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  1. I do have a 50mm 1.4. I was looking for landscape shots, possible from onboard.
  2. Adapting another thread, if you have a DSLR and wanted a new lens to make your Alaska shots the best you can make them, what lens would you get. I already have a zoom and the 18/135 kit lens. How much wider would you go?
  3. Thank you all! And yes, I was in the SCA.
  4. I have never sailed on Celebrity. I was SUPPOSED to sail to Alaska next month with a group of friends. Oh Well. We have rescheduled for next August. Because my roomie has sailed Celebrity before, we are are going with a booking discount as opposed to using our 125% future cruise credit. My roomie has plans for another cruise that doesn’t interest me, so if we both choose credits, I need another cruise to go on. I loved the Panama Canal cruise I went on a few years ago on another line, so I was contemplating another Panama cruise. I’ve never cruised solo and since I haven’t been on Celebrity be
  5. I’m booked in cabin 8047 for an Alaska cruise this summer. I have since heard there is a partial obstruction of the view, has anyone been in this cabin? Also, are there electrical outlets by the beds. I use a CPAP and would prefer NOT to run an extension cord across the floor like I’ve had to do on other ships.
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