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  1. We had 12648 this past January on Oasis, and it is a great cabin. Yes, there are two bathrooms; one just right of the entrance, opposite the smaller bedroom. It is a full bathroom with a stand-up shower. The master bedroom has two entries with doors, and the master bath has a bathtub/shower combo; IMO, the master bathroom is very similar to the Oasis-class JS. The two cabins are essentially mirrored opposites; the main difference is the balcony. 12648 has the hot tub on the far right end of the balcony; 12638 is a little more toward the center. Due to this configuration, I believe 12638 has balcony access from the main room and the master bedroom, whereas 12648 only has access from the main room. Someone may correct me, but I believe that's about the extent of the differences between the two rooms. We sat four comfortably in the hot tub; it may get a little snug with more than that.
  2. We are joining as well and its also our first CL. Looking forward to a nice view from above.
  3. Not really. It has a limited selection of drinks compared to a full service bar but I think its pretty cool. Its a great place to talk to people; you know the ones who look completely confused about how the whole thing works? They have the same type of robot bars in other touristy places (Vegas, etc.) and it does break down a bit, but there always seems to be a crew member around to get it going again. We used it (more than a few times) to get a chilled double shot (maybe more) of Grey Goose to dump in our soda cups. And I emphasize the "more than a few times" comment!!!
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