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  1. In case someone wants the source of what I said the new covid test rule, here it is. CDC Expands Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement to All Air Passengers Entering the United States Media Statement For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Contact: Media Relations (404) 639-3286 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expanding the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test to all air passengers entering the United States. Testing before and after travel is a critical layer to sl
  2. I had this offer a while back. You re correct, it's only for you. This next part, I didn't think was very bright on Carnrival's part. If my Husband purchased cheers, I would have to as well, even though I already had cheers as part of the casino offer. This would only encourage someone to not buy the cheers package for the spouse and share some drinks with him/her instead.
  3. Isn't it interesting how AI resorts can differ so much in every aspect. I have been to about 10 AI resorts in various parts of the Riviera Maya (from Cancun to Akumal) and also the Dominican Republic. I have actually stayed at the Xcaret as the OP did. The beach there was a bit too small for me, but we enjoyed our time. A friend of mine stayed at a lower end RIU property and said the alcohol tasted like gasoline. She also said it was dirty. I stayed at a RIU Palace and found it to be fantastic! The service and food were wonderful, and the house wine the best I have ever had at an AI. Th
  4. There goes Alaska in May on the Miracle. I figured it was coming. It's like Groundhog Day. Every time I book a cruise I think "surely it will be better by then". I am actually relieved to know now. we only have certain times of the year that we can go on a vacation. Mid may is one of them. I saw some pretty good deals to Mexico yesterday. Maybe I will book one. I just need to see the water. I know I am not alone when I say, I really miss cruising. Screw you, Covid-19!!!!
  5. My PVP number and extension are always one the promotional emails that I get from carnival. Even casino promotions.
  6. If you still can't get through on the customer service line, I would post this question in a place that lets you recommend a PVP. Mine is great, but I am not allowed to tell you who she is on here.
  7. I think that is one of the biggest bummers about all of this. We are encouraged to book cruises when "we aren't cruising" with the best deals we have ever been offered, at least for me. Now that we have to rebook (again) our great deal isn't so great. My original deal was a better deal than the deals I am now offered, even with the $600 OBC. Makes me sad.
  8. Forgot to hit the quote button. I was quoting your post though
  9. I can totally understand your point here. I am over 40, but healthy. I had a conversation today with a customer of mine. She was also under 40 and (used to be) healthy. She was sick for 2 months with covid. Many days that she couldn't get out of bed. She gave it to her Husband and her Mom. They had several conversations with their children about what happens, if any of them die from covid. Months later, she can still just barely breathe. I am so anxious to cruise again, as it sounds like you are. Just had one cancelled a month ago. I have two more booked that haven't yet
  10. Not much of a chance. Just like my 10 day Alaska, out of San Fransisco, in May. I give it a 2% chance of sailing. I am actually thinking of booking a different trip. Maybe an all inclusive in Mexico, or something. I don't have many time frames during the year that I can go anywhere for a vacation. I usually have a week in May to take advantage of. I would rather know now instead of getting the month by month cancellations. I just miss the beach so much! I need to see the water.
  11. What do you mean, cancel w/o perks? Do you mean that the current deal you were offered won't be transferable to another cruise? Like a casino deal?
  12. I didn't get that offer either. So many times purchasing cheers....
  13. I did the same thing a few months back. I paid from the email that my PVP sent to me. All of my perks were in the email though, I think. If you used a rate code that had your perks listed, I would assume that they will all be in there. This is one of the reasons that I always book with a PVP. even if it's a casino deal. I will go and look to see if I can find that email. I will send another response, if I can find it. Also, if you were mailed anything with the same offer on it,. bring it with you. They will honor it.
  14. I have been waiting to hear about my upcoming Alaska cruise in May 2021. Still haven't done anything about my cancelled cruise for January. Where should I put the FCC and OBC? Should I put it in the Alaska cruise or, should I put it towards the Australian cruise I have booked for Jan 2022. First world problems, right?
  15. I don't think so. If you still have some left, go shopping on the last night of your cruise.
  16. We did that once too. Took an uber to the port. On the way home, we rented a car for the day and drove ourselves to Fort Lauderdale.
  17. You are exactly right. I really can't blame them though. They are just trying to stay alive. As a small business owner ( a bakery) that has made a living selling baked goods at festivals, and trade shows for 20 years, I get that.
  18. I am booked for Alaska on the Miracle in May. Haven't heard anything about a cancellation yet. I am sure they will be waiting a while, as we just heard about January cancellations yesterday.
  19. I'm sorry if this has been asked an answered. We have flights booked with Southwest for a cruise that is now cancelled. I know Southwest will give me air credit, not worried about that. My question is,...Can you use this air credit to book a Southwest vacation? They have a promo going to save $150 off a 7 night stay. Since we can't cruise, I thought maybe we can still get away to Mexico, if it's safe. Can we use air credit on promocodes for southwest. I thought about calling them, but didn't want to be on hold for an hour. Emailed them instead to ask my question. The respon
  20. If I am booking a cruise. I use my personal vacation planner (PVP). They have everything listed that I like. they know my cabin preference, dining preference, They have my cruise history in front of them, so it's very easy.
  21. Can someone clarify the amount of OBC you get as a shareholder?
  22. Speaking as someone that used to be overweight, and lost 40 pounds, I get it. I can totally see how being away from your "norm" and your scale might feel shaky to you. As a person that is now a health coach, and helps others get to a healthy weight, I recommend the following;. If you have no medical conditions regarding sodium, your heart is healthy, and your blood sugar is relatively stable, you will be fine on your cruise without weighing yourself everyday. The scale can play tricks on our mind. The water weight gained on a cruise could make you feel like a failure and thus en
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