Jane
  8. Hello, Will be following along as my husband and I are on the Equinox on Oct 4, also in aqua. We did the ABC Islands on the Equinox last year and went snorkeling on the Sea Cow (is it called the double dip snorkel?). It really was great and we are doing it again in Oct. We have been spoiled by the Great Barrier Reef, Tahiti and Bora Bora. Bonaire is the best (most color and coral) that we have seen in the Caribbean and I am sure you will love it. Hope you both have a wonderful cruise! Jane
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