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  1. Ah....keep us posted, sailing on that date as well..
  2. Be interested to see what response RC give to any email... I presume after all the "Harrumphing" someone has written in?
  3. Thanks Razorback..... I think that's the reality check I needed...Getting to hung up on these reviews..
  4. Going on Explorer of the seas soon, and I have to say the recent reviews are not exaclty glowing a real mixed bag. So my question is this, do Royal Caribbean read these reviews and act on them ? I'm wondering if the crew have been on a long while and are tired and due a break, how often do they rotate crews, from the captain down? It worries me with the amount i'm paying and the reviews saying "it's all a bit of an understaffed effort"
  5. It raises the question of why are they told, is it to do a better job on a room? or conversely a worse job because they are not auto tipping? Does it create a feeling of annoyance that the people are not auto tipping? How do the "tips" get distributed? is there a breakdown of who gets what? I've sailed before, one Bar was superb, the waitress was chatty, smiling and pleasant, efficient service personified, the barman made a mean drink and i appreciated it, I tipped well... Another bar the service was slow, impersonal and tardy, no interaction and no spirit, plenty of chat to the barman however who was equally laid back, i didn't tip.. same ship different bars.. With me tipping individually I rewarded good service, with auto tipping everyone gets a tip, even for poor service.. Now that strikes me as wrong.
  6. On my coming cruise I intend to take one of the prepaid tipping off and leave the other on.. That way I can reward service as i see fit, not as the cruise line sees fit. As a question it was said earlier that the cabin steward "knows" when auto tip is taken off, how would they "know" and who would tell them, if they do "know" this raises a massive ethical question in why would they be told? And on a lighter not in the days of cruising lore first class passengers would tear a banknote in half at the start of the voyage and on completion of the voyage, and satisfaction, they would hand the other half of the bank note over
  7. What an absolute tube.... Deserves to be kicked off, and glad the rest of the moronic party got the heave ho as well..
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